What RC benzo has the shortest duration?

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I like having situational anxiety relief rather than being fucked for 8 hours. I got shit to do.

I’m guessing etiz as all the other ones I’ve researched are fairly long.

Lot of people have said etiz already but (I haven’t experienced this one myself) Flunitrazolam is said to have a pretty short duration. Careful with that one though, the potency is unreal.

Flunitrazolam is the shortest besides maybe brotizolam

Maybe the shortest rc, but I had a triazolam experience a few days ago and it was the shortest I’ve known to date. Took .25 mg at hour zero (supposed to be a normal dose according to some website, but other people told me that I should have taken more like .5). It kicks in exceptionally fast. I started driving a few minutes after taking (bad idea I know) and I felt slight weird visual effects within 10-15 minutes or so. After I finish the drive, I go into a lecture hall for like 20 minutes for a short something, and walking is a little weird, along with a weird visual feeling when turning my head. The short lecture thing finishes and I head to another room for a normal class-size lecture for like and hour and 20 minutes. I sleep through this class a lot, but this time was different. I get comfortable and fall asleep, but only wake up a few times during the class duration. When I wake up for real, I get the typical benzos “why am I sleeping, how long have I been sleeping, why did I fall asleep” feeling and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the class. Very short acting and subtle aside from the sleeping part, which is supposed to be part of the experience from what I’ve heard. It’s an old prescription I had so I don’t know if you could find any online, nor would you be interested, but I think I’ll save the rest for inducing naps on long flights or something.

Yeah but this is an rc sub, I’ve taken triazolam 0.25mg many time as I’m prescribed them for sleep. But yeah this is a rc sub and triazolam isnt so it’s not the shortest “rc”. Brotizolam would be a better answer since even though its prescribed in like 2 country’s it’s an rc everywhere else and has as short or shorter duration than triazolam and is actually more potent. .1 brotizolam is as strong as .25 triazolam or stronger

I know I love the name Haha. And yes super hypnotic I think its produces strong hypnotic effects and as little as 0.125mg or even less and I dont mean just a little tired I mean full amnesia Haha definitely look it up it, its on psychwiki I’m pretty sure and it’s around on Google like trip sit and stuff. I’ve been wanting to get it so bad but it’s really hard to acquire

Etizolam and pyrazolam are both short acting and relatively safe compared to stronger (hypnotic) benzos like clonazolam, flualprazolam etc. Dont take then on a regular basis to avoid tolerance and dependence.

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