The FACTS About Axiron For Bodybuilding [Benefits VS Sides]

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You might think a topical medication a strange choice for supporting your gains at the gym, but some trainers recommend Axiron for bodybuilding

This medication is a proven therapy for testosterone deficiency.

But is it effective when it comes to results at the gym?

Some people believe so, which has caught the attention of gym instructors and trainers.

This makes sense, as Testosterone is the hormone that helps to maintain muscle mass and bone density.

Axiron For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders have come to realize that using products like Axiron can be highly effective for bodybuilding.

Although you need a prescription to buy Axiron, which is often not given to bodybuilders.

Today, it comes in the form of a cream, a long step away from the traditional enhancers administered via injections, as pills, or gels.

Axiron for bodybuilding is often preferred because it helps to fight testosterone deficiency, which drains energy substantially and affects men during exercise and in their everyday routine.

By enhancing testosterone, Axiron helps build stronger and larger muscles because it increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

It also speeds up the rate at which the muscles develop. When it comes to Axiron and weight lifting that are many benefits that come along with with the treatment. We’ve outlined a few below along with a more detailed description of the drug below.

What is Axiron?

Axiron is a testosterone hormone replacement therapy. It is a substance aimed at men with low testosterone, a condition called hypogonadism.

It is clinically tried and tested, resulting in restored testosterone levels in a matter of two weeks.

It is a topical drug, applied to the skin and is so powerful that when another person comes in contact with the area on your body where Axiron is applied, that person begins to show signs of its usage.

That is why it is applied to the armpits.

Axiron comes in a pump bottle that releases 30 milligrams per pump. It also comes with a cap used to apply the solution. Also note that the skin in your underarm is thin, and absorbs the medication quickly into your bloodstream.

It is also important to note that Axiron is not for women or young people up to 18 years of age. Women who come in contact with the solution may begin to exhibit male hormonal traits, such as excessive hair growth, deep voice and so on.

On the other hand, children who accidentally absorb Axiron are also at risk of negative side effects.

Before applying the solution, be sure that your armpit is dry, clean, and that there is no open flesh. Never use Axiron on your stomach area, shoulder, upper arms, penis, or scrotum.

Users of the drug are also instructed to prime the pump. To do this, you should gently push down on the pump three times and do not use any of the solution that comes out during priming.

In fact, you should wash it down the drain to avoid contact with others.

Does Axiron Build Muscle?

A study was done in 1996 on healthy adult males injected with testosterone once a week for about 10 weeks.

It was done to see if it had an effect on men with AIDS.

It resulted in the men having larger triceps and quadriceps with increased muscle strength.

For emphasis, testosterone is the hormone in men responsible for sex drive, hair growth and yes, muscle growth, function, and strength.

It is a drug produced to replace and enhance testosterone and, therefore, can fortify and increase muscles when used in combination with working out.

This is why many people take Axiron for bodybuilding.

Axiron VS Injections

The Axiron benefits of the cream over the injection option as observed by health experts are many. Unlike the testosterone injection which often requires the individual to always return to the hospital for the shots, the cream can be self-administered.

Some say the cream is a lot safer than the injections as well.

What about Axiron and Weight Loss?

One of the most pronounced side effects of Axiron is weight loss.

Although not proven, some people believe that taking testosterone can improve fat loss results.

It will be most likely to happen if you combine it with a regular exercise schedule and a healthy diet.

Axiron User Reviews

Much of the user reviews published describe Axiron as a highly effective drug.

A review published on shows that more than 70% of users who responded to the poll found the drug very useful.

Most of those who make up the other 30% either stated that their bodies did not absorb the drug or that there were waiting for positive outcomes, with some expressing their frustration that it did not work.

However, experts suggest that many of those who did not get positive results after using the drug probably did not follow the medical prescription. a few also suggest that such men could have medical conditions that do not support the use of Axiron.

If you’re considering taking Axiron for bodybuilding, do your research and speak with your doctor first.

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