Toilet mounted bidet – boofing pro-tip

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A few years back I got a Luxe 320 toilet mounted bidet, it fits easily under my regular toilet seat and took 5 min to install. The benefits of said bidet are so vast that is another thread entirely, but a few include: the end of the endless wipe (shit crayon) and ring sting, having a perfectly clean hole all the time, no more itchy ass, etc.

However, there is another benefit I think will appeal to you degenerates. If you learn to relax and position your Browneye directly over the stream, you can fill your ass with water, which you then push out. Not only does this completely clean all the shit out of you in an easy and convenient way, which is awesome for many reasons, it also makes you absolutely primed for boofing.

My bidet was around $50 bc it has both cool and warm water connections. The cool water only ones cost $30 on Amazon. $30! Break free from the savagery of wiping shit off your body using only paper, and take your boofing, and your salad tossing, to a whole new level.

I first encountered bidets in Iraq in 2003, and experienced the transformative power of a jet of water pointed directly at my ass during a bout of stomach rot. they were a feature of my life for decades living in asia and the middle east. I cant live without it. I prefer the basic spray hose like youd find on the side of a kitchen sink, or a rented powerwasher.

I can definitely relate to this post. I first encountered this traveling in SE Asia and ever since I feel unclean when I have to use toilet paper. Also, I think it got me past my typical western hangups about touching my asshole, so boofing wasn’t such a leap for me.

Another benefits not mentioned by OP:

Toilet paper puts a huge strain on waste treatment facilities and is also fairly energy intensive to produce, eliminating it from your life saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

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