Trenbolone Supplements Review—Trenerol, Trenbal & More

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What is the best Trenbolone supplement?

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid.

Experienced performance-users say it is not for the faint of heart because of its high risk profile.

“Trenbolone supplements” is bodybuilder shortform for dietary products inspired by Tren that do not contain anabolic steroids.

These herbal supplements can more accurately be labeled natural alternatives to steroids.

They are legal and free of the harsh side effects of anabolics.

Bodybuilders and athletes who opt to use a dietary supplement in place of this steroid do so in the hopes of increasing strength and gaining lean muscle mass without the added risks of using illegal steroids.

This article will review the commonly used Trenbolone supplements including Trenorol and Trenbal.

Trenbolone Supplements

While many athletes and bodybuilders search for “Trenbolone supplements”, it’s best to first clear up the misunderstandings behind that phrase.

“Trenbolone supplement” is actually a misnomer as dietary supplements do not contain Trenbolone at all.

Dietary supplements, which are legal, can be used as substitutes for anabolic steroids.

This means that while a supplement such as Trenorol is used in place of Trenbolone, the effects of a supplement won’t exactly duplicate the Trenbolone results.

Trenorol aims to mimic the effects of Trenbolone.

Is Trenbolone Legal?

Trenbolone, which is actually a veterinarian grade steroid, is classified as a Schedule III controlled substances, making Trenbolone illegal to purchase and use without a valid prescription.

Because of its illegal status (and the various Trenbolone side effects), it is no surprise that bodybuilders would be interested in products such as Trenorol.

Trenorol Review

Trenorol, a supplement sold through Crazy Bulk, is suitable to use in place of Trenbolone.

Crazy Bulk explains that this supplement may improve both bulking and cutting cycles by providing for increased nitrogen retention and improved red blood cell production.

While some bodybuilders convert Trenbolone pills (pellets) to a DIY injectable, most steroid users opt for the injectable Trenbolone.

Injections have their own risks—pain and tenderness at the injection site, risk of using dirty gear, and risk of inserting the needle incorrectly.

Trenorol, however, comes in capsule form so there is no need to hassle with injections.

When used as suggested, bodybuilders consume 3 capsules about 45 minutes prior to working out.

Trenbolone before and after results show men who are lean and ripped, but according to Crazy Bulk, when using Trenorol in conjunction with a proper diet and workout regimen, bodybuilding results may be seen within 30 days.

Based on reviews from Crazy Bulk customers, Trenorol seems to deliver compelling results without any harsh side effects.

Trenbal Supplement Review

Trenbal is another dietary supplement designed to imitate Trenbolone results.

Note that while Trenbal aims to imitate the positive results of Trenbolone, the manufacturers of Trenbal claim that Trenbal does not impose the negative side effects of Trenbolone. Trenbolone has demonstrated a series of negative effects including:



Testicular atrophy

High blood pressure


Sexual issues including loss of libido and erectile dysfunction

Excessive Sweating

According to the Trenbal site, individuals should not experience any of the above-listed side effects.

Created from amino acids, a plant extract (20-Hydroxyecdysterone), and whey protein, this supplement works by boosting protein synthesis which can create muscle gains.

Additionally, Trenbal has been noted to increase natural testosterone production as well as IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).

This is important to note because anabolic steroids have a tendency to suppress Testosterone while supplements such as Trenbal do just the opposite.

Risks Of Using Trenbolone

Using Tren imposes two big risks to those who use anabolic steroids: possible side effects (listed in the previous section) and legal consequences.

Using Trenbolone as a performance enhancer is illegal. As such, buying Trenbolone is then relegated to the black market which then increases the buyer’s risk of counterfeit products and / or contaminated products.

In addition, the World Anti-Doping Agency lists anabolic agents as substances that are prohibited at all times, meaning in competitions and out of competitions.

Using Trenbolone (or any anabolic steroid) in a competition or sport can lead to disqualification — making all of the effort in preparing in vain.

Dietary supplements, on the other hand, can provide natural boosts without the risks of using illegal substances, counterfeit products, or unsterile gear.

What is the appeal of Trenbolone to bodybuilders and athletes?

Those who choose to use this steroid do so because they believe it can provide increases in strength and lean muscle mass.

Trenbolone results are said to occur because of increased IGF-1 production, nitrogen retention, and increased protein synthesis.

Interestingly, these traits are also listed on the product descriptions of Trenbal and Trenorol… yet those supplements do not carry the negative effects associated with Trenbolone (which makes the supplements much safer choices.)

Trenbolone is available in three versions: Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Ethanate, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

Using Natural Alternatives

Natural steroid supplements like Trenorol and Trenbal should not be considered “legal steroids” because they are not steroids and do not contain any steroids.

Remember that supplements cannot ever exactly replicate the results of a steroid, but what they do offer is far better: safe, legal, and natural ways to increase strength, decrease body fat, and retain lean muscle mass.

Not only are the products themselves safer and legal, but the entire ordering process is much simpler.

No need to find a gym dealer or shady website — both Trenorol and Trenbal can be purchased easily online.

When ordering Trenorol through Crazy Bulk, buyers are made aware that all shipping is free and the entire billing process is safe and secure.

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