Vaping etizolam

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Why have I never though of this! I made solutions yesterday and decided to fill up a pod with with solution. 2mg/ml was what I made. Puffed on it last night, I’d say 1/2 the pod and slept like a baby. I also make my own salt nic so I added the tiniest bit of flavor in one of the bottles of solution I made and man, it tastes so good. Now I have a pen dedicated to nights.

If anyone tries this, just don’t mix up your pods. Measure out the solution you put in your pods and only use already made (by you or already made) solution, do not just sprinkle powder in your pod. I hate that I have to put this as a warning but I was talking to someone today about it and she asked if she can get some powder to put in her pod. I was like no, no you can’t. I’ll fill a pod for you.

  1. Love this subreddit, love reading everyone’s experiences. It truly is one of the most resourceful subreddits around. The members here are very vocal and some take it to heart when reprimanded for foolishness but I say reprimand on if it’s harm reduction related. Even if it’s only One person saved is worth it.

Happy researching!

I tried an infinitely stupider way to vape etiz, putting small amounts of powder into a meth pipe and doing one hit at a time. It was way easier than oral to blackout on. Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself while blacked out, the only notable thing I did was shove a cold tortilla in my partners face. It’s way more redose compulsive and if you don’t use a pg solution you can blackout with 1 too many hits.

lol oh man. That’s crazy. Lol@the tortilla part. Did you wake up confused as hell? Yikes, I can’t imagine just dropping Powder in there lol, wheww I’d probably end up waking up somewhere other than my house. Even on a measured out pod, vaping was so smooth that I had to stop myself when it was 1/2 gone. It’s definitely easy to just keep vaping like you did. I’d be curious to know about how many mgs you sprinkled in, I know it’s not possible, just one of those “mannnnn I wonder how much he actually vaped that night”

I weighed out the minimum amount my scale could acuratley weigh(10 mg), cut that into portions and would eyeball very small amounts from that initially. The time i blacked out I tried a higher dose in the bowl at one time because I heard vaping is less efficient on some older fourms.

5 mg formed a fairly large puddle that was surprisingly easy to make clouds with. The first few hits i waited and appropriate amount of time between but still had a bunch on the bowl so when I started to get stupid I hit it again and thats the last thing I remember. It has a crazy ass rush kinda close to nitrous minus the NMDA antagonism.

Lol oh man. That’s crazy. All I can say is thank you to our spouses! I had ambien for the first time the other night. I didn’t think 10mg was doing anything so I ended up taking 5mg more. Wife said I was like iron chef in the kitchen fixing a meal like a boss! I remember nothing.

Be careful vaping etiz. It gets too comfortable, too fast. Used to do both vaping powder off foil and creating ejuice solutions. Both were tasty and rushy, and could have gotten me in trouble. I can’t tell you how many blackouts happened from vaping specifically etiz (scariest being knowing you were just in the car, driving and now you are suddenly not and you’re definitely no place near where you last remember driving said car. Thankfully everything was fine). She’s a low-tolerance beast.

Just be careful man. It’s fun but it can spin out quickly if you aren’t careful.

Thanks man. I definitely will. It was very enjoyable to the point where I knew it Would be trouble lol. I just like the fact that I was able to vape on it for an hour or so and then mellow out and fall asleep. I can easily vape the entire pod in one sitting because it was delicious but I stopped when I hit halfway. I agree It definitely is a tasty and easy to overdo kind of thing.

Hm, I wonder why. Was it smokeable or do you mean you didn’t feel anything from smoking it? Might be worth giving it another shot. Whew, 5mg/ml…do you usually make it that strong? If I make more than 2mg/ml I always end up taking the entire ml and forgetting to dose 1/2 a ml. I don’t have a high tolerance at all. I could take .5mgs and be really mellow and even go to sleep. I’ve always been like that, with benzos, a 1/4mg of Xanax was good. That’s why I switched to etizolam. I like how if I take a little too much I’m ok and remember the night. With Xanax if I take a bit more I wake up like what happened. My friends can eat them like candy. I’m just like meh, I’ll take my Eti.

I also like ordering the powder in and making it myself. Too many times in the past with unknown mg/ml was frustrating. One order (old solution vendor) I’d have to make a considerable about more and then the next batch was stronger. It’s just better and much safer to measure out and make it yourself.

