The ULTIMATE Masteron Test Cycles For Beginners & Experts

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How effective is a Masteron Test cycle?

Can it be used for both bulking and cutting phases?

What can you expect from such a cycle?

Generally speaking, this cycle implies the use of two components: Masteron and some form of testosterone.

For others, it can simply imply Masteron (defined as a form of testosterone) incorporated into a cycle by itself.

For the purposes of this article, Masteron as a form of testosterone is implied.

Masteron Testosterone Cycle Possibilities

Developing a Masteron Test cycle is often a matter of personal expectations, goals, and of course, availability.

Therefore, components, milligram strength, and length of the cycle can differ, although most range from 8 weeks to 12 weeks in length.

A relatively common “beginner” Masteron Testosterone cycle (8 weeks in length) could look something like this:

Masteron: 300 mg per week throughout the cycle

Testosterone (cypionate or other ester): 200 mg per week

Anavar (another type of testosterone): approximately 40 mg every day

Arimidex: 0.5 mg two or three times weekly

An intermediate Masteron Test cycle (12 weeks) can incorporate up to four different forms of testosterone including:

Masteron: 100 mg every other day starting week 7 through 12

Testosterone propionate: 100 mg every other day through the entire cycle

Trenbolone acetate: 100 mg every other day starting week 5 through though the end of the cycle

Winstrol (stanozolol): 50 mg every day from week 7 through the end of the cycle

Arimidex: 0.5 mg every other day throughout the length of the cycle

An advanced user may even incorporate other forms of testosterone in a cycle that lasts up to 16 weeks.

For reference, the following is a list of possibilities with regards to the different types of testosterone esters available:










How Does Masteron Work?

Before taking a Masteron Test cycle, know how it works, what types of effects it that might have on the body, and its associated side effects.

Masteron, also known as drostanolone propionate, is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid similar to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a metabolite of testosterone.

It has a reputation of triggering androgenic effects but with some anti-estrogenic potential.

In medical scenarios, drostanolone propionate is used as an inhibitor in regard to the growth of estrogen receptors, and may be used as a treatment for some types of breast cancers.

Note – Even in medical scenarios, drostanolone is not a first “go-to” drug for such treatments, as it promotes strong potential for virilism in women.

Virilism (also called virilization) triggers the development of male sex characteristics including growth of hair on the face, enlarged clitoris, deeper voice, among other undesired reactions.

Because of the potential for side effects and its limited potential as a breast cancer treatment, the product has been discontinued in many countries.

Nevertheless, it still continues to be popular with athletes, so underground labs continue to produce and sell the product in 50 mg and up to 100 mg injectable steroid preparations.

For bodybuilders, use of Masteron contributes to greater viscosity or appearance of hard, lean muscle in regard to physique.

Test Prop Masteron Cycle Results

Masteron is modified by esters. Athletes looking to develop a Masteron Test cycle may have to choose between:

Masteron acetate

Masteron enanthate

Masteron propionate

Esters that modify the base drug (such as Masteron) affect the absorption rate and half-life of the drug.

Half-life defines the length of time it takes roughly one-half of the drug’s main triggering activity to decrease by one half in the body.

Those interested in developing a Masteron Test cycle should be aware that it is typically stacked with another form of testosterone that has the same ester, such as Masteron enanthate with testosterone enanthate.

However, a bodybuilder can also incorporate another form of testosterone with a shorter acting ester such as Masteron (drostanolone enanthate) with testosterone cypionate.

Bodybuilders and athletes often experiment when it comes to a Masteron Test cycle in order to “customize” its components to meet specific needs.

Test E & Masteron For Cutting Cycles

Masteron is an injectable anabolic androgenic steroid with moderate muscle or tissue-building potential.

In most cases, Masteron is used solely during cutting or dieting phases, and by athletes seeking leaner body mass rather than excessive muscular growth.

Bodybuilders often tweak the milligram strength of testosterone or other components during the Masteron Test cycle depending on specific goals and needs.

Masteron Test Cycle Side Effects

Side effects are associated with any form of anabolic androgenic steroid. The more components incorporated into a cycle, the increased risk of side effects, including hormonal imbalances.

Among the most common side effects associated with use of testosterone include:

Disruption in natural production of testosterone by the body

Testicular atrophy

Potential for high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues due to disruption of cholesterol levels

Before adding Masteron to a Test cycle, know how it behaves in the body and the side effects it can produce. The same applies to every component incorporated into the cycle.

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