Testosterone Only Cycle (Best BEGINNER Steroid Cycle For Bodybuilders?)

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So, you think you are ready to start adding an anabolic steroid to your bodybuilding program and want to know if a testosterone-only cycle is right for you.

This popular hormone is included in almost any anabolic-androgenic steroids cycle completed by beginners, intermediate and advanced builders looking add bulk or lean down.

If you are new to using steroids, starting off with a testosterone only cycle is a great way to determine what side effects your body is susceptible to.

At the same time it can help avoid confusion as you won’t be using any other injectables or pills that contain hormones.

Best Testosterone Only Cycle

No matter if you’re looking to add bulk or start shaping lean muscles, this test only cycle will provide a steady boost of testosterone to your body.

The cycle will last from 12 to 16 weeks with a target testosterone cycle dosage ranging anywhere from 200 mg per week to over 1000mg per week.

Some people will see a transformation after an 8-week steroid cycle.

You will want to break the dosage down into two shots, each being half your weekly dose, and the shot should be injected on the same days each week.

For example, Monday and Thursday or Wednesday and Sunday will provide a steady boost of T while maintaining the higher levels you need while working your body.

Is This a Good Cycle to Take for Beginners?

If you are new to injecting steroids, this is often a recommended cycle to start with. There are no extra hormones to get mixed up with your dose, and you’ll be able to learn how your body responds to the testosterone.

The dose is low enough that most side effects you may notice will be fairly mild. You may be able to use this cycle several times before your body has reached its next plateau, where the benefits of the testosterone are not as noticeable.

At that point, you may wish to start stacking with other anabolic androgenic compounds to achieve your next goal.

By that time, you will also be able to identify different side effects that come with any added hormone or supplement in your stack. Understanding how your body responds will help you stay healthy.

Testosterone Only Cycle Side Effects

The side effects of the Testosterone only cycle include:


Negative effect on cholesterol levels

High blood pressure

Injection site pain

Suppression of natural testosterone production

Water retention or bloating

Which Testosterone Should You Take?

There are a few different types of testosterone, and they offer different benefits and drawbacks.

You should understand what they each do before you start shooting and make a mistake that can negatively affect your body and health.

Testosterone Enanthate VS Testosterone Cypionate

You will need to shoot twice a week for Test E, whereas with Test C one injection is often enough.

They are slightly different molecularly, but provide almost the same results with similar timing.

If you are using long-ester testosterone, you will need to wait at least two weeks after the end of your cycle before beginning post-cycle therapy.

You may experience some irritation around your injection site, but in general the injection is fairly painless.

They are the most popular testosterones used by bodybuilding enthusiasts, but not necessarily by those extreme builders going in for the big competition.

Testosterone Suspension

This is straight testosterone and is immediately absorbed by your body without the slow release associated with other esters.

This makes the suspension the choice for athletes who may be trying to avoid detection and only need a testosterone bump for the short-term.

It is not helpful while you are doing a cycle as your blood levels will change radically and often.

Testosterone Propionate

Test propionate has short-esters and offers a faster boost to your body than Enanthate or Cypionate, but if used for a cycle it will require a dosage schedule of every other day or every day.

The injection site is often painful and users are more likely to experience serious side effects associated with testosterone such as acne, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, water retention and gynecomastia.

If you only want to try out a testosterone only cycle, test-prop will leave your body more quickly allowing you to enter PCT faster.

Is it Better to Stack Testosterone with Other Steroids?

Once you understand how testosterone works with your body, you can then add other steroids in a stack during your cycle to achieve even different results.

Front loading with dianabol is a great stack for bulking, adding trenbolone works for hardening muscles, and front loading with winstrol is an awesome cycle for cutting, all used with testosterone Enanthate.

Testosterone Only Cycle PCT

Yes, you do. PCT stands for post-cycle therapy, where you allow your body to restore its own natural production of hormones.

The stimulus of injected testosterone means the body stops making its own testosterone. A PCT can help your body get back to normal levels.

If you are on suspension or propionate, you can start your PCT just a few days after your last shot.

If you used test-e or cypionate with longer esters, you must wait two to three weeks to allow the added testosterone to leave your system before beginning your PCT.

Every person is different and your body will have different requirements from that of your other bodybuilder friends. While they may find a cycle that works for them it may not be the one for you.

A testosterone only cycle is often where bodybuilders start with anabolic steroids.

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