Testosterone for Libido & Sex Drive [Symptoms of Low T]

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Using testosterone for libido and sex drive is not out of the ordinary.

Although a lack of sexual interest can be rooted in other underlying causes, low Test levels are a possible explanation.

People who suffer from low T require exogenous treatment, which means they supplement with testosterone injections.

But using these forms for other purposes, such as bodybuilding, can actually cause low testosterone.


When used for bodybuilding, testosterone medication is typically cycled at doses that are much higher than those used for therapeutic reasons.

This can lead to insufficient levels of endogenous testosterone when the drug is removed.

If you’re a bodybuilder considering anabolic steroids, we’re going to cover some of its effects on libido below. We’re also going to offer some natural solutions that have no side effects.

Testosterone for Libido & Sex Drive

If a doctor determines that you need testosterone for libido and sex drive, then your problem is low levels of this hormone.

How can you tell if you have low testosterone?

For men under 30, look for the following symptoms:

Erectile dysfunction

Low sex drive


Rapid hair loss

Reduced muscle mass

Increased body fat

Enlarged breasts

This important sex hormone is crucial for the following bodily functions:

Sex drive

Sperm production

Bone density

Muscle mass/strength

Red blood cell production

Fat distribution

The last 4 items of this list are particularly important for bodybuilders. This is what drives them to take higher amounts of testosterone than what is medically recommended.

Exercise is actually a natural way of boosting Test levels. Experts say that around 2 to 3 full body weight lifting routines per week are needed to get a boost.

While testosterone is important to get into peak physical shape, what about its effects on sex drive?

If you’re worried about your libido, you’re probably wondering:

Does testosterone increase sex drive?

Research suggests that it only does in cases of low Test or hypogonadism, although some bodybuilders attest that during Test cycles they have increased sexual desire.

But the opposite has been observed to be true by other bodybuilders.

A performance user that takes this anabolic steroid for bodybuilding cycles will often go into a state of testosterone suppression. This is because synthetic levels of this hormone will be so high that your body will reduce its natural production.

Once the user ceases use, they are left with lower levels than normal.

It is for this reason that low libido and sex drive can be side effects of anabolic steroid use.

It is also why bodybuilders recommend using a proper post cycle therapy (PCT).

Post Cycle Therapy

In order to combat testosterone suppression, athletes use PCT.

These periods consist of taking SERMs like Nolvadex and Aromatase Inhibitors like Aromasin.

SERMs are held to be sufficient on their own in some cases. AIs make their appearance most frequently in advanced PCTs.

Both of these drugs are taken to combat the effects of estrogen and help get testosterone levels back to normal.

Consider this beginner bulking cycle sample:

1st to 12th Week: Testosterone (long ester forms), 500 mg each week

1st to 6th Week: Dianabol, 25 mg each day

12th to 14th Week: Break

15th to 16th Week: Nolvadex, 40 mg each day

17th Week: Nolvadex, 20 mg each day

As this is a simple cycle, the PCT is basic, consisting of just one SERM.

PCT compounds themselves can be harmful to the body, and are not guaranteed to help the body achieve healthy hormonal balance following a steroid cycle.

For this reason, advocates of natural supplements recommend bodybuilder use products that promote endogenous testosterone production instead of supplementing with exogenous testosterone.

Adverse Effects of Testosterone

A user who takes exogenous testosterone for bodybuilding will commonly take doses that are much higher than what is medically recommended.

These doses have far-reaching effects on the body, and not all of them are positive.

Too much testosterone from anabolic steroids can cause the following:

Liver disease

High blood pressure

Skin infections


Alternations in sexual organs


So even though it is reported to help with libido and sex drive, using it improperly can actually damage these bodily functions as well as many others.

Getting testosterone boosts can be safe and natural with certain products.


Unlike synthetic compounds like Test-Cypionate, Propionate, and Enanthate, Testo-Max is made from completely natural ingredients.

But the primary ingredient is tribulus terrestris, which promises to increase testosterone naturally.

The reason lies in the presence of steroidal saponins, sugar-bound chemicals that are held to increase luteinizing hormone levels.

Increases in these hormone quantities can help activate the Leydig cells in the testes, which in turn releases testosterone.

Here’s a complete ingredient list:

D-Aspartic acid

Tribulus terrestris

Panax ginseng

Fenugreek extract

CrazyBulk claims that Testo-Max can provide you with the size, strength, and stamina that you need to craft your ideal physique.

And the best part?

The company guarantees no side effects, no prescriptions, and no needles.

Look at what customers have to say:

“20 kg improved bench press, 12lbs muscle gain.”

“Added 30 pounds to my bench press in less than 2 weeks, also reduced major fat. I recommend this product to everyone that needs it.”

CrazyBulk also guarantees results within 30 days and free shipping to anywhere in the world.

Using testosterone for libido and sex drive is fine if your doctor prescribes it, but using it as a performance enhancer or to try and treat libido issues on your own is bound to come with problems.

Many bodybuilders are choosing to forgo these risks and cycle natural products like Testo-Max to achieve impressive gains in the gym.

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