Tried tripping while on Abilify – mixed results

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I’ll spare everyone the context, but I’ve been taking 5mg Abilify daily for a bit and appreciate it’s effects. I tried tripping with it for the first time tonight.

DMT – that shit still works. Any concerns about not being able to trip because of Abilify we’re zapped by a few D vape pen experiences. I didn’t go too too far out, nothing like a break though, but that was obviously possible. I am pretty terrified of dmt however and would sooner take lsd. Dmt is too much for me typically.

4-ho-met – unfortunately I got very little effect. There was a brief period were it seemed to be effecting me in a normal non Abilify way, a period of really crazy visual detail and color, but then everything was suppressed. It was disappointing. I look 13mg and then 20mg an hour later. I did do some pretty great guitar recording during this period, so I had a cool trip in that sense but it was light.

So… I think if I take enough of oral psychedelics at higher dosages, I’ll be able to trip, based on what I saw with dmt. But I’m going to have to slowly experiment my way up with dosages.

Annoying compromise situation. Abilify makes me feel calmer compared to my usual anxiety with aspects of panic and paranoia. But I love tripping.

I have the same problem but with Lexapro. Sucks that something that works so well on depression also keeps me from enjoying one of life’s finer pleasures.

I tried a hit of ald-52 and 100ug felt more like 30ug maybe. Like a mushy 50ug maybe. Pretty disappointing.

Do you find you can trip Ok on Vraylar? You prefer it over Abilify?

I think if I took more lsd it would hit closer to a proper trip. Maybe like 250ug being similar to 100ug. With 5mg Abilify a day.

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