Testosterone Pellets For Women (Benefits VS Side Effects)

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You may be surprised to hear that some bodybuilders recommend Testosterone pellets for women, and not just men.

While generally thought of as a male hormone, studies are showing many benefits for women who supplement with Test.

Testosterone and estrogen are naturally made in the bodies of both men and women, but men have ten times more testosterone than women.

However, recent research has shown that in a woman’s early reproductive years she has ten times more testosterone than estrogen in her system.

Testosterone Hormone Pellets Reviews For Women

Pellet therapy has come a long way in treating women with hormonal deficiencies.

Low testosterone levels isn’t something that only affects men.

Women may also find that it’s lowering their energy, mood or quality of life.

Many are women are choosing testosterone pellets because of this.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Fatigue, trouble concentrating, weight gain, and loss of sex drive are common symptoms of low testosterone in women.

Testosterone therapy has also been shown to relieve symptoms related to menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression.

Interestingly, testosterone has been shown to be more effective than a combination of testosterone and estrogen.

This is likely because a woman’s body can convert some testosterone into estrogen as needed, effectively creating stable levels of both hormones.

It is important to realize that low testosterone isn’t just found in post-menopausal women.

Women of any age who experience the symptoms of hormonal imbalance should have their hormone levels tested, because it is possible for testosterone to drop due to reasons other than age.

All hormone levels can be checked with a simple blood test from your doctor.

How Testosterone Pellets are Inserted

It takes about ten minutes for your doctor to insert testosterone pellets. They will give you a local anesthetic, and make a small incision near your hip or buttocks.

They then use a special tool to place the pellets under your skin.

The incision is so small that no stitches are needed. Occasionally an infection might occur. It’s also possible for the pellets to come out and need to be reinserted.

Testosterone Pellets vs Injection

There are three four hormone replacement delivery systems. Oral, transdermal, injections, and pellets.

Testosterone pellets have been shown to be the superior method of hormone replacement for men and women for a few reasons.

With other delivery systems, the hormone levels fluctuate. Soon after administration, testosterone will peak.

As the time nears for the next dose, the levels drop. Testosterone pellets actually deliver a consistent level of the hormone. This avoids the fluctuation common to other methods.

Testosterone pellets for women have also been shown to be more effective in many areas, including relieving symptoms of menopause, improving bone density, and treating depression, insomnia, loss of libido, and migraine headaches.

Another advantage is compliance and convenience. Other methods depend on the patient remembering to use the therapy as directed. If the patient forgets and misses a dose, testosterone levels will fluctuate more.

It’s also much more convenient to make a doctor’s visit every four months than to have to take a pill, an injection, or apply a cream every day.

The only downside to using testosterone pellets is that it isn’t easy to change the dosage. If the dosage needs to be changed, the pellets must be removed and replaced.

Testosterone Pellets For Weight Loss

Many women find it harder to keep their figure as menopause approaches. While it was once thought of as a simple fact of aging, now it can likely be attributed to low testosterone.

Testosterone does several things in your body that help you maintain a healthy weight. First, testosterone gives you energy. When you have low testosterone, you feel like your gas tank is always on empty.

You aren’t going to feel like exercising, and if you do, you won’t have the energy to push your body to its limits. Testosterone also helps you build lean muscle and burn fat, and speeds recovery times.

Muscle burns much more calories than fat, so gaining fat and losing muscle makes it doubly hard to get back on track.

Low testosterone can also slow your metabolism, making it even harder to burn calories.

Testosterone pellets can have such an impact on weight loss that some weight loss centers recommend that you get your hormone levels checked before beginning weight loss or fitness program.

How long do they take to take effect? Generally effects can be seen in as little as 1-3 days. It may take a few weeks for optimal results.

How much do testosterone pellets cost? The cost for women will vary, but is roughly $1500 per year.

Side Effects of Testosterone Pellets For Females

Bioidentical testosterone pellets side effects are fewer than those seen with other methods of testosterone replacement.

This method allows testosterone to bypass the liver, and it doesn’t affect clotting factors. It does not affect the menstrual cycle, but it is useful in treating premenstrual syndrome and uterine fibroids.

Oral testosterone is known to increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but the breast cancer risk isn’t increased with testosterone pellets.

In fact, it may actually reduce the incidences of breast cancer. 20% of women using testosterone pellets have a slight increase in facial hair, and 5% have an increase in acne.

If these symptoms are particularly bothersome, they can be eliminated by lowering the dosage.

Bioidentical testosterone pellets have few side effects and many health benefits, as well as added convenience.

In addition to helping you lose weight and to regain your sex drive, testosterone pellets for women may help relieve depression and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Biote is one of the leading brands of testosterone and estrogen hormone pellets.

People with type two diabetes may find that their condition can be adequately managed with diet and exercise alone after going on testosterone pellet therapy as well.

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