Therapy with research chemicals

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So I have have talked to my therapist about how I want to micro dose research chemicals when going to therapy sessions.

He was super interested in seeing how that would affect my sessions and was very welcomed to it. He told me that he’s read and followed studies on people taking Ket, MDMA, LSD for their CPTSD and PTSD and how well it did for them.

I’ll be micro dosing 4-aco-DMT

I only have therapy sessions once a week and I wouldn’t be doing them every session either.

I’m just so happy that I have doctor that’s so accepting and open minded to things like this. I just thought this would be a nice post here.

This is very intriguing and definitely special. Just make sure to keep this to yourself IRL. There aren’t many accepting doctors out there like that and it would obviously cost him his license if someone found out. Good luck though I’m sure it will be life changing!

I dont think it would cost their licenses. their under secrecy and aren’t allowed to tell anyone, since he’s not putting either himself or any others in danger

to the people naysaying, Op says he’s taking a well used substituted tryptamine. 4-aco-dmt is practically psilocin, so yeah.

Also, psychedelic therapy has a long history and a pretty good success rate. If op is interested please check out Stanislav Grof’s LSD psychotherapy.

It seems to me op is doing psycholytic therapy which is when the patient take a small to moderate dose and engages in talk therapy with a therapist

Interesting stuff.

I’ll be micro dosing in 2 weeks on Thursday.

I am a female with extreme CPTSD and finally found some sort of relief by micro dosing drugs.

I’ll post an update about my experience

Please do. Also female, C-PTSD. Have microdosed on and off. I need to hear how this goes.

I would too, but it’s hard to find someone who will do psilocybin therapy. I’ve had a line on someone for months now and still can’t get into even start talk therapy.

In a perfect world I could get with a bunch of other (c-PTSD) folks in a great setting and take day or two, eat some mushrooms and see if we could help each other out.

If green activates it that is delta 9 thc. If thcv is sufficiently present it counteracts and overrides the usual paranoia, blocking cb-1 activating cb2. Afghani, willie nelson, dougs overpriced proprietary varin

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I had a lot of childhood trauma that lasted well into when I was basically an adult.

I’ve been able to process what happened to me better and not have episodes everytime I talk about it. I still have episodes often but not from me talking about it as much.

I’m more in control of my body when something uncomfortable happens that use to never be the case (i would always freeze or faint)

I’m able to gain new perspective on why it happened, who’s fault it was, why I was treated this way.

I still have a lot of issues I need to work on but I’m slowly getting there.

Thank you for sharing; I am going to school for social work, hence my interest. Best of luck and I hope the micro-dosing continues to remain effective. Any relief is welcome I imagine

I personally went to several counseling sessions on MXE back in the day. I found that the disassociation allowed me to thoroughly examine my life, behaviors and thought patterns with an unashamed candidness that I definitely would have been incapable of otherwise. It was as if I was observing and commenting on someone else’s life during my sessions. This allowed me to really open up and be honest about myself and get some actually good advice from my therapist. Usually I try and sugar coat my problems or underplay their seriousness out of shame, on MXE it was like I was criticizing and divulging secrets about a best friend or something. I got similar effects from MXP, and DCK. Not sure how you are with Dissos?

I’m happy for you having such a open minded therapist – this experiment will be great I suppose, please report back!

I’ve microdosed LSD before therapy (without communicating it before) and it was great all the time. Didn’t do it every session to have some variation between sober and ‘microdosed’. Not that I preferred one of both, the combination was where it was at ime.

I wonder what kind of literature and hands on training one would need. I originally had wanted to pursue a graduate degree in talk therapy to supplement my bachelor’s in psychology, but you know, life happened. But when my kids get older and I’m not so busy with them I’ll need something to do. And I’m not the most well versed psychonaut, I do know some of the basics, not to mention also knowing some basics of a therapeutic relationship (from both as a client’s view, as well as a provider’s view).

From everything I’ve read any micro/minidose or even afterglow from the day before can help a lot in opening up more easily. I hope it works out well for you. Hard to find a doctor that would be okay with that nowadays, or maybe times are changing.

I’m so happy I talked about it with him.

I definitely think times are changing. I mean fuck Colorado just decriminalized shrooms and their hoping to put it on the ballet again for medical! I know one other state also silently decriminalized it but I keep forgetting.

It’s a start for sure

All I can say is go on and read about all the therapist in your area. Pick someone you like see them for a few sessions then ask about how they feel about drugs.

If they are positive about I would definitely micro dose without them knowing first then tell them that you did in your next session if all goes well stick with them.

It’s how I found mine!

Is our eyes perceiving reality through all our pre-conceived notions and filters even while sober “real life”?

What a dumb doctor, psychedelic thought is closer to comprehending “real life” and being objective and able to construct real thoughts, break negative habits/thought loops, critically think about things from other perspectives than any other mode of consciousnesss i’ve been in.

I agree with some of your points but psychedelics can lead those susceptible to believe things that are just logically absurd. Psychedelics and rational, analytical introspection are a powerful combo though. I wouldn’t be too quick to assume your comprehension of real life is necessarily better while tripping.

The fact that you think you know me is what makes your whole statement wrong.

My doctor is the only doctor that I’ve seen in 15+ years that has even cared about me in the slightest.

I would be MICRO DOSING with 5mg what fucking liabilities are you talking about lol? I also wouldn’t be taking them every single sessions of even bi weekly. I would be taking them when I know I’m going to have trouble talking.

You have no idea what I go through on a daily basis.

I’m married to a wonderful man that comes to all my sessions and drives me.

Get the fuck out of here because you have no idea what you’re talking it

I’ve been there. Convince yourself all you want. Microdosing. Kid your self on all you want. But if your seeing a psychologist. You should perhaps stop taking drugs. I couldn’t do it but, small doses turb into large doses. If you don’t have a problem then just lay off them for 6 months. That’s how you find out if you are an addict or not.

Most RC tryptamines are hardly mystery drugs, the most popular ones have a decent history of human use, are closely related to chems with fantastic safety profiles, and quite a few even have studies showing their binding affinities and such. 4 aco dmt and 1p lsd are both very very likely prodrugs for incredibly well studied and safe chemicals.

While one should always proceed with caution, and while there are certainly exceptions, by and large novel tryptamines and lysergamides are very safe. Not all RCs are created equally, and the majority of very real dangers associated with the RC cathinones (for example) do not apply to these psychedelics.

So, while technically 4-ACO-DMT is relatively new, psilocin (4-HO-DMT) is not, and the physiological safety profile has been way established.

The acetylation of compounds/ drugs is well established. ALD-52 and heroin being examples. The ability to bypass first pass metabolism through injection, because of its increased solubility in lipids, is the only pharmacological change.

The OP’s therapist has done extensive reading on the subject matter and is probably aware of any potential hazards concerning micro dosing psychedelics.

Akso, when you quote someone, you should actually quote someone.

That is kind of the point, its a psilo pro drug, metabolizes into psilo, any research done on mushrooms would be equal in many ways to what 4-aco-dmt would be if there were more research. 4-aco would be what pharmacists would supply if Psilocybin mushrooms was ever prescribed for anything in the future. 4-aco imo is mushrooms without the food poisoning and gastric distress some get. Its a cleaner Psilocybin mushroom trip.

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