Wanna get a stim, need help choosing

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So let me preface this with, I’m not add or ADHD or at least not diagnosed.

I make music as a hobby when I’m not working my job (which is 50-60 hrs a week). For the past few months I’ve been doing coke a few times a week, at night when I’m producing beats. Coke gets distracting though and it’s burned a serious hole in my pocket.

I’m not looking for something to take daily or to take at work. But something slightly euphoric, but also slightly functional. Is there anything like that still around?

I’ve been looking at 2-fma,3-mmc,3-fpm and nep. I’m not wanting to end up seritonin syndrome or something though, and I’m not sure what compounds I need to worry about in that aspect.

Any advice would be appreciated, and keep in mind I’ll likely use it a few times a week, not daily. Thanks!

No compound you mentioned is safe used that frequently as they are all RC’s so no long term study of effects, 2fma likely lasts too long and has no euphoria to speak of, 3mmc and nep are probably the closest to coke but doesn’t mean they are nesesarily the best options, have you tried a psychedelic microdose for this purpose maybe? I’d suggest a lysergimide personally.

Yeah I have, I have a really fucking hard time focusing on my computer when I’m even just slightly feeling lysergs or tryptamines.

I understand they are rcs so no long term studies have been done, maybe I should of worded that differently… I mean would I likely be ok using a few times a week, like which isn’t gonna fuck with my seritonin permanently?

None you listed are that serotonergic, I believe 3mmc releases some serotonin so should be spaced out months between uses, 3fpm and 2fma are probably the safest but that’s going purely off anecdotal reports so take with a grain of salt. I would personally avoid using nep as often as you stated you want to. Additionally, I would suggest that if you’re feeling it to the point where it distracts you, you probably dosed too high for a microdose. Stick to 10ug. The main reason I’m recommending a microdose is because it is 100% healthier for you than any stimulant but I understand if those are not the effects you want, I personally enjoy the effects of microdoses for creative work so thought I would suggest it.

You should use Google to check, going off feel isn’t reliable but you generally feel the difference, at least in my experience. It may be hard to tell with 3mmc as its dopamenergic aswell but I recall people saying it releases serotonin, I could be wrong tho.

By researching, I meant actual research. Googling. I just don’t know what to Google. Anything that makes the brain release serotonin can cause it? Is there levels to it? Like something slightly serotinergic can maybe be used more often than like Molly which is heavily serotinergic?

I’m not a chemist by any means so I kind of need to learn at least a foundation of what some of these terms mean before I can use Google.

Sorry, I don’t mean to bug you with simple ass questions, I just would like to get a base so I can do my own research (actual learning lol). Everytime I ask I get something along the lines of “go fuck yourself, use Google”. Well I will go fuck myself and if I knew what to be googling I wouldn’t be asking these questions.

I didn’t mean to come off like that, while technically yes, drugs that reelease less serotonin could be used more frequently than say mdma, it is still recommended by most people that any serotonin releasing agents be used no more than once a month to allow your serotonin system the proper time to replenish. Come to think of it maybe 4f-mph would be good too if you could get a hold of it.

Ok thanks. I don’t mean that was the vibe I was getting from you, I was just trying to be direct because I’ve been shot down a couple times on this sub before.

That’s great info about seritonin though. I have heard great things about 4f, can’t find any myself though. Do you recommend it because it doesn’t release seritonin? How about dopamine and norepinephrine? Is there less of a risk with compounds that release those 2? Or why is seritonin the one people warn about so much?

Sweet thanks man you’ve been super informative and were all learning together anyway, but I’ve got a better idea as to what I’m looking at now. As an update, I was told ephedrine can still be got otc. I’m gonna try that out, if I want more I’m either gonna push for a ritalin or Adderall script (or one of the pharma amphetamine) or get some pure amphetamine past from Germany. I’m getting too worried about rcs again, I’ve fucked my life up once with them I think it’s time I wise up and only take shit doctors would recommend.

Have you thought about something like kratom?

I microdose 1p and mushrooms a couple times a week (usually 5ug 1p, but sometimes I’ll eat like .3g of mushrooms instead), and it’s highly functional and only just slightly euphoric. Kratom is not psychedelic at all so doesn’t help me with work, but it makes me happier to be there.

