What is a SAFE Methandienone Dosage? (& Still Get Results)

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Don’t improvise Methandienone dosage.

It is known as the strongest oral anabolic steroid after Anadrol.

That means it can lead to severe consequences if not approached with care.

Used properly, bodybuilders can increase their muscle mass and even enhance the muscle building effects of the other steroids in a stack.

Methandienone is a popular chemical compound often found in steroid stacks for bodybuilders and athletes.

Dianabol is an informal name for this steroid, D-bol for short.

This steroid is not safe for females to use as it causes virilization.

Even for men, it is a very harsh drug. Following proper dosages and cycles is critical for staying safe on this steroid.

Methandienone Dosage

Known informally as Dianabol, this is an anabolic androgenic steroid taken orally to help increase muscle mass gains.

Created by German biochemists in the early 60’s, this chemical compound is often sold in the form of what is called dbol pills.

It is an extremely potent version of the steroid that can help muscle double in size in a simple 3-6 week cycle.

Originally, it was all types of Dianabol were used as a medication by surgeons and a tonic, prescribed by household doctors.

However the high Methandienone dosages tended to cause masculine and unwanted side effects, causing it to be discontinued for these purposes.

At the time, 5mg a day was the recommended dose due to the harsh nature of this steroid.

Today, physique builder often far exceed those recommendation, taking between 30 and 50mg a day and some even reaching 100mg a day.

Also known as D-Bol or Anabol, Dianabol is an anabolic steroid with certain limitations due to the fact that it’s taken orally.

There is less flexibility when it comes to dosage and cycles because oral anabolic steroids are usually included in a stack as a “kickstart” compound to play a supportive role in the cycle, while other compounds form the base.

Using a compound to kickstart the cycle means taking an oral anabolic steroid for the first few weeks of a cycle. This is usually done in conjunction with an injectable long-estered anabolic steroid because of the protracted kick-in period those steroids carry.

Most injectable anabolic steroids, especially long-estered ones, take several weeks to kick in. Their positive effects do not become apparent until then.

By taking an oral anabolic steroid during these first several weeks, the user is known to experience visible results sooner while waiting for the effects of the injectable anabolic steroid(s) to slowly become apparent.

When it’s time to stop taking the oral compound, or near that time, the effects of the injectable compound begin to surface which can create a fairly seamless transition.

Anabol is an oral anabolic steroid that is often used to kickstart cycles because of its mass- building power and strength.

There are other similarly powerful compounds that are used as kickstarting compounds, like Anadrol-50. These are held to be effective for bulking and substantial mass increases.

Due to this limitation, Dianabol is usually reserved for cycles in which adding massive bulk is the primary purpose. It is very rarely used for fat loss or in a pre-competition cycle.

Some people have been known to use anabolic steroids for both purposes, but Dianabol has a propensity towards Estrogenic activity, and this usually results in a fair amount of water weight.

It is mainly regarded as a bulking steroid, since water retention is something to avoid avoid in a cutting cycle. Whatever type of cycle Dianabol is being used in, bulking or cutting, its dosage remains consistent due to its tremendous power and potency.

Methandienone Results

Reports of gains from Dianabol use do not vary a lot between users. On average, most users build mass from this compound.

As discussed above, Methandienone is the type of anabolic steroid that is widely considered to be specifically suited for building mass, gaining strength and bulking up.

Users take D-bol expecting to gain a substantial amount of weight in a very short time. This added mass and weight gain is usually noticeable on the average user about two weeks after their first administration.

When using 20mg a day, reports of 10-15 pounds in just a few weeks are not uncommon, especially for beginners.

With a compound like this, the mass gained is not going to be all lean muscle. Dianabol produces Estrogenic effects in the form of water and possibly fat retention, which can make up a good portion of the mass gained.

Physique builders try to avoided this by running Dianabol with an aromatase inhibitor, which is taken to combat excess estrogen in the body and eliminate water retention.

Lean mass gains often come out to approximately 5 – 10 pounds a few weeks after starting.

How to Buy Methandienone

Methandienone is known as one of the earliest anabolic steroids to ever be produced, and today it is sold to many under several different names.

