Test-Comp 250 (Unigen Steroids) Reviews & Results

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When you’re working on adding lean muscle mass, you may be exploring what completing a cutting cycle can do for your performance.

Test-Comp 250 is one of the products you might be considering.

Before you start your first cycle, make sure to read up on all the side effects, risks, benefits, results, prices and availability.

What is Test-Comp 250?

Test-Comp 250 is an injectable compound that was developed to be used for testosterone replacement therapy under a doctor’s supervision.

Men who experience hypogonadism or require treatment for osteoporosis may be prescribed Test-Comp 250 as part of their treatment.

The bodybuilding industry also uses it under the table to support the growth of lean muscle mass during a cutting cycle.

However, potential users should be aware that almost all professional and amateur athletic associations across the world have banned its use as a performance enhancing drug.

It is composed of a combination of long and short-term esters including Testosterone Propionate 30mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg, and Testosterone Decanoate 100mg.

Each of its components have undergone testing for efficacy and side effects according to rules and regulations of the FDA.

You may find supplements available in your local health/vitamin store with very similar names, but they are composed of herbs and other ingredients that have not gone through government approved testing.

For best results, you need to obtain Test-Comp 250 or an equivalent compound manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company. Check the bottle for a list of the scientific names to compare before spending your hard earned cash.

Testosterone Injections

Test-Comp 250 is an oil-based injectable form of testosterone. Generally, the bottle comes in a 10 ml size with a 250 mg dose being dispensed in 1 ml of suspension.

The injection is made into deep muscle, and the site can be painful for a day or two after administering the dose. If you find a product that compares itself to Test-Comp 250 or Sustanon 250 in tablet form, it’s likely a supplement, not real testosterone.

It can interfere with the performance of several other medications, so care must be taken to avoid adverse side effects.

It can interact with insulin, drugs prescribed for the prevention of blood clots and immunosuppressants like cyclosporine.

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or trusted medical professional before beginning your first cycle.

Unigen Pharmaceuticals Steroids

While Test-Comp 250 is manufactured by Unigen Lifesciences, there are a few other compounds with the same components sold under different names.

Unigen’s website has an authenticity checker, and the drugs are approved by the Thailand FDA.

However, there are outlets on the internet that are willing to ship internationally. Unigen is located in China and Thailand, with offices throughout Asia.

Sustanon 250 may be more popularly known and is made by Organon Pharmaceuticals. Unless you have a prescription by a licensed medical professional, you can’t simply buy either one off the shelf at your local drug store.

Organon was recently purchased by Merck, but continues to operate out of the Netherlands.


As with many medications, dosage is adjusted to each user. You may read of other bodybuilders who will keep upping their dose, but that is rarely recommended.

A dose is measured as 250 mg, with many experienced builders using a double-dose once a week for four to eight weeks.

However, with cumulative side effects possible, it’s best to use the lowest dose possible to achieve your goals.

What are the Benefits & Results?

Users tend to experience a loss of body fat while muscles become more defined over the cycle, especially large muscle groups in the legs, arms, and chest.

You may also experience an increase in sex drive. Some users report an improvement in mood and a rise in energy as well. The effects are generally long lasting as the esters linger in the body for up to a month after injection.

Side Effects

The side effect that come with injectable testosterone are significant and should not be dismissed out of hand. Users can see hair loss on the head while an increase in other areas of the body.

Insomnia, depression, headaches also are fairly common. Cholesterol levels may increase significantly and men over 35 should be particularly aware of this change in their blood levels.

Water retention and extended erections, and liver damage are also possible.

Even if you use Test-Comp 250 without a doctor’s prescription, you should work with a medical professional who is aware of your use and is able to help you minimize the negative effects encountered during and after a cutting cycle.

Where is Test-Comp 250 For Sale?

Since use of testosterone is used for medical treatment in America and classified as a Schedule III drug, you cannot simply buy it at your local drug store without a doctor’s prescription.

There are some online outlets that will ship worldwide but may require a bank transfer to fulfill your order. The best way to find some is to work your contacts at your gym and reach out to internet forums.

You should expect to pay a price between $60 to $100 for a bottle of 25 doses, which is enough to complete a cycle for most people.

As with any supplement you intend to use to support your bodybuilding efforts, do your research and talk to a medical professional before starting your first Test-Comp 250 cycle in order to ensure you stay healthy.

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