Testosterone Booster Pros & Cons [Review of the Best Brands]

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Weighing testosterone booster pros and cons is necessary to decide on a course of action.

The popularity of Testosterone boosters has increased significantly since the 1990s as they have become more readily available in the market.

This has lead to a state of being overwhelmed by choices for the average consumer.

This position hasn’t been helped by misleading advertising campaigns and fake reviews.

In this article, you’ll learn about the impact of testosterone for bodybuilding and which ones actually work.

How do they compare to real testosterone shots and injections?

Testosterone Booster Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick list of testosterone booster pros and cons.

Then we’ll go into a more in-depth look at each.

When it comes to the pros and cons of testosterone for bodybuilding, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Testosterone Booster Pros

Build muscle mass


Works with your body

Increased energy and sex drive

Testosterone Booster Cons

Not hardcore like steroids

Lots of questionable products on the market

Questionable science

One of the reasons why men choose a testosterone booster is because they want to increase their muscle mass.

If you work hard in the gym, you want to see as high a return on your investment as possible. Increasing your testosterone can give you the extra edge you need to achieve your goals.

Testosterone Booster Pros

  1. Increases Muscle Mass

If you find that you aren’t building muscle mass as quickly as you used to or are having other problems associated with Low T, testosterone boosters can probably help.

For many men, this is difficult to achieve without some sort of testosterone booster.

  1. Safe

Natural testosterone boosters are considered safe with little to no side effects.

  1. Works With Your Body

One of the reasons that testosterone boosters are safe and effective is that they work with your body. They give your body a helping hand in performing the processes that it performs naturally.

  1. Increased Energy and Sex Drive

Increased energy helps you with your bodybuilding workouts as well as your everyday life. Increased sex drive is a welcome bonus to boosting your testosterone levels.


  1. Not As Strong as Steroids

This could be considered a pro instead of a con. Steroids may bring maximum benefits, but they bring maximum health concerns as well.

  1. Questionable Products

Many products on the market make claims that may be difficult to back up. Some people are also concerned with the supplement industry as a whole about contamination and inaccurate labeling.

These risks are easily avoided by purchasing reputable products. Don’t believe claims that are too good to be true.

  1. Questionable Science

The fact is that there isn’t much scientific evidence to suggest that boosting testosterone levels in the normal range will give you any benefit.

However, most of the research that has been done has focused on those with low testosterone. There has been little research into increasing testosterone from the lower normal to the higher normal range.

The anecdotal evidence certainly suggests that this practice can be beneficial for men trying to increase lean muscle mass.

Ultimately the testosterone booster pros and cons weight more favourably towards the pros, because they are usually safe and will help you boost your workouts.

Testosterone Boosters That Actually Work

Here are a few of the testosterone boosters that actually work.

While it isn’t always conclusive, these substances do have some science to suggest they are effective.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is thought to increase the luteinizing hormone. This helps your testes produce more testosterone naturally.

Some studies have shown that Tribulus increases testosterone. However, other studies have failed to confirm these results.


One study showed that men who supplemented with Fenugreek gained strength and muscle mass after four and eight weeks. It seemed particularly effective in aiding bodybuilders who had reached a plateau.


ZMA is a combination of magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-6 in forms that are easily used by the body. Many bodybuilders are deficient in these substances, and that causes lower testosterone levels.

ZMA also aids in sleep, allowing your body the opportunity to recover and make more testosterone.

One study conducted during the spring training of football players showed that the ZMA group had a 30% increase in testosterone in 7 weeks, while the control group had a 10% drop in testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid releases hormones in the brain including luteinizing, growth, and follicle stimulating hormones.

It is thought to build up in the testes and cause a boost to testosterone as well.

One study showed over a 40% increase in testosterone levels after supplementing with D-Aspartic Acid.

Participants maintained a 22% increase over baseline 3 days after stopping supplementation.

The right testosterone booster can give you an edge in regards to energy, lean muscle mass, and fat burning. Given the limited risks of testosterone boosters, it’s well worth adding them to your regimen.

Impact of Too Little or Too Much Testosterone

Low testosterone can have a negative impact on your life. It can cause depression, mood changes, decreases in muscle mass, osteoporosis, increased abdominal fat, decreased sex drive, and decreased cognition.

Testosterone boosters are imperative if you have low testosterone, for obvious reasons. However, many men without low levels may also benefit from a testosterone booster.

Testosterone levels peak at about age 19. Particularly from 30 onward, your testosterone levels drop about 1% a year.

What if your testosterone levels are perfectly in the acceptable range? You aren’t noticing any signs of Low T, but you are looking for the greatest edge that you can obtain legally and safely. Is more always better?

It is possible for your testosterone levels to be too high. There are a few medical conditions that cause this. Prescription testosterone replacement therapy can cause it as well.

However, natural testosterone boosters haven’t been shown to cause excessive testosterone levels. There is an optimal range of testosterone which is on the higher end of the normal range.

Free Testosterone

Free testosterone is the amount of testosterone in your blood that is free to interact with your cells and cause changes in your body like increasing muscle mass.

Your free testosterone is normally 2-4% of your total testosterone. The rest is bound to proteins. This allows it to be transported through the bloodstream and prevents it from becoming broken down by your body.

When boosting your testosterone, you can choose supplements that boost your overall levels of testosterone or prevent testosterone from becoming bound. Both of these methods help to increase your free testosterone.

Understand all the testosterone booster pros and cons before taking.

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