The ULTIMATE Sustaplex 325 Testosterone Blend Review

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Sustaplex 325 is a testosterone blend manufactured by Axio Labs.

It is a popular anabolic steroid used commonly for muscle building purposes.

The injectable steroid is a blend consisting of five different testosterone compounds.

Each testosterone ester is deliberately included in the blend to deliver different half lives.

Sustaplex 325 Reviews

Sustaplex 325 is manufactured in a 10 ml vial.

The testosterone blend is comprised of the following:

Testosterone Acetate: 30mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate: 50mg/ml

Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 50mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate: 90 mg/ml

Testosterone Decanoate: 105mg/ml

According to Axio Labs, Sustaplex 325 is the top testosterone blend of choice among steroid users and for good reason.

Bodybuilders favor this blend because Sustaplex 325 can be used in bulking cycles as well as cutting cycles by bodybuilders and athletes.

Testosterone Stacks

Improving bulking cycle results: For those using Sustaplex 325 during bulking cycles, improved results have been noted in particular when stacking with Deca Durabolin or Equipoise.

Alternatively, results also are improved with stacked an oral steroid (e.g. Dianabol or Anadrol).

Improving cutting cycle results: Users have noted improved results by combining Sustaplex 325 with Anavar.

Sustaplex 325 Results & Benefits

Thanks to the blend of testosterone, users receive many benefits to planning a Sustaplex 325 cycle:

Sustaplex 325 gains in the form of lean muscle mass: When bulking, it’s crucial to maintain an adequate calorie intake; after all, the body needs calories to grow. However, consuming high levels of calories causes weight gain.

Testosterone, particularly testosterone cypionate, ensures that the majority of the weight is gained as muscle rather than body fat.

Preserve muscle mass while cutting: On the other side the equation is cutting. During cutting phases, the goal is to lose body fat, which occurs when the body burns more calories than are consumed. The risk is that both body fat and muscle mass will be lost.

Again, the blend in Sustaplex 325 is beneficial by preserving lean muscle mass that would be normally lost without the added testosterone.

How to take Sustaplex 325

The dosage of Sustaplex 325 can vary quite a bit. For males, the recommended dosage ranges from 400-1200 mg per week.

Sustaplex 325 is an injectable steroid. When learning how to inject a steroid, there are three questions to ask: where to inject, how to inject, and what to do immediately after the injection.

Where to inject: Note that steroids should not be given intravenously. Rather, testosterone steroids can be injected into the muscle. The easiest and most convenient injection site are the glutes.

How to inject: The number one priority during an injection is to maintain a sterile environment. The second most important aspect of injecting is making sure you deliver the proper dosage.

Post-injection: In order to avoid an abscess, it is best to let the needle remain in your skin for at least 20 seconds after the injection is complete.

This allows all of the oil to sink in deeply.

Press a clean cotton ball onto the site after you remove the needle and follow with a quick massage to disperse the oil into the muscle.

Side Effects

Common side effects include:

Skin changes, primarily oily skin and acne

Increase in facial hair growth

Premature balding

Another side effect is that Sustaplex is known to suppress natural testosterone. What does this mean for the average user?

It means that, to avoid a hormonal crash, those using completing a Sustaplex 325 cycle are encouraged to take a combination of clomid/nolvadex in a PCT after your cycle.

Where to Buy

Due to the Steroid Control Act of 1990, anabolic steroids are illegal to purchase without a valid prescription. As such there are three ways to get Sustaplex 325 for sale.

Legally with a valid prescription: To purchase steroids legally, a physician would first have to diagnose you with a valid medical condition, presumably low testosterone. Symptoms of low testosterone include: low libido, lethargy, irritability, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and depression.

Illegally: The risk purchasing steroids illegally is two-fold. Not only is there a risk of heavy fines and/or jail time, but there are several health ramifications including unsterile gear, contaminated or weak products, and high risk of being scammed.

Opt for steroid alternatives: This is an option for those who cannot or do not have a valid prescription.

Steroid alternatives work by naturally boosting your body’s ability to produce testosterone rather than relying on synthetic hormones. Many forum users favor CrazyBulk’s Testo-Max as a steroid alternative.


Due to its nature, the price of Sustaplex 325 will vary. If Sustaplex 325 is prescribed, the price is going to vary depending on where and how the prescription is filled.

Alternatively, Sustaplex 325 can be purchased from international suppliers where steroid laws are different.

Many users report that while this steroid is efficient, it is also one of the most painful to inject. The most frequent complaint is soreness, pain, and the occasional lump at the injection site.

Despite the pain, those who preserved through the pain were able to see impressive results from Sustaplex 325 relatively quickly.

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