What drugs I should not try because of I will regret this expirience?

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as a person who never thought they would see the appeal of stimulants, then tried them, stimulants. Specifically cathinones because of their moreish nature, longer lasting amphetamines I have not tried and may be more functional, ymmv. (EDIT: I just realized this is a lie I have tried 2-fma and found it very functional but also when I had no access to recreational stimulants I just binged 2-fma which ended up terrible, been up for a while so that slipped my memory…)

Either way they rewire your brain to always think about stimulants when you’re not on them (at least for me).

Oh yeah and benzos (used to come down from stimulants, but then all of a sudden your tolerance is huge and you’re addicted to those too!)

just do dissos and psych’s like a good boy

Most people I know that have tried Salvia did not regret the experience. Most had a very unenjoyable experience at the time but felt they got something out of it. After all, it is the most powerful psychedelic experience outside of smoked DMT and I think most people can get something out of it by trying it just once.

3,4-CTMP… Definitely wouldn’t recommend. What I’m saying is only based on somewhat extensive personal experience.

When I got it for the very first time (2012-ish), I just tried a tiny dose orally once, and shelved it. Didn’t like how long it took to feel something from it. Didn’t like that snorting was highly ineffective. Didn’t like the duration, and didn’t like the actual experience. So it remained on the shelf for a long, long time. Very small amount that costs next to nothing, but actually enough for like a hundred doses ($ per dose ratio was def one of the best things about it).

A few months after that, I didn’t have anything interesting to research and so I dug through my stash and found it. Without any other substances to research (and no funds to obtain any), I started to experiment with the 3,4-CTMP. ROAs, doses, looking for the best solvent, etc. Soon after I found out that sublingual seems to be the best roa (or so I thought at the time). The dose is really small, so what I did I would cut a small piece of sticky label paper, put a dose on the sticky side of it and fold it in half, sealing the stuff inside. Made a bunch of those “tabs” like that, for the future or to take somewhere. Paper broke apart very fast under the tongue, and you could taste the ctmp. In about half an hour you could expect the onset.

After taking it a few times, I somehow developed some sorta tolerance to the negative effects, but not to the good ones. So, after a while, when I took it like that I only got very clear focus and motivation, for a long time. I started to like it a lot, and tried to manage my use best I could. I would stay up for 48h and then try to get some sleep. Wake up, repeat, …

For quite a few months, my tolerance to the good effects didn’t bother me much and doses stayed pretty much the same. Eventually, every other dose started to give me those anxiety inducing effects I almost forgot about since my first experience with the substance. I never knew if today was gonna be a good hit or a bad hit, so I shelved it again.

That’s when I first experienced the “withdrawal”, if I can call it that. My motivation was insanely low, like I’ve never felt before. It truly made me realize the role of motivation in our everyday behaviour, but I’ll get back to that later. Things got worse.

I shelved it again because it got too unpredictable and couldn’t be trusted anymore. About that time, I started experimenting with the needle… and was itching to IV the stuff I already tried via other ROAs. When I got to the 3,4-CTMP, I noticed that I just couldn’t dissolve it in water (that poor solubility probably has something to do with such late onset). Even when I got it to the boiling point in the vial, it still wouldn’t dissolve. Later some time, I read somewhere that superheated water acts like methanol-water mix as far as solubility properties go. So I decided to give that a try with the ctmp. Found a thick vial, sealed it, and held over a flame so that the water temperature could exceed 100C without boiling. (Note: very unsafe and very, very stupid… Was a long time ago, lol).

But it worked. I got the ctmp to dissolve completely. I don’t remember my doses now exactly, but IIRC I made my solutions to be 10-12 mg per cc (that’s being on the safe side… I vaguely recall going up to around 20, just don’t remember atm).

After the first shot I felt like I had totally rediscovered the substance. In just under a minute, I felt all the positives gently hit me at once with none of the negative effects. One shot lasted for about 12-14 hours during which I could literally read something non-stop. I remember thinking “this is how I always want to feel”. There was absolutely no urge to redose. Even after it wears off, I didn’t have any cravings. Almost like the opposite in fact, getting a new shot ready was quite a chore. You really, really don’t want to bother. But as soon as it’s in the vein, it all changes. Like I’m a human being again.

Which brings me to long term effects. I kept shooting it for close to a year, until eventually thinking of the future started to scare me, I started to make some serious decisions regarding my drug use, stuff got a lot harder to get, and so on.

After I stopped, it was a nightmare. Truly made me realize the role motivation plays in our lives. Imagine having such low level of motivation that the simplest everyday tasks (like changing clothes, brushing teeth, etc) become almost undoable. This probably can’t be truly understood without personal experience. It’s not like you don’t have energy to complete certain simple tasks (energy is fucked too but you have enough, and you know it). You don’t know why in the fuck you can’t get up. It’s such a weird conflict going on in your head, it’s confusing as fuck.

Anyway, took a few months to return to somewhat normal after that experience. Since then I stopped injecting, stopped taking benzos, limited my stim use, and so on. 3,4-CTMP was a really messed up experience and I hope no one has to go through that.

Synth noids can be ok depending on the substance and user, as long as you dont go overboard and smokes it all Days long. The newer ones are kinda crazy potent and easy to OD on. So i guess its best to stay away from them, unless the person thread with caution.

I would not recommend certain phenethylamines (such as methamphetamine) especially in the cathinone class, like N-Ethylpentylone or α-PVP (aka Flakka) or any of the synthetic opioids including fentanyl and analogues of it. This I say as a harm reducer, these ones are particularly dangerous, addictive, and hazardous to your brain and vital organs after first and extended use.

oh got you, i hadn’t heard that abbreviation used before. the reason i was dissuading the use of pyrrolidines is a lot of them can/do get pretty fucking extreme and it’s safe to say a good portion of the population using them had no idea what they were getting themselves into. These drugs have gained notoriety for their tendency to induce compulsive redosing and addictive behaviors in a large percentage of its users as well the ability to readily induce delusional states and psychosis when abused. I am a crystal meth user, and i have spoken with others who have tried MDPV and a-PVP and say it is extremely similar to and more intense than d-methamphetamine HCl, and extremely hard to put down. in essence, they target the exact same chemicals in the brain and sometimes with even more affinity than meth. these pyrrolidine-derived synthetic cathinones (except for ethylone, MDAI, and 5-MeO-methylone) have high to moderate potencies for inhibition of uptake at hDAT (less than 1 µM). Compounds with higher potency at hDAT than at hSERT, including all α-pyrrolidinophenones, 3-F MCAT, pentedrone, and 4-FA, have a high likelihood of abuse and addiction and stimulant properties similar to METH and/or cocaine. Increasing α-pyrrolidinophenone substituent chain length increases potency at the hDAT and may increase abuse potential. Compounds with similar potencies at hDAT and hSERT, or higher potency at hSERT than hDAT (4-Cl-MCAT, 4-Br MCAT, 4-MEC, 5-MeO-methylone, ethylone, pentylone, and MDAI), may have more empathogenic activity similar to MDMA, but also have some potential for abuse. since the research is still being done on these compounds i trust them less than meth, and to top it off all of the same tweaky symptoms patients suffer on meth are suffered on these drugs as well, if not more so.

For me it was the pyrovalerones (a-PvP, a-php etc). A lot I euphoria but it quickly blends into mania and the comedown is the worst anxiety of any drug I in know of. I think I may have permanently unregulated my baseline anxiety and i wasn’t even ever an addict others have used orders of magnitude more than me

OxyContin (contin = continual/continuous?) is strictly extended-release oxycodone and is generally less desirable than normal oxycodone.

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