This particular version of the drug is slightly more effective and sold in a higher dosage than classic dbol pills.

Mexico, Eastern European Countries, China, Thailand and India are the most common countries to buy this drug in.

Canada and Australia both have laws in place agains it.

The United States and the UK also do not give out prescriptions for the drug.

Common brands available include Danabol DS or Anabol.

Online suppliers will usually have a whole line of products including Oxandrolone Anavar, Anadrol Oxymetholone, Trenbolone Enanthate, Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Suspension, Boldenone or Equipoise, among others.

What Does Dianabol Do?

Dianabol is the common name for Methandienone, which can be known also as Methadrostenolone. Most beginners using anabolic steroids like Dianabol pills do so to maintain muscle growth and body transformation in a Testosterone/Dianabol stack.

Taken in 20-25mg a day Methandienone dosage, it is a slow acting steroid that is used to create muscle mass and maintain what has been built while you are off the 3-6 week cycle.

Male Bodybuilders review this steroid, saying that it is potent enough to give them the results they need, but gentle enough to not give them harsh side effects.

Sometimes a Dianabol cycle will include the use of the stronger version Methandienone during some of the “on cycles,” as a way to speed up muscle growth and maintenance.

How to Dose Methandienone

When you choose to buy Methandienone, finding your correct dose can be tricky, especially since most pills are sold under the name Dianabol.

If you are looking for the more potent version of Methandienone they are usually sold in a 50mg dose.

These pills can be cut in order to make your correct dose and help decrease your chances of the difficult Methandienone side effects. When you are on this steroid you can suffer from:

High Blood Pressure

Water Retention

Hair Loss

Liver Sensitivity

Testosterone suppression


Increased bad LDL cholesterol

Decreased good HDL cholesterol

Male pattern baldness


Virilization in females

Any of these conditions can be hard to deal with and some can even be dangerous.

If you suffer from any of these side effects, correct your dosage in order to protect yourself from possibly disastrous consequences.

The Classic Dose: Methandienone 50mg Pills

The traditional Methandienone dosage bought in pills is approximately 50mg, to be taken once per day.

Methandienone tablets are also sold in a 10 mg dosage that is designed for first time users, to slowly build themselves up to the 50mg dosage.

The classic 50mg should be taken once per day for a 3-6 week cycle. After the cycle is over you should be off of all steroids and hormones for 2-3 weeks.

If you do not see your desired results you can increase your dosage or decrease your cycle length.

Be aware that you should never exceed 100mg of Methandienone and your cycle length should never fall below 3 weeks.

More experienced users can start with a higher dose if they feel the need, but beginners should not exceed 50mg for their first two “on cycles,” to ensure they do not experience any harsh side effects from the dose.

If you do seem to experience any problematic side effects it is recommended that you either stop or decrease your Methandienone dosage and depending on the severity see a Doctor.

Faster Bulking Gains

If you are looking to bulk quicker than average even with the use of Methandienone you can try to receive the injectable, which take much less time to absorb and start owning than oral dbol pills do.

Most countries will allow the purchase of the injectable without a prescription. However, if you live in the United States, you will have to obtain a prescription in order to receive the injectable version.

You can also increase your bulking time by stacking Methandienone with other steroids or hormones. Most men choose to stack with 200-500mg dose of Testosterone a week or sometimes even 300-500mg of Deca each week.

These other steroids give you almost immediate results, while Methandienone, or another version of the drug, is used as maintenance for the muscle.

When stacking it is recommended that you follow traditional dosage instructions and choose a cycle length between 6 and 12 weeks.

Like any steroid, Methandienone and its several other versions can be extremely helpful in gaining muscle.

Used by athletes, bodybuilders, and just the average person; even a low dose can help you gain muscle quickly. Remember, not all steroids are legal in all countries.

Always be sure to check the legality of the steroid and ensure that you are buying from a dependable and legal manufacturer.

Your Methandienone dosage has a lot to do with how successful your gains and maintenance will. Finding the right dose for you can bulk you both quickly, easily, and safely.

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