Types of HGH—What is the Best HGH on the Market?

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How many types of HGH are out there?

Several in regard to delivery method, plus dozens of brands.

Human growth hormone or HGH, is available today in a number of different forms, milligram strengths, and delivery methods.

Over-the-counter and non-prescription strength HGH supplements can also be added into the mix.

In medical scenarios, some types of HGH are preferred over others depending on the growth hormone deficiency being treated, and whether treatment is given to a pediatric or adult patient.

When it comes to HGH use by bodybuilders and athletes, preferences typically tend toward those types of HGH that are cheaper.

As with anything, cost considerations are only one of the factors that go into choosing which type of HGH will best fit your needs.

Types of HGH

The most common type of HGH, at least in regard to its use by bodybuilders and athletes, is the injection form.

Some injection solutions are available for sale in vials while other injectable types of HGH come in powdered form that must be mixed with sterile or bacteriostatic water prior to use.

HGH (prescription strength) also comes in topical solutions or creams. It can also be found in oral form, and in pills and sprays.

Not all of these products work the same way, depending on the delivery method.

Which is best? It depends upon expectations. Some people (in medical scenarios as well as sports environments) don’t want to take injections.

In such cases, they may opt for a topical cream or lotion.

Some opt for oral sprays that are squirted under the tongue or on the mucosal lining of the cheek. Still others would rather just take a pill.

Do You Need HGH?

The body produces HGH on its own unless some damage has occurred to the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

Levels of growth hormone are highest during growth and development years, and then gradually declines as we age.

In most cases, adults with normal pituitary function have adequate levels of growth hormone in the body.

It not only promotes growth of all types of cells, but is also involved in the manufacture and secretions of other hormones as well.

HGH is necessary for growth and development not only of bones, but plays a role in a number of body organs and system function such as:

Muscle tissue development

Digestive processes

Endocrine functions


Cardiovascular function

Some brain activities

Protein synthesis

While HGH is necessary, it is not recommended that athletes or bodybuilders take it for personal physical or performance enhancement.

Bioavailability and Milligram Strength

Before choosing one type of HGH over another, compare the effects that the delivery method will have on its influence regarding bioavailability.

For example, one simple comparison is that an injected medication will act faster than one that is swallowed.

Of course, milligram strength and frequency of dosage will also play a role. Generally speaking, injectable forms of HGH will work the fastest.

However, injections themselves can be given several different ways: intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous. This too will have an influence on results or bioavailability by the body.

Note: HGH is not to be given intravenously (IV).

Creams and lotions or other topical application methods also work, although they’re a bit messier, may have an odor, and are slower to absorb into the body. The more processes a drug has to go through before it reaches the bloodstream, the reduced bioavailability.

Pills and tablets are the least preferred, because in most cases, much of the drug itself is destroyed by digestive processes, followed by filtration by the liver.

Do Different Types of HGH Come With Different Types of Side Effects?

Higher than normal levels of HGH in the bloodstream can contribute to side effects, regardless of which type of HGH or form has been used.

A number of common side effects are associated with general use of HGH:

Pain in the muscles

Nerve pain

Bone pain

Development of carpal tunnel syndrome

Potential for gynecomastia

More severe side effects can also develop in individuals, and these side effects can also occur at lower dosages:

Enlarged organs – enlarged intestines contribute to “HGH gut”

Fluid retention – excessive fluid retention surrounding vital organs such as the heart can trigger a number of potentially life-threatening heart function issues.

Disruption of hormone balances such as insulin can be a contributing factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Acromegaly – this condition is caused by out-of-control growth of bone cells, muscle cells, and connective tissue cells that have the potential to cause joint deformity that severely impacts range of motion and mobility. In some cases, acromegaly is irreversible.


HGH is a powerful hormone.

Regardless of the different types of HGH out there: whether it’s manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company or an underground lab, usage may provide benefits for athletes and bodybuilders, but it also comes with its share of negative side effects.

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