UNBELIEVABLE Primobolan Before and After Results & Stories

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Primobolan before and after results can be quite impressive, but individual results can vary depending on a number of factors.

Primobolan is a synthetic form of testosterone, known as methenolone.

With relatively mild anabolic and androgenic properties, it’s not the strongest synthetic testosterone.

But it can be effective for many.

It has an anabolic/androgenic rating of approximately 90/60 by bodybuilders, as compared to testosterone (100/100).

Bodybuilders promote methenolone for anabolic activities and muscle building properties without the potential for estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia.

Primobolan Before & After

Before anticipating Primobolan before and after results based on your particular situation and goals, become knowledgeable about Primobolan and it’s usage, recommended dosages, and potential for side effects.

Primobolan is available in oral (methenolone acetate) as well as injection (methenolone enanthate) form.

Primobolan is an older steroid that’s been around since the 1960s.

Methenolone is considered to have no risk of estrogenic side effects at any dosage.

It is also very weak in terms of androgenic strength, so androgen-related side effects are not observed to be an issue compared with other anabolic steroids.

It is normally compared to Anavar because both are used medically to treat both women and children with very little risk of malicious side effects.

However, that might be the only similarity between them as Primobolan carries not only a weak androgenic affinity, but also a weak anabolic strength in comparison to other anabolic steroids.

Primobolan Muscle Gain

In medical scenarios, it was often used to aid development of lean muscle mass and weight.

It helped individuals who experienced a traumatic injury, were diagnosed with a chronic illness, or for wasting type diseases or failure to thrive caused by muscular degenerative disorders as well as AIDS.

No longer available in the US, Primobolan in various forms can be found around the world and under a number of brand and the names, depending on country of origin.

Primobolan Benefits VS Side Effects

Because of its relatively low androgenic rating, Primobolan users don’t typically have to be concerned with the most common androgenic side effects like aromatization or conversion of testosterone and estrogen.

That means reduced potential for:


High blood pressure

Water/fluid retention


Individual factors have an influence on both results as well as potential side effects.

When anticipating your own “Primobolan before and after” results, keep this in mind. Age, gender, metabolism, diet, and hormone function in the body can all influence both pros and cons of Primobolan usage.

The benefits of Primobolan can include, but are not limited to:

Decrease in fat

Greater retention of lean muscle mass

Muscle tissue building potential

Be aware that no anabolic androgenic steroid will work all by itself to provide results. Beneficial Primobolan before and after results in regard to physique are also influenced by an adequate diet and appropriate training.

Primobolan Dosage

Dosage recommendations for any anabolic androgenic steroid including Primobolan are typically a matter of personal preference, although general guidelines can be given.

In medical scenarios, a dose of 100 mg and up to 150 mg every day was considered effective for the treatment of those diagnosed with chronic illness.

For bodybuilders and athletes, a typical starting dosage averages 75 mg a day, although some go up as high as 150 mg a day.

Primobolan is not particularly impressive as a muscle bulking steroid, so Primobolan before and after expectations may be disappointing in this regard.

Rather, Primobolan is more effective in improving the appearance of hardness or viscosity in muscle gains.

Stacking Primobolan Cycles

In order to trigger the effect of impressive Primobolan before and after results, bodybuilders tend to combine more powerful androgenic steroids with their Primobolan.

For example:

Primobolan and Winstrol: Winstrol dosage averages 40 mg daily to 60 mg daily during a cutting cycle.

Primobolan and Anavar: Anavar dosage averages 25 mg daily up to 80 mg daily, depending on expectations.

Primobolan Cycle For Females

Women are recommended to stick to relatively low doses (50 mg to 100 mg weekly) with cycles not lasting longer than four weeks for the best female Primo results.

Bodybuilders should avoid combining two oral anabolic androgenic steroids together due to the increased potential for liver toxicity. At the very least, this strains the liver and can trigger disruption of liver enzyme activities.

How long does it take to see results from Primobolan?

It depends on so many factors, such as which type of Primobolan you take.

Primobolan before and after effects are also influenced by the length of the cycle, whether the drug is taken as a Primobolan only cycle or stacked with other components such as Winstrol or Anavar.

Neither Primobolan nor Anavar are fast-acting steroids and visible changes in appearance or physique can take as long as eight weeks.

Side effects associated with the length of cycle and the number of drugs and milligram strength combined into stack can also have an influence not only on benefits, but potential side effects.

Before using Primobolan stacked with other compounds, research how each of those drugs behaves on its own and when combined with others.

Primobolan Side Effects

Dosage and type of Primobolan (oral or injectable) can produce different types of side effects.

A bodybuilder would have to take excessively high dosages of oral Primobolan to produce noticeable results, and this can increase the risk of negative side effects and potential liver toxicity.

Primobolan is a derivative anabolic steroid of DHT, meaning it isn’t metabolized into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme at any dosage.

Primobolan is regarded as being totally free of estrogen-related side effect. Issues related to excess estrogen including rising blood pressure, water retention and gynecomastia are not felt to be a threat with Primobolan.

Even though Primobolan has a very low androgenic strength rating compared with testosterone and other anabolics, it may cause some androgenic side effects.

This is mostly reported in performance users who are prone to the specific side effects related to androgenic activity. All anabolic steroids tend to show various effects, and some may end up showing more androgen-related adverse effects than others.

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid that is held to show very little side effects as compared to others.

Androgenic side effects can include increased acne, heightened secretion of sebum, facial and bodily hair growth, as well as an elevated risk of triggering Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), especially in people with genetic history of this condition.

Primobolan may also cause virilisation effects in its female users, signs of which include the deepening of the voice, unwanted facial and body hair growth, menstrual irregularities and clitoral enlargement.

Physique builders recommend that performance doses in females be kept moderate and the length of the cycle be kept short.

In addition to being immune to metabolization by the aromatase enzyme, Primobolan and other DHT-derivatives do not interact with the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a stronger androgen that poses a greater risk of androgenic side effects, but with Primo there is held to no such possibility of conversion into this hormone.

Bodybuilders take Primobolan expecting the androgenic strength linked to remain consistent and constant all throughout its use.

Women are cautioned to stick to lower dosages because of the potential of Primobolan to virilize, triggering development of male-type sex characteristics.

Primobolan before and after effects can be beneficial for many, but for some, the risk or experiencing of side effects can dampen enthusiasm.

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