Testosterone Anabolic Ratings VS Steroids [Reviews For Bodybuilders]

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Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100.

It is a powerful hormone and aids in the development of testicles and prostate in men.

It’s also important in developing muscles, bone density and strength.

It is both androgenic and anabolic.

Derived from cholesterol, production comes from luteinizing hormones, known as LH, and follicle stimulating hormones, known as FSH.

Stimulation of the pituitary gland causes LH and FSH production. This, in turn, stimulates the testicles, which produces testosterone.

Low levels can inhibit muscle development and bone strength. High levels can build muscle, strength, and stamina.

Testosterone Anabolic Androgenic Rating

Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100 and an androgenic rating of 100.

It is used as the baseline against which other steroids are rated.

The ratings are often considered an estimate of how effective steroids will be.

The higher the anabolic rating, the more effective for building muscle it will be. The lower the androgenic rating, the fewer side effects there will be.

But many other factors are at play, and some steroids with extremely high anabolic androgenic ratings actually affect you much less than steroids with lower ratings.

Also, anabolic and androgen ratings aren’t exact.

How it Works

Its anabolic properties allow testosterone to promote an increase in the rate which the body can create new strands of protein. Its androgenic properties cause masculine traits, such as facial hair, and a deeper voice.

In short, androgens regulate growth. The greater the androgen produced, the greater growth in muscle mass. It also helps to regulate body fat. The anabolic properties help to strengthen and even restructure, at the molecular level, muscles to allow them to grow larger.

Androgen can grow muscles, but the anabolic process can enhance existing muscle tissue, increase strength and conditioning. It can create even greater gains for larger, firmer muscle development.

As an example, 1-testosterone (often called DHB) has a ratio of 200/100. The rating of 200 signifies DHB has twice the anabolic properties as natural testosterone.

The 100 shows it has half the androgenic properties as anabolic. That helps to minimize side effects associated with testosterone, such as elevated blood pressure and aggressive behavior.

Men produce more anabolic testosterone than women. That’s why men generally have more muscle tissue than women. Testosterone boosters for women can also help in developing muscle mass and strength beyond what can be achieved through training.

As you exercise, red blood cells work to get oxygen to your muscles. Overloading the muscle is needed to make your body rebuild and form new muscle. The harder you train, the more you can overload and grow new muscle tissue.

Scientists believe testosterone aids in red blood cell production, letting you push harder and improve your muscle development.

As new muscle is produced, old tissue breaks down. Cortisol, which is naturally present, has the opposite effect from testosterone.

It breaks down old tissue rather than building it. It converts the protein present in your muscle into energy or proteins needed during stress.

High levels of cortisol can hurt muscle development and lead to body fat even with adequate levels of testosterone.

While working out can develop your muscles, there is a limit. Your genetic composition and natural testosterone production may max out muscle development.

While you can bulk up through exercise, you may never achieve the body development you want without regulating your testosterone levels.

Anabolic steroids attach to androgen receptors in your body. This activates the receptors leading your body to build muscles faster.

Some of the receptors can reduce production of other hormones, called glucocorticoids. This hastens the process of breaking down the proteins into their base amino acids.

That increases energy to your muscle more quickly, and can shorten the rest time your muscles need between training sessions.

The Difference Between Testosterone & Steroids

There is a difference between anabolic testosterone and steroids.

While testosterone occurs naturally, the amount needed is regulated by the prostate.

The prostate converts excess testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and estrogen – which can lead to feminine effects.

As such, bodybuilders often try to prevent or reduce the conversion to DHT or estrogen with low body fat and supplements that block enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of steroids.

Anabolic steroids add more testosterone to the body than it needs naturally. This helps in muscle development, but it can also lead to side effects.

You can find testosterone steroid for sale in various places on-line. Natural testosterone boosting supplements and synthetic testosterone steroid injections are the preferred method of delivery in most cases.

Testosterone Steroids Side Effects

Is testosterone bad for you? It’s important to manage levels, but any time you take hormonal drugs like testosterone, there is a risk of side effects. They include:

Lower good cholesterol levels (HDL)

Testicular atrophy

Reduced sperm count

Enlargement of the prostate

Liver damage

Kidney tumors


Breast tissue development in men

Interruption of other hormone production

In addition to those above, side effects from anabolic testosterone for women can also include irregular menstrual cycles, growth of facial hair, and a deeper voice.

Testosterone Steroid Cycle Benefits

While there are side effects, raising the level of testosterone above the normal levels can enhance performance.

The benefits include:

Build muscle mass

Faster recovering times

Reduce cortisol production, which can promote body fat

Increase red blood cells for faster oxygen delivery

Increased protein synthesis

After age 30, testosterone anabolic levels in men typically start to drop. While it differs for each person, older bodybuilders may struggle to develop and keep mass due to these decreased levels.

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