What is the general consensus here towards zaleplon?

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A certain NL-based vendor is currently offering this product and I am wondering if some of you fellow chemical enthusiasts have already had the opportunity to experiment it. I am familiar with zolpidem, which I find extremely interesting and efficient for its fast sleep-inducing properties, its short half-life, as well as the absence of ‘grogginess’ the morning after. Not looking for any recreational value by the way. Has anyone ever tried it? If so at what dosage? And how would you compare it to other Z-drugs?

At low-regular doses it feels like a benzo. Just chill and relaxing/wavy. But if you push the doses high HOLY FUCK the trip is so weird and unique but cool and awesome. I wish I had more. It is prone to blackout though but not nearly as bad as Ambien.

I’ll give you a quick report of the one time I had some. I had like 250mg of the powder if I remember correctly. I started off with just doing 10-15mg lines expecting to trip. I felt a little relaxed but wasn’t nearly as high as I was expecting or wanted to be so I just kept doing more and more over the course of the next few hours. I guess I was having delusions of sobriety because I was pretty messed up but at the same time wanted more visuals so at one point I said fuck it and took the rest of what I had and racked up a fat line and dumped the rest under my tongue. After that I was tripping BALLS.

The trip had some delirious qualities to it but none of the anxiety that comes with stuff like DPH. The coolest part of the trip was I had some stuffed animals that you win at arcades sitting up on a shelf. A snake a dolfin and a Lego guy and I literally watched them come to life. The Lego guy was dancing and the dolphin was flapping it’s fins and tail and the snake was slithering and all their eyes were looking around. It was seriously the coolest shit ever I couldn’t believe it. I also went for a walk and kept seeing shit in the distance that wasn’t there for example there would be a fire hydrant in the distance but it would look like a fucking dog. Or trees would look like people. The auditory hallucinations were weird it was like my brain was turning into some weird radio station but I couldn’t understand the language they were speaking in. The closed eye visuals were also weird and hard to explain. Very weird but unique drug. Really wish I had some more.

Also it’s the easiest drug I’ve ever snorted. It’s seriously like snorting nothing. No burn or taste

Lol thanks. Also funny side note I guess I must’ve blacked out during my walk and went to 7-11 because I had a chunk of memory gone but all I remember is snapping back to reality back at my house with a slurpee and a hot dog in my hands. I don’t even remember going to 7-11 but I still wonder how I must’ve looked to the cashier lmao

The whole experience is best summarized as feeling like a waking dream. Like I was awake but so high that my subconscious was being played ontop of reality so like I was in wonderland but it all feels really fuzzy

I know man, I’ve been there. The first time I tried zolpidem I wanted to use it as a relaxing agent so I took a standard dose of 10 mg and went outside. Big mistake. After 20 minutes or so I felt totally weird, completely ‘out of it’ and had trouble walking. This lasted for a couple hours then I felt normal again. After that, I only used it right before going to bed and it worked perfectly.

Same for me after i took 25mg. I downed them, went to go sit in my chair and vape some weed and next thing i knew it was like 2 to 3 hours later i came to. I knew i hadnt been to sleep, wish i had a camera on me cuz im pretty sure i just sat in that chair looking off into space for a few. 15 to 20mg seems to be the sweet spot for me

I had done none rec doses due to easy access with my family (they where aware of how much I took, and what to somewhat expect of my behavior). I ended up in the car attempting to talk to my girlfriend for a while, probably tripping like hell bc she said that I sounded autistic trying to communicate.

Sounds like me on BDO. The few times I “blacked out” I came to sitting upright with my vape still in my hand. I’m 100% sure I just stared off into space for about 45 minutes. It happened 2 more times before I lowered my dose by .5ml and never “blacked out” again. I put blacked out in quotes as usually I walk around and do shit ( usually very du mb shit like making crazy sandwiches) but these episodes were wierd.

I’ve been searching online about zaleplon being marketed in France, but all I could find was a paper indicating “This medication is no longer authorized”. However other Z-drugs are definitely available here, but you need a prescription to access them, since they are listed as controlled substances (especially zolpidem).

Unless, like me, you go to Sri Lanka for vacation, ask some pharmacist “something to facilitate sleep on the plane” and receives an entire box of zolpidem. Just like that. No questions asked. No prescription needed. Same goes for methylphenidate (Ritalin). I was amazed at how easy it was to obtain those drugs over there!

agree Pagaclone and Bretazenil are far more interesting. I have sampled virtually every known benzo but have not found these available anywhere although they would be the best from a tolerance/withdrawl and probably from a staying awake perspective as well

Zaleplon is very fast acting and seems to cause very short blackouts with the doses I had read in reports. I’d give it another go not because I enjoyed it but because I want it to be good

Ime zaleplon wasn’t as strong as zolpidem in almost every aspect, but for that reason i found it more recreational. Zolpidem will black me out 95% of the time and has had me waking up in the emergency room. Zaleplon would give me a wavy/floaty feeling that was pretty enjoyable and had a surprisingly strong anxiolytic capability. Compulsive redosing was extremely prevalent with zaleplon’s very short halflife, but that also meant less of a chance to fuck up big. I have never had any hallucinations on either zaleplon or zolpidem, at least not that i can remember.

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