The Zyzz Steroids Cycle–Tren, Clen, Cytomel & Testosterone

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Aziz Shavershian is a legend in body sculpting circles, most of his admirers knew him as Zyzz.

The legend is that in four years Zyzz steroids helped build his body and reputation into an Internet sensation.

He died in 2011, many say due to steroid abuse. He was just 22 years old.

In the early 1990s Aziz moved with his family to Australia and became a fitness model, bodybuilder, personal trainer and part time stripper.

Zyzz founded a subculture of Australian bodybuilding called “aesthetics,” which focuses on the beauty and art of the human sculpted body.

Zyzz Steroids Abuse

He became a cult sensation in 2007 when he began posting YouTube videos of his training results.

While he never competed in professional bodybuilding, Zyzz used social media to promote his prestige.

He released a book and promoted bodybuilding supplements under his Zyzz persona.

His idol, he said, was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While he never competed in professional bodybuilding, like Arnold, it is widely assumed that his use of anabolic steroids helped him rise to the top of his celebrity.

Zyzz was attending the University of Western Sydney, pursing a degree in business and commerce before he died.

He brilliantly leveraged his Internet celebrity status to build his own brand.

In his early bodybuilding years, Zyzz admitted to using steroids, but as his fame grew, the pressure to deny his real workout regimen increased.

Physically he was a small, skinny kid who joined the local gym with his brother and began learning about diet, nutrition and exercise.

It’s assumed that he also learned about the subculture of synthetic steroids for sale through his gym contacts.

With that said, he also had a family history of heart disease, and reports showed an undetected heart defect contributed to his early demise.

In 2011 his brother was arrested for illegally possessing synthetic anabolic steroids and The Sydney Morning Herald linked Zyzz to his brother.

Aziz did not welcome the resultant publicity, and he denied ever using legal synthetic steroids, synthetic human growth hormone – or illegal drugs of any kind.

He attributed his sculpted look solely to diet and exercise.

On August 5, 2011, Aziz Shavershian suffered a fatal heart attack in Bangkok. News reports said Cytomel (T3) and others were being taken in a cycle of abuse that led to his fame – and his passing.

After his death it was widely reported that Zyzz was taking all kinds of steroids, which likely included everything from Clenbuterol and Testosterone Propionate to Trenbolone Acetate.

In fact, some reported that the reason he went to Thailand on vacation was due to the variety, accessibility and low cost of the drugs manufactured and sold there.

Zyzz Steroid Cycle

The before and after gains of Zyzz will lead you to your own conclusions about how he was able to achieve tremendous muscle toning in a few short years.

One fan website stated that his cycle included:

Trenbolone Acetate 150mg daily

Testosterone Propionate 150mg daily

T3-Cytomel 25mcg twice a day and

Clenbuterol 80mcg daily

HGH intermittently, when he could afford it

Another web site stated Zyzz was using these synthetic steroid names:

Clenbuterol and Cytomel (T3) in cycles of up to 100mcg daily

Trenbolone Acetate year round up to 300mg daily

Testosterone Propionate year round at 20mg daily

Zyzz Steroids Transformation

The simple truth of his transformation was documented as:


Starting Weight: 145


Age: 22

Weight: 220 lbs

Arm Size: 44 cm or 17.3 inches

Chest Size: 149 cm or 58.6 inches

Quad Size: 108 cm or 42.51 inches

Calf Size: 35 cm or 13.7 inch calf

Synthetic Steroids For Sale

The synthetic steroids definition does not encompass the compounds you can purchase from GNC, but instead frame everything from synthetic steroids used in veterinary medicine to synthetic human growth hormone.

Synthetic anabolic steroids are human-made chemicals that mimic human hormones. They are extremely popular with athletes due to their proven abilities to enhance your body’s musculature.

Lean muscle mass, higher metabolism, greater strength and bulk, are all the natural results of successfully using anabolic steroids.

We will probably never know the truth about the compounds steroids Zyzz was using to build his incredibly beautiful, strong body.

But the realities of creating the kind of body and the level of fame he had so quickly point to the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

There are athletes in the news every single day – including Zyzz’s idol, “The Terminator,” who have admitted to using drugs.

The biggest problem in the case of Aziz Shavershian is not necessarily that he used performance enhancing substances to supplement his workout.

The contributing factor to his untimely death was a congenital heart defect. We may never know the truth of his passing, but the world suffered the loss of a true artists.

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