The ULTIMATE Steroid Results Guide (Week By Week)

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Athletes understand the realties of competition: Anabolic steroids results work, when used to supplement diet and exercise, are the key to excelling in any sport.

The results after one cyclef are clearly evident in the average user.

After 1 month you will experience leaner muscle mass, weight loss, a higher metabolism and longer endurance. The effect is just not comparable to your workout results without steroids.

You’ll see these compounds in the news frequently; the use of supplements is widespread in athletic circles.

Despite having a bad reputation in countries such as the United States, where these supplements have been banned without a valid prescription, they are; literally, in use everywhere, from the athletes you see on television in baseball games to the person next to you at the gym.

Anabolic Steroid Results After One Cycle

Like many supplements and medications, if they are used improperly or to excess, anabolic steroids can have serious side effects.

So why are these compounds so popular?

Anabolic steroids are laboratory-produced compounds that recreate and enhance what the human body does naturally.

Many of these substances were created in the early 1950s and have been proven effective time and time again for medical applications and for performance enhancement.

They were created as a medicine to enhance red blood cell growth and build muscles, marking them as incredibly effective when fighting diseases like AIDS and anemia.

Steroids mimic the sex hormones, particularly testosterone, which is the chemical produced by the male body to create characteristics like bigger muscle and bone mass, and a deeper voice.

If you choose to enhance your workout with these compounds you will see an almost immediate effect; steroids results week by week have been proven effective for the past sixty years.

The steroid results pictures are simply incredible: Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone, Barry Bonds and other professional sports figures have used these medications effectively and safely.

Steroid Results Before and After

In the U.S. it is illegal to possess anabolic steroids without a physician’s prescription. Most athletic competitions ban their use, but winners like Lance Armstrong have used these compounds for many years.

Steroid results week by week vary by your body type, but it is inevitable that you will see results almost immediately.

Anabolic steroids are widely available online in a variety of forms:

As an oral dose;

In a patch applied to the skin;

Or as an injection directly into the targeted muscle.

Depending upon the method, you will experience very specific and powerful benefits. You’ll immediately notice weight toning, an increase in muscle mass, and your ability to work out for longer periods of time will improve.

So what are the specific effects of anabolic steroids and what kinds of compounds are on the market today?

List of the Most Common Steroids

To start, consider Oxandrolone Anavar.

Anavar burns body fat quickly, creating the lean physique particularly favored by professional bodybuilders.

It is one of the more gentle of the bunch on the market and perfect for the novice user.

Anavar does not cause the water retention side effects found in many steroids, making this an effective addition to your workout routine.

Dianabol is another common substance readily available on the web. Also called D-bol, the steroid results in bulking quickly and gaining muscle mass. It is very effective for most body types.

Dianabol is also inexpensive and has been documented as increasing blood flow to the muscles, which is incredibly helpful in prolonging your workout. D-bol stacked with Testosterone, can really bulk up the muscles.

Trenbolone, commonly called “tren,” focuses on building up the torn muscle fibers strained during a hard workout. When the muscles rebuild, tren helps them reknit bigger and stronger.

This drug is effective for both men and women and is used frequently in professional bodybuilding, where both bulk and tone are important. Tren is chemically modified from Nandrolone, a human hormone.

No article on performance enhancing drugs would be complete without mentioning supplements of Testosterone.

Testosterone, produced normally in the body, allows it to be well tolerated and effective. It is a very dramatic addition to a workout routine, and, like Anavar, is a good place to start for beginners.

Also check out Winstrol, which you’ll find found under the name, “Stanozolol.” You will find this supplement, literally, everywhere online.

It is extremely popular and effective. You’ll see this supplement in the news frequently, because of its popularity with professional baseball players.

The answer for thousands of athletes is that a diet and exercise alone do not allow them to compete at their peak in professional and non-pro sports.

For many, getting steroids results is simply part of their workout, one more tool to use in order to succeed. For more than 50 years, human beings have been successfully using these supplements to enhance their athletic performance.

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