Trip Report: 2C-E and 3-HO-PCP

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This is my first real trip report but i have read and listened to 1000s so im just going to use a similar format.

Height: 6’1 Weight: 185 : Age 24 I have experience with various drugs of various classes, mainly psychedelics. Over 200 drug experiences easy, full on psychonaut, etc. But this was my first experiment with 2C-E.

This trip starts off with me ingesting 14mg of 3-HO-PCP orally in a volumetric solution at approx. 7pm while hanging with my friend making some music. 50fl oz of beer was consumed as well as about a half gram of cannabis within about 4 hours.

Around 11pm, he leaves and my curiosity causes me to want to explore a bit deeper, so i decide i would snort a small amount of 2C-E, because based off my research, it is shorter in duration and not that tough on the mind, usually described as cold and logical, which i felt sounded perfect for the warm dissociated state induced by the 3-HO-PCP.

Now for the real trip

I enter my man cave after my girlfriend leaves for taco night, open my vial of 2C-E, and clack the cap of the vial onto the table, leaving a thin film of flour like powder, which scrapes up to a thin line about the length that a pinky nail is wide. I rail. Ouch. Not that bad, but i knew if i had taken a ketamine sized line, R.I.P

After snorting i feel the drug almost instantly, everything looks like heat waves on a hot summer day, like how propylene glycol looks when you squirt it into water. Just wavy. It feels very euphoric mixed with the 3-HO-PCP. I opt to take a shower on the come up, and enjoy some chores. I feel distant.

Before my shower, i repeat the process of racking up a line of 2C-E, snort, OW. Okay, shower time. As i shower i see infinite lines and patterns, the soap bubbles morph into a multiverse of rainbow swirled domes, whith my curious tripped out face in each one. I was tripping hard, but it didnt bother me that it would be hitting a lot harder in just a moment. I took my shower, and decided to do a few chores.

Moving feels awesome. I take out the trash with glee. The rain feels nice on my skin and the post-storm sky echoes the ghosts of thunder claps that to me, sounds all twanged out, like industrial iron rods hitting the ground. Thwannng! Crackle! Oh man. I go back inside and decide to wait on my girlfriend to return with tacos, i dont have an appetite, and i feel no sort of nausea, but ill gladly eat these tacos. I turn on planet earth on the ol’ flix.


An hour later at about 1am, i decide to lay down and just melt away until taco time. I get in about 10 minutes of floating through patterns in the dark, the food arrives, and to my surprise, i also have a burrito! Sweet! MUNCH. The food didnt stand a chance.

After i eat, its time for me to see how deep i could go, at this point, i had totally forgotton what, who, or where i was in my head, but when i opened my eyes, i was completely fine. Which is what made the trip kind of go sour. I can usually sleep on 3-HO-PCP but that was about done and i felt stimulated as fuck from the 2C-E which was fine, but i was starting to get a little sleepy from the food i shoved into my face.

I struggled for the next few hours to stop becoming patterns, and finally felly asleep around 5am. Also, there was a period for about an hour where all my thoughts were complete spanish in a generic cholo accent. Im black, and i dont know spanish. So yeah. It was a trip indeed.

Would i recommend this combo? Sure, just dont do it as late as i did and youre golden. 8/10 would do it again.


I kinda hate 3-HO-PCP, so I’d probably sub it for 3-HO-PCE. But that sounds neat as fuck. I’ve had several experiences with DXM + psychedelics. But have yet to try it with any of these 3-sub PCP/PCE analogs. Might give it a go tomorrow. Any recommendations?

Also wish I could get my hands on any 2C-x compounds, lucky you!

Well ive had the 2C-E stashed for years, even still got MXE but i hate it. And if you give it a go i would suggest maybe an easygoing 4 subbed tryptamine because that would have been my 2nd choice. And less is more with psychedelics in combos. Also i dosed the 2ce 4 hours into my 3 ho pcp trip, so it wasnt as intense as it would have been if i had taken them at the same time. And lastly, remember that the PCE series is known to be more psychedelic in general, so account for that as well. Happy tripping!

great report, thanks for sharing! what was your dose of 2ce? Got any idea?

Ive had a few experiences with 2ce last month, up to 10mg only and also tried microdosing, and I am so much looking forward to explore it a bit deeper. I feel it has a potential to be very rewarding

It’s good there are still vendors on clearnet selling this lovely substance

now i remebered also the one time when i combed it with 6-apb; first 5mg at T+3 and then another 5 an hour later. the synergy is incredible. if you’re also a fan of 6-apb I can only recommed going for this one

Got any experiences with 3-meo-pcp too? If yes I am quite interested how you would compare it to 3-ho-pcp

sounds good!

I will probably order both, I loved 3meow. Maybe a bit too much ahaha. I don’t know, it’s got something special to it doesn’t it?

I’ve had visual with 3meow but it’s not consistent. But once it was totally hilarious – mountains, autumn forest, stars. I’d love to get to that place again. Well that’s at least mine interpretation of what I saw that night

It sucks it’s banned here but it’s worth the risk I think…

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