Kratom and phenibut is a great combo, but phenibut can get addictive quick if you’re taking it more than a couple times a week.

I like dope, brother. The coke just keeps me awake. I’ve used kratom to get off smack and fent before, but imo it’s kind of useless. Doesn’t give me any euphoria, just tastes like ass.

I’ve got a lot of experience with really all the benzos popular and I’ve used a lot of phenibut as well. Phenibut is ok too, but I wanna go up not down.

Yeah, me and dissos got divorced a while ago. I hate that I blame it on the pcp but alas if it wasn’t in my possession it never would have happened .

My best homies birthday, he’s a drinker, I swore alcohol off a couple years before and went on benzos daily. Hard core benzos. Anyway as a birthday treat I got us both six packs, told him I’ll drink with him tonight . About 3 beers in I blacked out, don’t remember shit but ended up in the hospital with enormous amounts of pcp (I had 3-meo and 4-ho at the time, don’t know what I took), fentanyl, cocaine and of course benzos and alcohol. The doctors were actually amazed I was alive still. then the benzos withdrawals hit and I had 2 grand mol seizures in the hospital,so I had to spend 7 days there withdrawing from benzos after I just od on pcp,fent and coke.

That shit ruined my life and even though I know my reaction was extreme I dumped all my benzos (besides my actual pharma grade etiz) and dissos and swore em off for good. It’s an extreme measure but I just don’t want the ability for that to ever again. The pain watching your momma cry for hours because she doesn’t yknow if he oldest son is gonna survive or have extensive brain damage changed me as a person. I’m still and idiot and drug addict, but I am much more careful now.

That all being said, my mind was changed again. Otc ephedrine and a script for ritalin will be all I need. Even if I order 3fpm or the likes, idk if that’s what I’m actually getting anyway, so I’m gonna stick with pharmies

Jesus christ that sounds like a nightmare! And sounds like a good reason to not go back to benzos / dissos. I got a little wild on dissos a couple of times, but none have ever landed me in jail or a hospital, so I got lucky and keep it under check pretty closely now. Benzos I’ve been addicted to for a few years, since I started taking them (prescribed) for sleep. I don’t find them recreational.

Pharmies are really the way to go if you can get a script. They’re usually much cheaper (with insurance) and you don’t have to worry about testing your stuff when you get it to make sure someone didn’t fuck up and put cLam in your etiz.

Totally agree, some of the companies we use to aquire these compounds have been known to do sketchy shit or accidentally contaminate something with something else. It’s not very safe lol. And benzos aren’t terrible imo, in fact they are great when used correctly, it’s just all about weening. Since I was already in the hospital and they were being negligent. I told them many times, I need benzos, see how badly I’m shaking.. they waited until I covered in blood and seizing an inch from death before they finally shot me up. Moral of the story, always ween off benzos lol do not cold turkey that shit.

Anyways, grabbed some ephedrine from rite aid, 60 25mg tabs for 13 bucks is a damn good deal and I’ve been reading it’s not hard to turn it into methcathinone. Obviously I’m gonna see with the ephedrine does itself first though.

Hey man, I read your story. Understand most of what you went through I’ve used methamphetamine extensively and at first it was under the guise of producitivity but you soon come to realize how seriously these insidious substances can change you and how you act. We are animals in that sense.

However, I came to say, do not refer to yourself as a drug addict or an idiot. Once you begin to see yourself in a different light, you’ll start to heal.

Thanks man I appreciate it. And you’re right, I need to think better of myself, but it’s all a part of the learning process I suppose.

I love this quote: A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.

It’s so true, if you want to continue on an upward trajectory. Can’t use your mistakes to categorize yourself, use them to learn how to become a better person.

I would say 3 meo pce and 3 meo pcp would both be do distracting even at lower doses. Although that shit made me really inspired to get up and do things in a good way, id then spend 3 hours doing something completely stupid that I didn’t have to do. I guess if you can fight those urges and focus on what you want to do their not bad. Only for at home use obviously.

