Unaffected by all psychedelics. What can this mean?

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It started off with the 1st time i ever tried a psychedelic. It was 4 aco dmt from the Netherlands, ergo not bunk product. Orally took 60mg and only a mild saturation of colors. Nothing waving or “breathing” as I’ve heard people say. Only the headspace effects. So I had a hypothesis that I was somehow naturally tolerant to it. Took a 2 month break and took 280ug 1p-lsd yesterday. AGAIN. NO VISUALS. Not 1 object was waving and no geometrical patterns. Couldn’t get deep in my subconscious and only had nausea until I took some etiz to try to sleep. I heard ppl with Aspergers have this, did I just diagnose myself with Aspergers that I never knew I had? Any ideas guys

are you taking any other medication?

it could be any number of things. Try different ROAs (snort and boof)

also, the environment you’re in matters. I don’t get much visuals in my bedroom because it’s very basic (white walls, no pictures, no art, no bright colors, no patterns…). The more colors and objects you have around the more you’ll notice

did you close your eyes for a while to see if you got any closed eye visuals? I had a friend who kept telling me he was getting no visuals while on 4-aco-dmt, I told him to close his eyes and he had entity contact with a purple fox who talked to him

of course it matters but cmon the guy took 280ug lmao

By the way is the only think that doesn´t make sense to me here, why the OP if not having psychedelic experience took a huge dose of 60mg of 4-aco-dmt for starters??? OP answer this question xD

I can’t tell a difference whatsoever between the two. You could give me 1p as LSD-25 and LSD-25 as 1P and I would believe it.

Only difference is the 1P samples I have taken are much much closer to their advertised strength than the LSD samples, probably due to better manufacturing methods and better storage.

Pretty much all 1P-LSD you’ll come across is being made by the same company, and they are very professional and lay it honestly. Because of that, the strength of a dose surprises a lot of people, but technically 1P-LSD is less potent because in theory it has to be broken down into LSD to be active. iirc, 100 mcg 1P-LSD breaks down into about 80 mcg LSD. Most people say the effects are identical, but some people — myself included — feel that 1P-LSD has a gentler, less “sinister” push. This might be because it has to be metabolized, leading to a more gradual come up, or it might just be placebo.

human bodies are fucking weird my dude. I can trip on lysergamides and tryptamines but any 2C or similar barely has effects. I wouldn’t blame Aspergers (or other mental illnesses) just yet though, try more ROAs, it could be your gut. You could also have an insane natural tollerance

lsd degrades in water, and the speed is increased with acidity and temperature. I would believe someone could have a particularly lsd-digesting stomach. You may also have some microbe in your gut which produce an enzyme that lyses it.It is not an enzyme deficiency.

im a biochemist and this is interesting, lmk if you try other things/methods.

I think I’ve read a couple of stories of people that couldn’t take drugs orally because they didn’t have much effect. I don’t remember why though. Something like thick lining and drugs being destroyed before they could be absorbed? No idea tbh. No idea if a really acidic stomach could do that either. A quick way to find out if that was the reason would be to snort some 4-AcO-DMT

did you swallow the 1p tabs or keep them under your tongue? also how did you get the 280ug? All I’ve ever seen is 100ug tabs or 150ug pellets

“Unaffected by all psychedelics” is hyperbolic. More like no visuals from two psychedelics.

Did other people dose from the same batch and have full experiences?

Take 4 grams of dried mushrooms, grind them up, eat them, and sit with your eyes closed with music in the background. Look into the black behind your eyes and see if anything shows up.

If nothing, then smoke DMT with a sitter. If that does nothing for you I don’t know what would.

