Testoviron Side Effects–Why You Should You Be Worried (& CAREFUL)

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Testoviron side effects: are they anything to worry about?

Before answering that question, it’s recommended that potential users research the drug, and how it functions in the body.

That way it can benefit bodybuilders or athletes in a more safe way.

Testoviron is a relatively popular steroid. Mention of it is found on numerous bodybuilding websites.

Its use is discussed on multiple bodybuilding forum boards. Even so, perform due diligence on your own. Know what the drug is and how it works before you consider use.

Testoviron Side Effects

Men should also be aware of the potential Testoviron side effects which include but are not limited to:

Testosterone suppression. When the body senses that levels of testosterone are adequate or high, it ceases production on its own.

Testosterone suppression can contribute to testicular atrophy or shrinkage of the testicles. Suppression of testosterone can lead to infertility.

In some cases, it can take up to a year to regain natural testosterone levels. Some men experience permanent testosterone suppression.

Increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels combined with a decrease of high-density lipoprotein levels (HDL).

This can trigger atherosclerosis or buildup of plaque inside arterial walls. Such a state can increase risk of heart attack or stroke.

It can cause cardiovascular issues, but these can often be prevented by eating a healthy diet (low in sugars and high in healthy fats).

Other Testoviron Depot 250 side effects are possible. Some are mild and temporary while others are more serious, can affect organs and organ function long-term, and even prove life-threatening.

Testosterone typically produces moderate side effects in regard to estrogenic side effects.

Though rated by bodybuilders with low progestational activity, users should watch for signs of both.

Dosage and frequency of dosage can have an impact on side effects.

In medical treatment scenarios, the dosage of Testoviron injections average 250 mg every three to six weeks.

Bodybuilders often use an injection of anywhere from 250 mg to 500 mg on a weekly basis in a Testoviron Depot cycle that lasts as long as 12 weeks.

Can Women Take Testosterone?

Women should avoid Testoviron due to its enhanced androgenic influence, contributing to virilization. For women, this means the following potential side effects:

potential growth of hair on the face or body (hirsutism)

a deeper voice

enlarged clitoris (clitoromegaly)

smaller breasts

disruption of menstrual cycles and in some cases, complete cessation of menstruation (amenorrhea)

Women should only take testosterone if prescribed for low testosterone levels by a doctor.

Testoviron Review

Testoviron Depot 250 is an anabolic androgenic steroid.

Actually, it’s a brand of testosterone that combines two different esters.

Esters are attached to many pharmaceutical drugs.

They’re designed to influence the rate of absorption or dissemination into the bloodstream.

Esters also influence the half-life of a drug. The half-life defines the length of time it takes for approximately half of the active or potent components of a drug to be reduced by approximately one half.

Testosterone (synthetic) is modified by the addition of various esters to its molecular structure. For example:

Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone propionate

Esters are formed by carbon chains which have an influence on the solubility of any drug, including exogenous or synthetic injection of testosterone (or other application method). Longer carbon chains equate to longer half-life.

Absorption and half-life is also influenced by:

milligram strength

age of the individual (as we age, our bodies metabolize drugs differently)

height versus weight (many drugs are dosed based on weight)

Testoviron is a form of testosterone that combines two esters: propionate and enanthate.

The propionate ester has a shorter half-life than the enanthate ester, which is longer. By combining the two, a middle ground is achieved.

Testoviron Gains VS Other Steroids

Testoviron, despite the combination of two esters, is not the strongest anabolic androgenic steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes for accelerated muscle mass gains and enhanced athletic performance.

Even so, Testoviron Depot side effects are possible, based on dose and usage habits.

All forms of testosterone (and their esters) rate approximately 100/100 in their anabolic and androgenic properties – by bodybuilders. It is the base for which all steroids are compared against.

However, testosterone is still quite effective and while not the strongest out there, may be more manageable in regard to side effects than others. Dosage options are available in (propionate/enanthate respectively):

25 mg/55 mg

25 mg/110 mg

50 mg/200 mg

Products manufactured and sold by underground labs and black-markets around the world may produce different milligram strengths.

The Testoviron price will depend on where you buy it, the dosage and the quantity you purchase. It doesn’t come cheap as 250mg can often be $15.

Benefits of Testoviron

Most forms of anabolic androgenic steroids developed in laboratory environments are used in the treatment of hypogonadism, or low testosterone levels in men.

Testoviron results can help promote:

Enhanced synthesis of red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen and other nutrients to muscles, encouraging growth, strength, and endurance.

Increased and maintenance of nitrogen retention in muscles. Muscles require oxygen and nitrogen in balances that promote muscle growth and stamina.

Muscle mass gains. Various forms of testosterone are quite effective in reducing weight loss and muscle loss associated with wasting conditions and disease processes such as HIV, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, and so forth.

It’s not just used for bodybuilders looking for Testoviron before and after results. Testoviron injection uses are also meant for medical purposes.

In spite of its benefits, all anabolic androgenic steroids do have the potential to cause adverse reactions. Testoviron side effects are no different.

Know what to watch for. If necessary, decrease the dosage or frequency of dosage or discontinue use.

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