Grab some ephedrine at your pharmacy. It’s pretty safe and effective, you could run the old ECA stack.

Or you could get ritalin from a doctor. If you stack ritalin with tenex it works much better. In the United States it’s really not hard to get even without a diagnosis. Just find a cheap doctor and be honest with them. Ritalin is safer than adderall to take on a regular basis but it’s still a legit dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

But try not to go crazy with the stims. They can give you brain damage pretty easily.

I feel you, that is good information. Unfortunately I’m not much of a kid anymore and I’ve wrecked my brain with psychs and downers lol. Definitely don’t want to add to damage I’ve already done.

I would love a script, but I’m not sure if I could get one, because of my medical record having a couple ods on it… IDK if they look at that or not.

And you’re right, I should probably stay low on the stims, I’m not addicted yet and I don’t think I’ve caused any damage that wasn’t already there.

Im in the USA though, i thought ephedrine was made illegal years ago?

Nah man it’s called BronkAid and it’s a pretty safe stimulant that you get behind the counter at the pharmacy.

A doctor won’t see your shit unless theres legal records. Such as you were involuntarily admitted to a hospital, or if you’re going doctor-shopping to stock up on controlled substances or something.

Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor, you can get meds if you need them. But if you’re just going to get high, that will catch up with you, one way or another. You know that by now. Experience is a hard teacher.

But if I were you I would start exercising more and shit before you go back to the stims. I used to take ritalin every day but I don’t take it at all anymore.

IMO stimulants should really only be for emergencies like final exams or 12 hour shifts at work or international travel or something.

Crazy! My mom is gonna flip out when she finds out she can still ephedrine, she’s one of those people who lives at the gym and used to use it all the time, but that’s how my impression it became illegal was formed, she told me that lol.

Anyway wonderful advice, I’m gonna see if I can score some bronkaid later today and as far as my original question, I’m not gonna get any RC stims. Have enough people telling me find a better option and script could be possible and if not, I found a little nugget to get amphetamine paste from so I’ll be good. Thanks for your help!

2fma in my experience has been a great chem. Not really moreish IME… it’s great for focus and I def get euphoria off of it. Might be my body chemistry. I hear 3-fpm(doesn’t last as long). You would be happy with 2fma due to the duration and feeling. It wont give you the feeling to compulsively redose, like I hear with 3-fpm. 2fma can also be dosed once and you are good to go for the whole day.

Try to keep the stims to a min. as others have said. They are not good to get caught up in (e.g. brain damage etc.) I think I saw Phenibut or kratom mentioned those are both good choices as well and less toxic. White kratom is a pretty nice feeling and seems to be much safer. Just my 2 cents.

Do you go to the gym, eat healthy, drink a lot of water throughout the day? I found that fixed a lot of my probs. Play some good music and focus on lifting. I was taking scripts for addies and it gets easy to get into a routine, etc. Plus when you get a woman you wanna show off what you got, no shriveled mushroom cap lol. If you get scripts, they can IME, make you have a terrible diet… and just start feeling worse over time/felt like my body was toxic. But that’s just meee.

Eat healthy yes, water yes, working out no. I had a bad snowboard accident that wrecked my ankle and last year got rear ended by a cop that just fucked my back, I haven’t been able to really work out in over a year. It sucks.

I’m going to get into yoga soon though, see if it’s soft enough on my injuries, and I know it will help my back. Hopefully I can get back to being physically strong enough to work again soon. I’m not giving up.

I’ve got a bad back too, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with serious pain all throughout my body (weight lifting incident-powerlifting 500). Dropped my weight but didn’t help much 50 pounds or so. Yoga is solid and I know what that feeels like, back pain is the worst. I’ve got a herniated disc and sciatic nerve pain/muscle spasms. I can’t get an operation because of health benefits at the moment, but gotta go under the knife lol.

I just got some good 3-fpm from a very rebtable vendor and I was wodering what you like about it? i havent tried it yet but might tomorow. what is it similar to in your opinion? also ive heard of flu like symptoms from 3fpm use and was wondering if youve experienced this? Ill be using the 3fpm for productivity and no more than once every few days. would the flu like symptoms be from to much or just bad batches? sorry for all the questions.

