Trenbolone & Winstrol | Tren Dosage Per Week & Tren Cycle

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Trenbolone and Winstrol are both powerful anabolic steroids and are sometimes used by professional bodybuilders and athletes.

It is thought to be a preferred stack for those wanting to make lean gains or shed excess fat in a cutting cycle.

It is also considered an effective combination that keeps the water weight off, which is generally desired for contest preparation.

Cycling Tren with Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, is not at all uncommon amongst professional bodybuilders.

However, both of these steroids are illegal to use in the context of weight loss and performance enhancement.

The reason?

There are significant side effects associated with each that should give even the most eager fitness enthusiast pause.

The fact that you need a post-cycle therapy to restart your testosterone production following your stack should give you a sense of the seriousness of these health complications.

We will explore some details about this stack, but let us just say from the top that there are safer, legal ways to speeding up fat loss and retaining lean muscle mass.

Getting a tremendous boost in strength and results in the gym can be as simple as cycling natural steroid alternatives.

Should You Cycle Trenbolone & Winstrol?

Bodybuilders have reported that a Tren and Winny cycle can be successful if used in a pre-contest cycle.

In the bodybuilding world, contest preparation is characterized by focusing results on attaining the polished look of hard, lean muscle tissue.

This cycle is known to cause male pattern baldness, especially in those already prone to hair loss.

Since a lot of times users cycle steroids to improve their look, this is enough to turn bodybuilders off of the stack entirely.

Those who choose to cycle these steroids anyways often stack using the following dosages:

Trenbolone: – Bodybuilders often start out with 200mg per week.

Experienced users that feel they can tolerate the side effects of Trenbolone might use up to 300mg per week.

If using the enanthate version of Trenbolone, injections are often administered weekly.

With the acetate ester, dosages are often split up and injected on a daily basis.

Winstrol: – A typical dosage of Winstrol is 50mg per day.

Bodybuilders normally don’t dose higher than this since it is thought to increase the side effects without offering a significant increase in gains.

Side effects may become intolerable after 6 to 8 weeks, so long-term use is not recommended in circles of anabolic users.

Testosterone: – Injectable testosterone is included with many cycles as a safety precaution.

By cycling anabolic steroids, bodybuilders often put themselves at risk of shutting down the body’s natural testosterone production.

If the user is bulking, 400mg per week of testosterone is believed to be effective. To avoid bloating and other side effects, bodybuilders will often incorporate a minimal dosage of 200mg per week.

About Trenbolone

Trenbolone is considered by many to be the ultimate steroid invention, one that revolutionized the professional bodybuilding scene.

It may be found in both enanthate and acetate esters, with acetate being more popular due to cost and availability.

It is desired for the ability to quickly pack on muscle, the increase in strength, and its fat-loss boosting abilities.

It also notorious for causing some of the ugliest side effects imaginable.

A user may fall prey to adverse side effects like:

Extreme night sweats

Acute anxiety

Heart complications


Testosterone suppression

Erectile dysfunction

Oral Trenbolone is uncommon and highly undesired since it is toxic and ineffective.

Since it has been discontinued for human use in the 1980’s, most of the Trenbolone on the market is made in underground laboratories.

This compounds the dangers of anabolic steroid use, since these sources are unregulated and have no accountability in terms of quality standards.

In addition, purchasing these products without a prescription is illegal in most countries, which means users may find themselves in trouble with the law when the product they ordered arrives at their country’s border.

Back when it was still in production by pharmaceutical companies, it was found in brand names like Parabolan, Finaject, or Finajet.

Finaplex is a version of trenbolone acetate that is used as implants within cattle to packing muscle on them prior to slaughter.

Today, some users have refined Finaplex tablets into injectable form for their own steroid cycles.

We can’t overstate the hazards of doing this, since this is a complicated process that could lead to serious health consequences if not converted correctly.

We recommend Trenorol, a natural steroid alternative that claims to re-create the androgenic advantages of Trenbolone. It won’t be as potent as taking real anabolic, but it can give you the edge you need on your course to a ripped physique.

About Winstrol

Stanozolol may be commonly found in either oral or injectable form.

It is considered to be toxic to the liver, even in injectable form, so it is usually only recommended it fitness communities for short-term usage.

It has been around for quite awhile since it was introduced in the 1950’s and has since been abused by athletes and bodybuilders.

It is very common and has gained media attention for athletes being busted using it (like the case of Ben Johnson in 1988).

The effects of Winstrol are seemingly mild in comparison to Trenbolone, which is why it tends to be used by female athletes or models.

Unlike most other steroids on the black market, Winstrol is still FDA-approved and widely used for legitimate medical applications in patients that suffer from muscle wastage.

However, using this drug for the purpose of body enhancement is not considered a legitimate medical application and is still illegal.

In general, this steroid is not normally used with bulking cycles but rather with cutting cycles. It is also believed to be a fit for competitive weightlifters seeking to gain a boost in strength while staying within their weight classes.

Bodybuilders report seeing the best results when one is already lean. It is known to allow fora dry look as it helps shed water retention.

But the benefits of Winny are outstripped by the risks of life-changing side effects.

The most common adverse health outcomes that dissuade most people from using Winstrol are:

Severe stiffness and joint pain

Hair loss

Increasing LDL Cholesterol

Suppression of testosterone

Liver damage

Women may also suffer from hair growth and the deepening of their voices.

Natural Alternatives

If you are looking for a hard, dry look, we recommend turning to a cycle of natural steroid alternatives Trenorol and Winsol.

This is one of the best cycles to turn to for getting considerable results without risking severe bodily harm and legal issues.

Even if your main goal is athletic performance and strength, Trenorol is arguably the best steroid alternative that will do the trick.

No, they won’t work as immediately and potently as anabolics.

But they will help unlock your body’s natural ability to generate lean muscle mass and craft the chiselled body you are seeking in a safer, more sustainable way.

As mentioned above, it is not recommended to cycle Trenbolone and Winstrol becausethe side effects can be harsh and life-threatening.

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