Trenbolone & Equipoise Stack | Tren Cycle for Cutting

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Bodybuilders looking to cut excess weight after a bulking cycle will sometimes combine Trenbolone and Equipoise in a stack.

Equipoise or EQ is an anabolic steroid with molecularity that is similar in structure to testosterone.

EQ shares an affinity with the male hormone. It has a closeness to testosterone’s direct enhancement attributes.

Trenbolone is also an anabolic steroid which many athletes consider to be the most potent and optimum performance-enhancing drug.

Its abbreviated nickname is Tren.

Trenbolone & Equipoise Stack

Tren and EQ possess the capacity to yield a decently flexible and versatile cycle – mainly when a testosterone base works in conjunction with their use.

However, this particular stack is not widespread and would be an unlikely stack implemented by bodybuilders and athletes.

Regardless of the stack’s popularity, Trenbolone and Equipoise can improve endurance and muscle strength, as well as preserve muscle tissue and aid in the development of lean muscle mass.

The versatility of the stack is noticeable in the cycle’s cutting benefits in providing vascularity, excellent muscle hardening, and fat reduction.

General Cycle and Doses

In general, any user of Trenbolone would benefit from 400-600 mg a week.

So, if a person were not necessarily a competition bodybuilder but perhaps a physique competitor, for example, no more than 600 mg is preferable to receive adequate results.

EQ can prove to be positively resultant in a similar dosage amount as Tren: 600 mg per week is acceptable.

However, some users assert that when Equipoise gets taken in more copious amounts – a range of 800 to 1000 mg per week – the outcome is far better.

Therefore, a sufficient stack for bulking would be the following:

EQ 600 mg/week + Tren 400 mg/week

For cutting as follows:

EQ 400 mg/week + Tren 400 mg/week

Due to a natural suppression of testosterone, which you should expect if stacking Trenbolone and Equipoise, experts recommend that you use a testosterone ester as well.

Additionally, to minimize estrogen related side effects, it is also recommended to use an aromatize inhibitor.

While not critical to Tren usage, another suggestion that may prove helpful in reducing any side effects related to the luteotropic hormone, prolactin, is to keep a prolactin inhibitor available.

What Is Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate)?

As a veterinarian-grade anabolic steroid, historically, Equipoise has been given to horses to boost the equine’s lean body weight.

It is molecularly identical to testosterone except for a doubled carbon bond which provides the steroid with a distinctively altered make-up from that of the male sex hormone.

The steroid promotes an aggrandized appetite, which supports the weight increase in horses. Many athletes and bodybuilders have noted the proclivity to eat more while taking Equipoise; however, the drug does not seem to have the same effect on all users.

EQ is proven to be extremely productive in increasing the count of red blood cells in a person’s body.

With an exaggerated number of red blood cells comes a subsequent boost in muscular endurance.

The reason for such fibrous fortitude is because of the role the red blood cells play in distributing nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

The strength gains or the increase of mass may not be as significant using Equipoise as it could be using other steroids but it will notably provide heightened strength capacity – allowing for a bodybuilder to be able to workout longer.

Boldenone Undecylenate has the ability to help a person’s body preserve muscle tissue in the circumstance of caloric deficit. Also, it promotes the building of new tissue. Bodybuilders enjoy the vascularity given by taking EQ.

They receive a maximum definition of their muscles due to reduced subcutaneous fat.

What Is Trebolone (trenbolone acetate) ?

Tren gets praised as the most powerful of all anabolic steroids within the bodybuilding community.

Unlike testosterone, which has both an androgenic and anabolic rating of 100, Trenbolone has a score of 500 in each category.

Before the time when bodybuilders would turn to Tren for muscle bulking, the steroid’s original intent was to serve cattle.

Now, performance enhancement athletes reply on the anabolic capacity and nature of the drug to harden and increase their muscle mass.

Users also benefit from the androgenic properties of the drug that allow them to lose fat and improve gains in strength.

Additionally, Tren boosts insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels which are critical to muscle tissue, cartilage, the pulmonary system, nervous system, and ligaments and tendons.

Tren improves nutrition partitioning properties and advances the repair of cells in the body. The stress hormones, Glucocorticoids, although fundamental to a person’s well-being, encourages fat gain and destroys muscle tissue.

A valued advantage to users of Tren is that the steroid keeps the glucocorticoids from gaining dominance within the person’s body.

There is a consensus among Trenbolone users that it offers more benefits and works to a higher degree than other anabolic steroids.

Equipoise has value for being free of progestin attributes, which like some other steroids, could ultimately make a user more sensitive to estrogen.

Furthermore, the Tren EQ stack is considered suitable for adding lean mass and is a cycle capable of causing fat loss.

Side Effects of a Tren EQ Stack

Melting fat and gaining lean muscle at an accelerated rate is great, but it comes at the risk of some pretty nasty side effects.

These possible adverse outcomes need to be weighed carefully before cycling these powerful drugs together.

Side effects of Trenbolone include:

Excessive sweating

Problems sleeping

Extrem fatigue



Drops in testosterone

Suppressed organ function, including the heart

Liver damage

For EQ, men can experience declining levels of testosterone leading possibly to the following side effects:

Hampered sperm production

Shrinkage of testicles, a condition called testicular atrophy

Possible infertility

And this is to say nothing of the dangers associated with buying steroids on the underground market.

Since both of these products are not approved for bodybuilding purposes, you will probably find yourself purchasing online from unregulated sources.

This can be life-threatening, since counterfeit products are rampant and there are no quality standards enforced to protect users from contaminated or expired product.

If getting accelerated results at the gym are what you’re after, you should consider natural steroid alternatives as a backup plan.

CrazyBulk is one option. All of their natural supplements, sometimes called “legal steroids” are FDA approved and backed by a fast results guarantee.

The results won’t be as rapid or potent as what you would find in anabolic steroids. But that’s an easy tradeoff since you get to sidestep the legal risks and potentially lethal side effects of steroids.

With free shipping worldwide, it won’t be hard to give legal steroids a fair try before you plan a Trenbolone and Equipoise stack.

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