I like the fact that it tends towards a very flow-state sort of mindset, but still with that (controllable) tweaky edge. I typically do 50-100mg, not very huge but unless youre an easy sleeper dont expect to be done within 16 hours. That being said ive only taken it orally. The flu-like symptoms are possible with all stims, as im experiencing right now. The best way to avoid this would honestly just be dont redose. I personally really enjoy it mixed with other stims, most notably lisdexamphetamine and microdosed lysergamides, and 2-FA (faster hit vyvanse? Yes, please.) Its good for productivity, though personally i dont struggle with productivity even on low-utility stims like benzedrex/propylhexedrine. I havent done amy research (nor a whole load of personal experience) on stimulant-induced flu-like symptoms, more just what i need to do for those symptoms to fuck off. Considering my few but self-consistent experiences, I suspect these symptoms form from sleep deprivation, dehydration, and basically just being stimmed, esp. redosing, in such a way that fucks up the circadian rhythm. I have never had any such symptoms except when i stay up stimmed, get <4 hrs sleep, the redose. The cool thing abt it is that it doesnt cause nearly the same vasoconstriction as more traditional stims, so stimfap away with an actual erection. Also it makes endurance like 10x longer still. Anyways thats my not-so-summarily-stated motormouth review of 3-FPM. Might be my fav chem rn.

2-FMA isn’t euphoric and mediocre for functional use in my experience.

3-MMC and NEP are euphoric, but not functional.

3-FPM is functional in low to medium doses and gets somewhat euphoric at higher doses. Regular use has weird side effects like the 3-FPM flu some people report. If you want an RC this would be my recommendation.

I would advise you to get regular amphetamine or lisdexamphetamine if possible though.

I think my post was deleted but as a disclaimer, like you know, use only a few times a week (1-2). 2fma is a great chem. IME it’s euphoric (maybe body chemistry), and lasts for awhile. You can take one dose and be good for the day.

I hear 3-fpm has a shorter duration although I have not tried it. Maybe a bit more euphoria. My ultimate pick would be 2fma for sure.

Have you looked into phenibut or a white kratom like others have suggested? It comes with it’s own addiction but is way more manageable if used with responsibility. Anyway that’s my 2 cents. It’s easy to want to jump into an RC stim but in reality not much is known about it and it can damage your brain with excessive use, so play it super safee!

I see you have tried phenibut/kratom. Phenibut in lower doses is more stimulating especially with caffeine. Def don’t take like 4 grams of that stuff, you’ll be nodding out and need to take breaks. I’ve been on kratom for 2 years and it works like a charm for a mood boost…. but then again IDK about your personal feeling when taking kratom. Mixing up strains is nice like a white/green, etc. A lot of people go down on RC stims and I’m just lookin out for ya before you take the plunge.

I find weight lifting/clean diet to give me continual energy throughout the day. Coffee in the morning. I’m a manager at a health store and know what the hours can be like. Lots of products out there as well (in vitamin shoppes/GNC/even walmarts) that will give you lasting energy. D-aspartic acid isn’t too bad. Just other suggestion man, but I completely understand why you would want something along the lines of 2fma, etc… it’s tough work. or maybe look for a new job. That’s what I’m in the process of doing. Career changer.

Yeah I’m kind of leaving the idea of RC stims behind. I’m gonna look into getting a script for ritalin or something similar first before i get an. RC. Or some dextroamphetamine or pure amphetamine past from overseas.

I wish kratom would do something for me, but 4-5 grams I really just feel nothing and over that my body gets overheated, that’s about the only effect I get there, with reds, greens or whites. I think its my tolerance to higher strength opiates. I don’t wanna knock it one bit but since I started getting into hard opiates it’s been that way. Back when I wasnt a junkie i did enjoy it.

Phenibut is great but I really just use it to help induce sleep if I’m having trouble. I know it works similar to benzos which I stay away from as much as possible after getting hospitalized for withdrawals. I’ll try a light dose of phenibut sometime to see if I feel a boost of energy off it though, thanks for the advice!

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