What You Didn’t Know About Rich Froning’s Steroid Use

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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘Rich Froning’ and the word ‘Steroids’ in the same sentence?

There have been a lot of things said about this over the years.

Everyone always wondered how Rich Froning achieved success in his sports career in such little time.

Although much speculation has surrounded drug use, a lot of the contributing factors for his success have been openly attributed to something else.

A strict workout several times a day is the usual answer reported as the source of his flexibility.

But such comments and speculations regarding Crossfit steroid use are expected anyway.

Did Rich Froning Use Steroids?

From the dawn of civilization, sporting events have been filled with people who want to perform better than their competitors.

Many athletes have been caught using steroids for performance enhancement, and they have paid the price.

Whether Rich Froning has been using steroids (or other performance-enhancing drugs) or not can only be determined by an appropriate drug test.

No test has been recorded yet though.

Who is Richard Froning?

Rich Froning is an American professional athlete who is well known for his accomplishments in the CrossFit games in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

He has won the golden title of the world’s fittest man four times in a row after winning the competition in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

He has not only been successful in sports but has also accumulated several sponsorships after winning over a million dollars in prize money at the CrossFit games.

He has made a living off the sport of CrossFit, and he owns as well as operates a state of the art gym.

The question people always ask is: how does he do it?

Many people might suggest that Rich Froning uses steroids because of the way facts about his composition and achievements stack up.

He has low body fat, he weighs 195 lb (88 kg), and he is 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) tall.

Evidence of Steroid Use?

As of the time, this piece was written, there was no official record by a sports body indicating that he has ever used steroids.

Although accusations have been floating around the internet and some media outlets have posed the question, there has not been any proof or arrest regarding this and no admission of guilt.

Rich Froning attributes his success to his daily workout routine.

According to him, he does not take a single day break from working out like other athletes do, even though he works out multiple times in a day.

He does not have a personal trainer or coach but prefers to train with a training partner like his game partners. He does not keep to any specific diet plan.

Diet Plan

He does not adhere to some of the popular diets in the Crossfitting community such as the Zone diet or the Paleolithic diet. Instead, he prefers to listen to his body.

He drinks whole milk and takes a lot of peanut butter. He doesn’t eat too much food during the day. Although at night, he can consume a large meal with multiple protein shakes.

Rich Froning works out between two to five times a day. He doesn’t go to a gym with an already prepared workout schedule. He advises that you can get enough of the nutrients you need from your diets.

He says he takes protein and amino supplements but doubts whether they do anything at all for him. His supplement pack includes BSN Syntha-6, BSN AMINOx, BSN CellMass.

Rich Forming also recommended squatting exercises. He says they are essential and can be found in other exercises in one form or another.

According to him, the idea of taking a break from your workout is overrated. To recover from training, he rides his mountain bike for a few hours once a week.

For him, the best form of exercise is the thruster – a squat and press. It works on everything. And for his least favorite, he says it includes anything with running. He even says a person does not need the gym to strength train.

Some of the other workout exercises include barbell thrusters, burpees, power clean 30 reps (185 lbs), running (treadmill) 800m, pull ups, push ups, Hang power clean 10 reps (155 lbs), double under (50-40-30-20-10 reps), Kettlebell Swings (50-40-30-20-10 reps). Also included are muscle ups, rowing (stationary), push press.

It is very well possible that Rich Froning never used steroids as there has been no sufficient evidence of use so far.

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