Gee whiz yer clearly way smarter than me but anyway, for the record, in humans, LSD is metabolized rapidly into some struc- turally similar metabolites (see Figure 4). It was first established through in vitro studies that LSD is metab- olized in humans by some NADH-dependent microso- mal liver enzymes to the inactive 2-oxy-LSD [97,104] and 2-oxo-3-hydroxy LSD. Metabolites were first de- tected in urine with infrared spectroscopy [93]. In a later study, Niwaguchi et al. [105] identified LAE (which originates from enzymatic N-dealkylation of the di- ethylamide radical at side chain position 8) and nor- LSD, an N-de-methylated degradation product of LSD. Another metabolite was identified as di-hydroxy-LSD [106]. Klette et al. [106] and Canezin et al. [107] found the following LSD metabolites in human urine: nor- LSD, LAE, 2-oxo-LSD, 2-oxy-3-hydroxy-LSD, 13- and 14-hydroxy-LSD as glucoronides, lysergic acid ethyl-2- hydroxyethylamide (LEO), and trioxylated LSD. The ma- jor metabolite in urine is 2-oxy-3-hydroxy-LSD (which could not be detected in blood plasma)

Im not really sure whats causing this but chiming in to say I have Aspergers and I love me some psychedelics, so that isnt the cause of whatever is going on here.

Also Id advise caution on your doses. Those arent dangerously high amounts you listed but theyre above normal doses for sure. If you are taking these big doses because smaller ones arent working, that can be dangerous. Just because something fucky is going on with the visuals not working doesnt mean the drug is doing nothing. If you keep increasing doses chasing a visual distortion effect you could end up having an adverse reaction, especially with high dose tryptamines.

Damn, 4-HO-MET had me seeing rainbow H figures incorporated in everything, and vague mandela’s with eyes closed. 1p-LSD, truffles, shrooms and 2C-B-FLY gave me some breathing/distortion of physical items at best.

Maybe it is the fact that I cannot ‘see’ images in my mind when sober, only recall the general concept of it (aphantasia).

This! Your the first to mention the working theory of prodrug. When 1p-lsd first came out everyone was talking about ROA because of the knowledge of the suspected requirements of needing LSD to bind to that 2a receptor site. This seems to be lost now.

I respond directly to one of his comments regarding this, below.

I myself swallow 1P-LSD whole and do not place under tongue because of this. No where has OP told us ROA. I think that is important.

I never had any solid Visuals on regular mushrooms, 4-aco-dmt, 4-aco-met. Highest dose shrooms i done is somwhere around 6grams dried or something.

25i-nbome however i have had crazy Visuals on compared to the other ones, both open and closed.

The only Visuals i get out of shrooms and other substances Close to that is some minor open Eye Visuals, and abit more Visuals when i Close my Eyes. Walls and shit is not breathing as much as some other people report, thats how i get on shrooms, and 4-aco- dmt . So maybe that is the case for you aswell.

I however, dont really give a shit about all the Visuals they are only a +. , the mindset is more important .

Most likely a natural high tollerance, but the trick is when you once get there, everytime you try again your chances OR luck Will get beter..

Try a safe one like 2cb, a drug only focussed in allot of annoying visuals and no headspace….

Snorting 2cb is the way to get there, after you got visuals you should get easier to the ‘door’.

People didn’t die on allot of 2cb, most likely alllot side effects.. Just snort 2cb till u get the patterns en colours and geometry, try close your eyes on psychedelic music when meditate on psychedelic substances, the flashy colours behind closer eyes make the geometry and living world around you when you open Them again….

I should not advice this stuff, but when the visuals arennot good enough on the peak after snorting +-50mg 2cb.hcl with breaks of +- 10minutes between Them. You need a breaktrough, i know IT is not the advice you get for Harm reduction. The trick is n2o 🎈 on the peak of a visual psychedelic. IT boost the fuck out of youre head, till the visuals are only left without you…

I know n2o is not healthy, but mate, a breaktrough is all you need.

Another good option is a DMT freebase with the machine vaporizing.

Last option is getting prepared with nootropics, then alllot of psychedelic substances, if you can handle it, i dont think mixxing a high dose of LSD with a good visual tryptamine like 4-aco-dmt(oral roa), mixxed with 2cb snorting…. Just time IT correct so the peak and comedown get together, and if you stil cant get there, try a selective pure dissociative like ketamin. Then on peak of that u can take a few hits n2o 🎈….

