Testosterone & Libido [WORST Effects on Sexual Health]

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Testosterone and libido functions are closely related.

It’s important for bodybuilders to better understand that relationship when considering taking a synthetic hormone.

It’s quite common for athletes to review the potential side effects against the possible muscle mass results when trying to gain an edge in the weight room.

Rarely do those risk-reward calculations involve drawing a comparison between their testosterone level and sex drive.

That approach is not necessarily unreasonable on the surface. After all, loss of sexual desire among men is not commonly reported in the media.

Although testosterone production and sexual function remain under-reported issues, it’s important for anyone considering performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to gather a broad range of information about potential negative side effects in order to make an informed decision.

Thorough deliberations have led hardcore bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to work with steroid alternatives that do not present the danger of sexual dysfunction due to testosterone deficiency.

Safe, legal and side effect-free products that mimic the positive effects of steroids don’t entail risk-reward health gambles.

Consider the impacts of drugs such as Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate, the libido and how they interact.

Testosterone & Libido

Steroid users can expect a dramatic loss of libido urges for 4-6 weeks or longer after using steroids.

Several of the serious Testosterone side effects have a direct relationship to the loss of sexual desire.

High cholesterol can cause plaque buildup in the bloodstream that leads to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure would require medication and that may decrease libido activity.

The long-term implication of synthetic Testosterone use and production stoppages may hasten the decline of naturally occurring sex hormones in middle-aged men.

The need for natural Testosterone supplementation has been embraced by steroid alternative manufacturers and distributors.

Herbs such as bulbine natalensis are said to help boost sex hormones in men and have been integrated into formulas.

How Does Testosterone Work?

In the steroid world, Testosterone or “Test” is understood as both the baseline measure for synthetic hormones and a variety of brand name drugs.

Steroid ratings are based on Testosterone being a neutral 100 and others are measured against it.

Synthetic Testosterones such as Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate and many others are types of Test.

The body produces this hormone naturally and testosterone levels are the driving force behind sexual function.

When bodybuilders take synthetic forms, the basic idea is to increase the level of testosterone above the body’s natural ability.

This creates a condition of heightened nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, among other functions, than can aid in muscular development.

This allows bodybuilders an opportunity to increase muscle mass and strength through rigorous training and proper nutrition.

Bodybuilders that use synthetic forms of Testosterone often report muscular gains ranging from 10-20 pounds after a 12-week cycle.

When men or women unnaturally increase Testosterone levels, that change can completely shut down the production of this sex hormone and may require post-cycle hormone therapy.

How Does The Libido Work?

Sexual desire can be attributed to many things, but the single most powerful biological force remains the male hormone known as Testosterone.

For the purposes of discussing steroid use, the production of Testosterone is central to understanding how males can increase libido activity or suffer a loss of libido.

Men often enjoy the peak of their sexual desire in the late-teens and early 20s.

As males age, the production of Testosterone declines and middle-aged men are sometimes candidates for Testosterone therapy or Testosterone replacement treatment.

Other issues that may inhibit the libido include medications to treat high blood pressure, deficiencies in blood flow and even the use of over-the-counter drugs.

For all its powerful intimacy benefits, the libido can be quite fragile.

What Are the Side Effects of Testosterone?

Despite people in the bodybuilding world viewing Testosterone as a baseline drug, it carries significant side effects.

These include:

Water Retention

Male Pattern Baldness

Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Aggressive Behavior

Water Retention


Decrease Testosterone Production

In terms of their relationship to the libido, bodybuilders often note an increased or decreased sex drive.

These inherent side effect problems and a detrimental impact on the sex drive are reasons that bodybuilders and other athletes work with risk-free steroid alternatives.

Loss of libido runs contrary to the basic goals of a vibrant health and fitness lifestyle.

In terms of younger steroid users, the use of synthetic drugs tends to overwhelm the body. Excessive synthetic hormone levels cause the pituitary gland to signal a partial or complete stoppage of Testosterone.

This condition has been referred to as “Steroid Withdrawal.”

Basically, corticosteroid production is managed by a signal that involves the adrenal, pituitary gland and brain. This network is called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPAA).

Large short-term dosages or small long-term dosages of Test can negatively impact HPAA functions. That’s one reason the sudden loss of the body’s natural male hormone production can require a post-cycle Testosterone treatment plan in order to help regain normal levels.

Side effects during steroid withdrawal include:

Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Libido

Diminished Strength

Boy Fat Increases



Low Energy Levels

Muscle Tissue Loss

Joint Pain

Considering the negative connections between Testosterone and libido functions, safe, natural steroid alternatives appear to be a common-sense choice.

Enjoying the benefits of a bodybuilding physique ought to be supported by actionable male virility.

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