What is the Best Time of Day to Take Testosterone? [Is Morning REALLY Better?]

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When is the best time of day to take Testosterone?

Consistency is key when it comes to taking any hormone replacement, and many bodybuilders believe that taking Testosterone in the morning allows them to maximize their potential for muscle growth and fat loss.

Often times, they stack Testosterone with HGH (a peptide hormone) because of the synergy created.

Although it should be noted that taking performance levels of HGH can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome or even hypothyroidism, which makes HGH-X2 a much safer alternative to HGH.

Testosterone, too, comes with the risk of significant side effects. Bodybuilders around the world have cycled with Testo-Max, a safer steroid alternative, and have been surprised by the results.

Like Testosterone, HGH-X2 can be taken in the morning, approximately 20 minutes before eating breakfast.

Testo-Max on the other hand is often taken right before a workout.

Best Time of Day to Take Testosterone

Of course, the forums are filled with men who have successfully given themselves Testosterone injections in the afternoon or evening.

But biology may have a few reasons for taking Testosterone in the morning.

Some of the reasons bodybuilders often cite for taking Test in the morning include:

Mimicking the body’s Testosterone levels: Because the body’s natural levels of Testosterone are highest in the morning, taking Testosterone in the morning, shortly after waking up, helps to mimic the regular levels of hormones.

Reducing soreness: Men who use Testosterone injections might be subject to soreness at the injection site.

Like any injection – vaccine or steroid – pain is often minimized by moving the muscle or massaging it. If an injection is administered in the morning, that allows the user much more time to move the muscle and therefore potentially reduce soreness.

An injection immediately before bed removes the option of massaging or moving the muscle for the entire night.

Moving the oil throughout the body: Another reason why many Testosterone uses prefer morning injections is that it gives the opportunity to move the oil (of the injection) through the muscle more quickly.

For this reason, men choose to inject Testosterone into the muscle in which they will be working that day. For instance, on leg day, men may opt to inject into their gluts.

However, on arm day, he may choose to inject into his deltoids.

Warm muscles: The consensus among Testosterone users is that a warm muscle is easier to inject into, and muscles can be easily warmed up in a hot shower.

For this reason, many men prefer to inject Testosterone in the morning right after a hot shower.

Where to Inject Testosterone

While Testosterone can be injected to any a wide range of muscle, the most popular choices seem to be the glutes and the shoulders. Other possible muscle choices include:








Effects of Testosterone

As a naturally occurring hormone, Testosterone is vital to a man’s overall sense of well-being.

In fact, Testosterone plays many important roles in a man’s body including:

Regulating metabolism

Maintaining strength

Regulating libido and sexual performance

Improving mood

Affects mental focus

Creates muscle growth and preservation

Affects overall energy levels

Without sufficient levels of Testosterone, a man may experience erectile dysfunction, insomnia, loss of muscle mass, mental fuzziness, and even depression.

Low testosterone can also lead to loss of bone mass, anxiety, infertility, and diabetes.

For these reasons, healthcare providers monitor hormone levels in men and will prescribe Testosterone as a therapy if needed.

However, the Testosterone injections are not necessarily the only way to increase Testosterone levels.

Boosting Testosterone Levels

Of course, if you are taking Testosterone Cypionate (the most commonly prescribed form of Test for therapies) injections as part of a Testosterone therapy, be sure to follow any and all guidelines provided to you.

However, because Testosterone Cypionate is not legal for personal or recreational use, it is considered an illegal anabolic steroid; it is also difficult to find pharmaceutical grade Test Cyp on the black market.

In addition to the risk of purchasing contaminated gear, purchasing and using Testosterone without a prescription is illegal.

Unless you have prescription, it is much safer and easier to opt for a natural Testosterone booster. Two commonly used boosters are:

D-aspartic acid

Tribulus Terrestrus

Taking D-aspartic Acid in the Morning

Just like taking Testosterone in the morning was seemingly advantageous, taking D-aspartic acid in the morning is also said to be beneficial.

Remember that a man’s natural Testosterone levels are highest in the morning so taking a booster in the morning helps to work with the body’s natural production of Testosterone.

Men who have chosen to use this supplement agree that it should be taken with breakfast on non-training days.

For training days, take the supplement about 45 minutes before the workout to take full advantage of the stimulant effects of this supplement.

Taking Tribulus Terrestrus

Tribulus Terrestrus is an Ayurvedic herb, and it is commonly taken by men seeking a libido boost.

In addition to improving a man’s sex drive, the herb is also believed to boost Testosterone levels.

In fact, a study from Southern Cross University in Wales, Australia revealed that when rugby players took Tribulus Terrestrus they saw an increase in strength as well as impressive muscle growth in an average of 5-28 days.

Like D-aspartic acid, tribulus terrestrus is a legal supplement which requires no prescription.

When to Take Tribulus Terrestrus

Like taking Testosterone and D-aspartic acid, taking Tribulus Terrestrus also seems to carry benefits to an AM dose.

For those that opt for this Ayurvedic herb, it is suggested to take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with water.

Note: reviewers of this booster caution potential users about the strong earthy taste.

Regardless of whether a bodybuilder takes Testosterone or a booster, consistency is vital to any goal that person may have.

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