In my experience is the tollerance for psychedelic visuals reversed. We all took allot of shrooms with 2cb with n2o and ketamine. We took LSD with 2cb/mdma/mda mixed pellets on festivals. We mixed allot of psychedelic substances in high doses, all good timed so the peak only can rise hoger..

10 year later, 1 2cb dose 10mg fucks with to much to handle on visuals, i never take n2o again. I should not enjoy mdma OR mephedrone but yeah its to good when we use Harm reduction practicus.

We still enjoy DMT once a while, LSD is getting very predictable, 2cb is only visual violence but not the headspace or even a little Idea of sitting a trip out while the visuals are getting very disturbing and to much at te same time. Its heavy annoying when you have the Idea of Still being sober and the ugly visuals from 2cb takes over the sight.. weed gets me further without visuals.

Annyway we had the same issue as you 10 years ago. We pusht IT to the limit everytime we got more and more till it wasnt fun anymore.. 15 grams 2cb with Friends, homegrown weed, Every weekend we where tripping friday till Sunday, sometimes we didn’t knew howlong we where tripping and got sober on a wednesday. Oyeah 2cp en DOM where the best visual basic to build lsd and shrooms and 2cb ketamin and n2o balloons on. When mixing psychedics, u always need to start with the longest working substance, and always on the peak you should wayt to be sure to go further ant take the Next longest working substance, building of until you snort 2cb. Dissociatives and n2o works different when mixing, Just be sure you have more then you meer, because its a oneway principle, when u are peaking and didn’t prepared everything then u need to sit a borinng trip out en the excitment is gone. Some trippers are boring but good to mix..

Just check to be sure for safety issues, like 2ct7 with mdma OR Amt is a oneway ticket to heaven OR hell without the way back… U know, deadly combinations should never be explorerd. Know the reaction on Every substance on itself, how u react with a combination, Every substance has a own character en typical reaction on the users. I dont believe evereyone react different based on substance, i know people react different because the neurologic chemical/biologic reactions on the brain. But still Every substance got its own typical character you should learn to recognize. I believe a experienced user knows in a blind test what substance IT is, cause the user experienced multiple Times to know what a drug does.

I cant realy enjoy most of the psychedelics when i got to familiair with IT. I cant handle the trippy cocktails from 10 years ago. But still i know in LSD Every wave what Comes to us. I get realy irritated by 2cb cause i took way to much from it. After a long time no trips, i get together with friends, we are mushrooms without any combi, IT was intens as fuck, but good trip. 2 year later i got half gram 2cb, i took IT and the visuals got overwhelming, but in my mind i was sober, no bodyhigh OR any form of headspace. I Just had to sit it out. No fear OR whatever, its to familiair and way to intens.

Hope you get a little insight in de working of psychedelic substances. I know there is so much Books and studies /papers en journals. But the combinations of psychedics are very rare, and the quantity of our own cook and our own gardens made some experiences unique. I think allot of people dont like the way we used to do psychedelic substances back in the days, and i should not recommend this stuff, but if you realy need to open the door , use this general report to close the Doors behind you. Every trip the door opens better, and you know how to act. If you go realy and realy bad, be sure to have benzodiazepines and seroquel. When experimenting on a intensive way you should get a little insight in how to handle psychedics and combining.

O yeahh last advice, try nexusflipping with mda/mdma medium mixed dose, and 2cb at the same time in high dose.. IT may be a easy way to explore the visuals OR at least to open your door in the future. Nexusflips are way to flashy to enjoy visuals, al the mdma/ mda flips make IT to flashy to realy experience visuals , but its wat easyer to get back the Next time without the mdma/mda as supplement. Candyflip is a little bit overrated imo. If you know how to handle it, try hippyflips with multiple high doses shrooms, and medium dose mdma/mda. When experimenting with mdma flips, the best visual/relaxed high is shrooms, but allot of people say its overwhelming. The nexusflips work also good, imo superior over LSD when mdma takes the flip over. The nexusflip have a fine option to dose Nasal on the 2cb, but you can make some prepaired caps. When flipping Just take the mdma oral and maybe some 2cb oral. And snort small doses while still rolling on m.

