UNBELIEVABLE Proviron Reviews From Bodybuilding Users

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Looking for a Proviron review?

Using your favorite search bar, you’re likely to find plenty.

Some use the term “review” in the title, but you open it to find that it’s only a promotional piece.

What you’re looking for is an actual review of Proviron; results, dosage recommendations, and safety considerations. A real review should cover all of these.

In many cases, a Proviron steroid review is either all good or all bad.

Balanced reviews are the most effective in providing information that bodybuilders or athletes can use to learn more about how it works, what kind of results to expect, and overall safety regarding use.

Proviron Review

Proviron is a brand name anabolic androgenic steroid that is also known by its generic chemical name: mesterolone.

It’s an older steroid that has both good as well as not so good characteristics according to reviews.

Proviron results are more anabolic (tissue building) than androgenic (triggering development of male sex characteristics or male hormonal activity), which does make it fairly common in bodybuilding circles.

In medical treatment environments, Proviron (mesterolone) could be recommended in the treatment of low testosterone levels or hypogonadism.

Proviron has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is not available for sale in the US, although it can be found in numerous European countries and manufactured by underground labs around the world.

How Does Proviron Work?

What is Proviron used for?

It provides similar activities as dihydrotestosterone, a testosterone metabolite. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to be quite a bit more potent than testosterone.

Proviron is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid, so many question whether Proviron can provide any results at all.

Because oral drugs have a reputation of losing much of their efficacy and results due to decreased bioavailability following digestive processes and liver filtration, some are wary regarding use.

Because DHT is more potent than testosterone, Proviron may nevertheless provide better results than testosterone, with less than half of the androgenic side effects of testosterone.

When looking at a Proviron review, look for explanations of what kinds of benefits users claim.

In general scenarios, Proviron:

Tends to inhibit aromatization, which means less female-type side effects like gynecomastia.

Targets and binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This triggers higher levels of free testosterone circulation, in turn improving power and stamina.

Binds to androgen receptors, which helped trigger metabolic activities including thermogenesis or fat burn.

Dosage Suggestions For Proviron

As with any anabolic androgenic steroid, Proviron dosage suggestions differ. Milligram strength and form of Proviron can also have an influence on dosage recommendations.

Proviron mesterolone tablets in medical situations didn’t tend to exceed 75 mg daily, with three 25 mg tablets taken morning, afternoon, and evening, which enhanced steady levels of the testosterone throughout the day.

As treatment proceeded, dosage was typically decreased to 50 mg a day, divided into two even doses of 25 mg each.

Bodybuilders using Proviron take higher than medically recommended dosages, sometimes as much as 150 mg daily.

It all depends on preference and tolerance. It is always recommended to start at the lower dosage to gauge body tolerance and reactions.

Proviron For Females

Women are advised to stay away from Proviron due to its ability to trigger virilization, even at low dosages.

Virilization promotes the development of male sex characteristics in women, and these effects are not always reversible even if the drug is discontinued at the first sign of trouble.

Common side effects associated with virilization (virilism) include:

growth of hair on the face or unusual places on the body

menstrual cycle irregularities

cessation of menstruation

deeper voice

enlarged clitoris

Safety considerations must always be factored into the use of any anabolic androgenic steroid. Proviron side effects are not always dosage dependent.

Proviron Side Effects

Proviron side effects can range from mild to severe, depending on dosage, drugs combined with Proviron, and other considerations.

Though generally considered to be a very tolerable anabolic androgenic steroid, side effects can and do occur. Among the most common:


Development of or a worsening case of acne developing on the face, the chest, and the upper back

Water retention (some bodybuilders don’t mind water retention because it provides an appearance of more impressive muscle size and overall bulk, though others do)

Testosterone suppression

Always carefully weigh the benefits against the potential for side effects and adverse reactions.

Taking anabolic androgenic steroids when hormone levels already adequate can trigger a number of irregularities and disruptions to normal hormonal and metabolic functions in the body.

What Do Proviron Review Comments Say?

Proviron review comments left on steroid shops and online discussion groups are mixed. Some users state that they are pleased with results and always incorporate Proviron into their cycles or in between cycles.

When looking at reviews and testimonials, look for those that specify their dosage and frequency of dosage. The more details, the better.

Generally speaking, Proviron reviews are positive.

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