Tbol Only Cycle Review | Best Dosage For MAXIMUM Gains

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Before developing a TBOL only cycle, take the time to research the anabolic androgenic steroid.

Know about its history, how it was used in medical situations, and how bodybuilders and athletes today use it.

TBOL (Turinabol) can be used by itself in a Turinabol only cycle, but is it effective that way or is it more beneficial to stack it with other substances?

Last but not least, is it effective for both bulking and cutting cycles, or does it work better for one than the other?

Does a Tbol Only Cycle Work?

When developing a Tbol only cycle, be aware that results are mixed.

Diet, exercise and dosage have a great influence over the efficacy of Tbol gains.

Different results may develop when the component is stacked with other substances.

When used alone, a recommended Tbol dosage can range anywhere from 20 mg to 50 mg a day, which is believed to be the dosage used by the East German athletes.

A Tbol cycle today might look like these:

low end – 10 mg turinabol daily for six weeks

moderate to high end – 15 mg and up to 40 mg daily for six weeks

Some bodybuilders have gone beyond the six-week Tbol only cycle, pushing up to eight weeks and hovering around 80 mg a day in regard to Turinabol dosage.

Bodybuilders new to oral Turinabol run a shorter cycle at approximately 4 weeks (40 mg daily).

Development of the Tbol only cycle for most athletes and bodybuilders is based on personal preferences, expectations, and ultimate goals.

The dosage for a cutting cycle will be different than that of a bulking cycle.

Due to the short half-life of 16 hours, some bodybuilders want to split the dosage into two, but most will find taking it once per day is sufficient.

What is TBOL?

TBOL is a nickname for turinabol. It also has a tongue- twisting chemical name: chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

Before looking to buy Tbol or information regarding dosage or potential Turinabol gains, be aware of these different names, as the anabolic androgenic steroid is quite popular, and is often counterfeited.

Turinabol has an interesting history as one of the very few anabolic androgenic steroids ever developed for non-medical purposes.

It was manufactured by East German chemists (and apparently condoned by the East German government) specifically to aid their athletes and muscle growth, stamina, endurance, and strength.

This proved especially beneficial back in the 1960s when East and West was embroiled in the Cold War and the Berlin Wall itself divided Germany.

While the original turinabol is no longer manufactured, some ULs today do produce and market Tbol, claiming that it is exactly the same as the original of decades ago.

This claim is questionable, as not much is known about the original turinabol, nor its dosage recommendations, safety, or side effects.

Women & Tbol Dosage

Women considering their own Tbol cycle should approach with caution, not only in regard to dosage, but expectations for Tbol gains.

Turinabol has the potential to virilize, which triggers development of male sex characteristic development in women.

A low dose of 5 mg daily is safer than high doses.

Tbol Gains

When it comes to Tbol gains, a number of potential benefits are possible:

Fast lean muscle mass gains

Enhanced stamina and endurance

Reduced potential for fluid retention and its associated weight gain

Boosted levels of testosterone

Increased red blood cell production

Enhanced retention of nitrogen in muscles

Reduced risk of liver toxicity – turinabol was modified in its molecular structure to be very mild on the liver

Some bodybuilders are not impressed with a Tbol only cycle and commonly incorporate other components into a typically six-week long cycle for additional benefits.

Tbol Side Effects?

When it comes to Tbol gains and expectations, dosage, exercise routine, and diet plays a huge influence on results.

So too do individual factors including simple genetics and body composition. A Tbol only cycle is not beneficial for every user.

The higher the dosage of Tbol, whether in a Tbol only cycle or combined with other substances, the increased risk of side effects.

Side effects associated with it are similar to those of other anabolic androgenic steroids. Side effects and adverse reactions can include:

High blood-pressure.

Potential cardiovascular damage that may be triggered by increased levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

This is the “bad” cholesterol that causes buildup of plaque inside the artery walls, contributing to decreased blood flow and potential risk of heart attack or stroke.

Suppression of endogenous testosterone. When testosterone is introduced from outside of the body (through oral or injectable forms of synthetic testosterone), the body stops manufacturing it.

This can lead to testicular atrophy, lack of sperm production, and may negatively impact fertility.

Before developing your own Tbol only cycle, be aware that very little is actually known about the original form of this steroid. Today’s manufacturers (underground labs) are not always as focused on quality as they are on sales.

Therefore, Tbol dosage recommendations are quite varied, depending on source. The same applies to Tbol gains.

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