Good luck , do your reseach pleaze before doing anything i said. Its advice how i experienced the psychedelic substances and how we got the best out of a mix. I cant garantee combinations are.safe. OR people dont die on absurd doses 2cb and shrooms.

I Just know we survived, allot of Intel about insane doses to find online. I AM not responsible when things go bad. Its only insight how to deal with IT when u know you can.

Good luck , better staying safe then exploit your sanity.

Dont believe me, dont believe anyone, always do research and learn hoe interaction with mind, body , spirit And substances work. Study that shit and u learn dealing the psychedelic rides, the Rolls, the good and bad.

Always practice Harm reduction before u try something, i realy need to say IT because you can react sensitive on a mix ,when something goes wrong its always the tripper who didn’t respect the power of substances……

Stay safe, Stay healthy, well informed, and keep doeing research, practice Harm reduction, and you should really enjoy visual rides.

i don’t get many visuals either, i only notice them if i stare at one spot and focus. Visuals aren’t all that interesting to me anyway though so i don’t mind, i’m more interested in the headspace. Smoking weed while tripping made the visuals super wild the first time i did it. It was very jarring though and i went kinda crazy (not from the visuals but the headspace of course), be careful yo

Do you take kratom? It mutes psychedelic activity for me, especially visuals. I assume because it’s a 5T2A antagonist. If you don’t take any medication then maybe you’re right about the Asbergers thing though. I’ve never heard that before but something unusual has to be going on. I have a high natural tolerance to psychedelics and 60 mg 4-aco-dmt would be a terrifying dose for me. Like the most intense trip I’ve ever had was 45 mg. You might want to just dial up the dose with the LSD before you conclude it doesn’t affect you though. I need like 400 ug to get to a place that I would even call tripping.

So, no where have you given the ROA, which may be important considering that the working theory of 1p-lsd is that it’s a pro-drug for LSD. Meaning it changes in vivo to LSD. What bodily chemicals are required to do this I have yet to read about.

I don’t put 1P-LSD under my tongue like regular acid because of similar anecdotal accounts like yours complaining that 1p is too weak. Not sure, but a hypothesis by some is that enzymes or HCL is needed or helpful to cleave that 1-propionyl molecule off the LSD molecule. For some people perhaps what is in the saliva or blood is enough. But what is consensus is that it needs to be LSD for it to bind to the 5HT2a receptor.

ALSO..don’t drink tap water before or an hour after. A small amount of chlorine will break apart the small amount of LSD.

try sublingual, and add vitamin c and preload with antacid to increase potentiality. “hallucinogens are thought to produce their perception-altering effects by acting on neural circuits in the brain that use the neurotransmitter serotonin”. SSRI’s and certain supplements can effect their effects. FYI autism is now thought of as a spectrum you can try taking a MCQ survey to see if you may have “likely” autism. no two bodies are alike, there can be a number of factors at play. Please avoid hero doses, permanent psychosis is a real risk.

I had a friend a while back who had the same problem he could take a 10 strip of legit LSD and nothing… He said he felt slightly high and very slight distortion of colors and breathing walls but that’s it… Could be a natural tolerance or could be just letting your mind go and letting the trip happen. Also if you are on benzos, alcohol, ghb, etc the trip is significantly dulled but idk 200+ mcg should have done something! Super strange some people just don’t react. Might just be one of those mysteries we will never know why.

If you wan’t visuals, stop in the name of love and use NN-DMT. Everyone is different, maybe we closed some doors in our life and we will open some doors for a different experience. Some say it’s blocked energy, closed chakra’s, karma, Kriya’s, chi blockages or what you wan’t to call it. I think the best way how psychedelics are used for personal growth is with a blindfold, all of youre experience comes from within, you senses are within, it can be magical to watch a tree or a wall for a hour, but you can spend that hour trying to get closer to yourself. So my advice if you wan’t to see visuals DMT, you wan’t personal growth and see where you blockages and you’re shadow in your subconscious, psychedelics in a dark room or blindfold. And psychedelics are not for the visuals, but to go beyond you’re normal perception of self and learn from the things you keep supressing and control you’re life, it’s the beginning of the hero’s journey and it won’t give what you ask but what you need, we step in the world that is unknown. You don’t have control over what you’re experience can be, it’s out of our control.

