What Bodybuilders Need To Know About Somatotropin

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What’s the difference between somatotropin and somatropin?

If you’re looking to buy growth hormone products, you should know the difference between the two substances.

One is manufactured in the brain and the other is manufactured in a lab.

You may be interested in these to boost your efforts when it comes to muscle mass development and growth or athletic performance enhancement.

Somatotropin Function

Somatropin (abbreviation: STH; pronounced s?mad’?tr?p?n) is another name for human growth hormone (HGH) manufactured by the body.

It is a protein hormone manufactured by the pituitary gland, located deep in the brain.

It is responsible for a number of physiological activities in the body.

As its name implies, growth hormone makes things grow, but it doesn’t just limit this growth to muscle or bone structures.

Somatotropin hormone that is manufactured in the pituitary gland works in conjunction with other hormones in the body that can promote a bodybuilder or athlete’s efforts.

In regard to these efforts, somatotropin also works best in conjunction with two additional and specific hormones: testosterone (manufactured in the testes), and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1, manufactured in the liver).

How Growth Hormone Works

These three hormones trigger growth activities in the body by targeting specific receptors on certain cells in the body. The benefits?

Enhanced protein synthesis

Increased nitrogen retention in muscles, improving post-workout recovery

Accelerated development of lean muscle mass

Boost in power, stamina, and endurance

The pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the body because it’s also responsible for instructing other hormone glands to manufacture and secrete hormones. It gets its instructions from the hypothalamus, also located in the brain.

The hypothalamus is often nicknamed the body’s “thermostat” in regard to optimal fluid levels, body temperature, respiration, and other stabilizing influences in the body.

Levels of growth hormone in the body have an influence on metabolism of lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and proteins. Its secretions can be increased or decreased dependent on a number of influential factors that include:



Stress levels

Sleep quality

Neurohormone functions

A number of disease processes or brain trauma can negatively impact pituitary gland function, and production of somatotropin.

In cases of somatotropin deficiencies, the synthetic form of growth hormone (somatropin) maybe recommended as a treatment.

Defining Somatropin

Somatropin is a laboratory-developed form of growth hormone. It’s created utilizing recombinant DNA technologies. For example, a human growth hormone gene is combined with another form of DNA for replication.

Somatropin is a generic umbrella term that defines most injectable types of synthetic growth hormone.

Over two dozen brand-name forms of somatropin are available (prescription only) in Canada and the US, with more under development by countries around the world.

Somatropin is designed to exactly replicate the growth hormone produced by the body. That means the same 191 amino acid chain sequence.

The pharmaceutical, legitimate grade somatropin works in the body the same as endogenous or body-produced somatotropin.

It’s one of the most counterfeited products on the black market today.

This is because it is such a popular product that is in great demand by bodybuilders.

Dangers of Black-Market Somatropin

Somatropin is not easy nor cheap to manufacture.

While some black-market resources around the world may actually get their hands on pharmaceutical grade, brand-name somatropin, doing so can incur legal risks.

The same applies to individuals looking to purchase such products without a prescription.

Today, it’s much easier for an underground lab to create their own replicas of somatropin and label and promote those products as the real thing.

Most of the growth hormone product on the black market today comes in lyophilized powder form that is then recombined with bacteriostatic water or another medium prior to injection.

Counterfeit products are prevalent, as are those that are contaminated, contain questionable ingredients, or expired components.

However, another serious danger when it comes to purchasing black-market somatropin has also reared its ugly head in recent years.

Some somatropin sold today contains a 192-amino acid chain sequence.

Underground labs promote this as a product that will work even better than the 191-amino acid chain sequence, but the modification causes the body to recognize that product as a foreign substance.

Immune system reactions kick into high gear, rendering the product mainly useless in regard to benefits.

In some cases, the 192-amino acid chain sequence, once introduced into the body, can permanently damage the body’s immune system response and trigger it to negatively react to its own growth hormone.

This contributes to damage to numerous body functions including a decreased ability to fight off infection.

Use Caution

Before injecting somatropin or any synthetic generic or brand-name form of growth hormone into the body, be aware of what it can do, both good and bad.

Somatotropin levels in the body must be carefully balanced for optimal function and health and wellness.

Given the dangers associated with synthetic growth hormones and insulin-like growth factor 1, many bodybuilders are turning to natural alternatives. CrazyBulk HGH-X2 is one worth looking into.

As well, deer antler extract like that found in Deer Antler Plus provide a legal and safe way to promote IGF-1.

Keep these natural supplements in mind, because synthetic growth hormone injected into the body when it is not required can trigger of serious side effects as well as adverse reactions.

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