It was a premade 10mg/ml solution actually, I diluted it with my own vape juice 50/50 mix so it was 5mg/ml with some nicotine.

I have never made my own etiz PG so maybe thats why, also maybe my vape temp was too low or didnt produce enough vapor to really get a solid dose in me. At the time I probably took 4-6mg orally for desired effects. Currently I take 2mg+ minimum, as I do not feel anything from less than that.

Also look into phenylpiracetam, it protects my noggin from benzos amnesiac effects, really helpful.

I got a bottle of phenylpiracetam from A very well known and respected website vendor, and it literally did absolutely nothing. I tried 100mgs, 200, 300, on an empty stomach, with a small meal, caffeine, lemon, you name it. Stuff is worthless. I’m convinced anyone reporting the focus, and energy results are experiencing a placebo effect. Maybe it was a bunk batch, or maybe it’s just me, but it was a complete waste of money

You should give it a try. I’m not a scientist or chemist by any means and I can do it. I held off for a long time and used to get in pellets but after making my own I couldn’t spend the money I did on the pellets or pre made crap. If you know basic math and can measure liquids your good to go. I researched for a while too before making any.

Never heard of phenylpiracetam but I’m definitely going to look into it.

I only find myself needing to test 20 to 50mg of etiz at a time (not at once, over a few weeks) to keep things safe for my research, but ive never actually found a powder vendor suprisingly. Always pg, sometimes pellets or pez or pills. I prefer blister packs over all but pez is a second and pg solution 3rd. Pg solutions always cheapest though

Gotcha, yeah the powder is usually $100ish or that’s how much I pay for a gram and it lasts me quite a while. I get it from overseas and I used to get the pellets fairly cheap, about $.20 per pellets but for some reason I had my pellet order seized twice so I stopped ordering them. Another good thing about getting powder in is I don’t need to order for a long long time lol. I make a couple bottles at a time and if I just sit on it, I could make it last all year but I have a few friends who are like hey can I get a dose and I just end up making and giving them a bottle lol beats giving them a dose every time I see them. Those fuckers owe me a lot of Eti now that I think about it lol.

Hmmm interesting! I’ve personally only used etizolam blotters and most I’ve done is 1.25mg, although I didn’t feel that much. I don’t currently have a vape but I am considering getting one, for etiz but also DMT and perhaps CBD. Do you have any vape recommendations?

I have the aspire breeze, ishare single and juul. I’ll be honest, I love the juul the most. The iShare is pretty similar and the breeze is ok but my liquid turns brown in the breeze very quickly so it’s like I can’t put in juice that I won’t vape the same day. I’ve tried to look for other Salt Nic vapes but it’s pretty limited, there’s a few that look and are similar to the juul and I think 2 or 3 that are unique.

For your needs I don’t think I can recommend any of my pens. DMT I believe would need to be used in a higher wattage vape. I tried to make a DMT infused solution and it was a waste and I didn’t experience anything. I probably did it wrong. I have used a sub ohm to vape DMT and blasted off nicely. Plus way better on your lungs and you don’t burn the shit out of yourself when you blast off and drop it lol. I’ve never attempted to vape CBD or cannabis related anything, for some reason smoking gives me horrible anxiety and I just can’t fuck with anything weed related. It’s crazy, I hate the feeling, I can do just about any drug but weed and I’m like fuck no lol.

Wow thanks for all the info!

As for the CBD, this is a compound in Cannabis that counteracts the effects of THC and reduces anxiety. It doesn’t make you high or stoned, just less anxious and it can help with pain or sleeping problems, it’s often sold legally even in places where weed is illegal (because it doesn’t get you high). So if smoking gives you anxiety, that would likely be due to THC and would be reduced by CBD, but weed strains nowadays contain high THC and low CBD. So CBD would actually help this.

if this Clonazolam is legal then why is it so hard to find?

Eti and clam are available legally in some states. It’s not that hard to find man, you just have to look around, in the darknet markets there’s a couple us based vendor also most vendors now aren’t broadcasting openly anymore on the clearnet. I think there’s a few sites up but expensive asf. Everything is also all bitcoin. Best bet is to browse the marketplaces and ask a vendor for email. I’m glad I stuffed a few emails away because after Dream closed it’s been a shit show on the DN.

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