U have a strong neuroprotection against the effects of psychedelic,

You only need one breaktrough to get familiair with the visuals….

Just try to get some mdma/mda , nitrous baloons, ketamine, 2cb, dont use medication on psychedelics.

2cb is safe to snort, a report is on Reddit somerwhere of a Guy who swallowed 20*25mg pillls.. shulgin also wrote about the person who by accident took way to much. Also multiple report about high doses 2cb , alll non lethal but difficult. The body load sucks , the mindtripp is nothing, but the visuals are very heavy and Just enough to get your breaktrough… 2cb is a good combination with other psychedelica, but also with mdma, with n2o balloons, ketamine also. IT is very safe only very naty body load when u snort allot of IT.

After the breaktrough with visual tripping, u can explore other psychedelic rides. U need a verry crappy trip with 2cb Nasal ( in small doses of 12.5mg everry 15 minutes till you get a visual xperience. For bodyload by 2cb Nasal i can confirm small portion ketamin willl do the trick against the bodyload…

Once you think the visuals are getting way to intens,, take a baloooon n2o with music and closer eyes .. there must come some emmm +3/almost +4 shulgins scale… Even if the trip is nog fun, the ketamine and nitrous Will only let the sideeffects behind you, get the booster u need….

Combining psychedelica with mdma OR dissociatives can make u enjoy a wild trip… Mdma +4acodmt is very good roll… Mdma 2cb also. Why not take mdma with 2cb and 4acodmt….

Or combine allot of psychedelic substances without lethal history… Its always good to combine psychedelica with dissociatives (ketamine and nitrous) Takes the edges of , puts the visuals in your bubbles….

Smoking weed and hasj is not a good Idea, Some combinations on mdma are also not safe… But its the best times…

Anyway, Just go try push it to your limits. High doses are always with the nasty bodyload, try not to down it with benzodiazepines, but try to handle bodyloads with keta and n2o.

Most of the Times of taking mdma OR mda medium dose , the psychedelic dont gives bodyload but bodyhigh cause the mdma takes controle on physical and cognitieve effects in a good way, IT also dominates the psychedelic, that’s why pushing the psychedelic dose very high and mdma low is a fun rolll with very flashy psychedelic character…

Just Inform yourself about psychedelica, dissociatives, and entactogenen/empathogenen. When u know wat to expect from a Chem u also can anticipate on jt, and prepair with extra options for the tryouts….

O yeah,,,, never waste serotonine with mdma, only rolll when everything is good, and pause a few months and rake 5htp and health supplements to never waste the serotonine….. J never roll without psychedelics, and i dont like mdma/mda, but when. U respect the compount, u get rewards And magic experiences and memories. The psychedelic combination on mdma is very magical…. Dose low on mdma, dose high with trippers

Pleaz give some tripreports when u get to know the psychedelic xperience….

Stay safe, informed, healthy and push it to the limit without fear…… Fear is fake, Intel and logica Will take u there…. Peazzzzz … Lolz in having allot visuals now

I feel you. The very same happened to me. I too went through a couple of years without ever really experiencing OEVs of any sort (except saturation of colors). I think it might be closely related to aphantasia (i.e. lack of visual imagery). Curiously, sometimes I was able to have CEVs on 4-AcO-DMT. Nowadays, I do have visuals. How did I get them? Well, it just happened after my second 6-APB experience. It was my third experience with an empathogen, the second being aMT. Somehow, I “unlocked” my visuals with it. Still, they’re like 20% of what some people report to be able to see, and I’ve never had a breakthrough of any sort, not even on stupidly high doses of 4-AcO-DMT. I see mostly overlaid patterns on surfaces, nothing really above level 4 geometry. The only time I ever had level 5 (3D), was on 300ug of ETH-LAD in absolute darkness; I could see subatomic particles. I absolutely hated the bodyload, though. It was way worse than 30mg of 2C-E.

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