What’s some well-known thing about a drug that everyone seems to agree on, but is different in your personal experience?

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Share how your personal experience with a substance contradicts what most people agree on. Maybe something you’d normally hesitate to talk about because of how unusual it is? Edit: Or some drug that’s one of your favorites, but is disliked/hated by most people?

Here’s some of mine:

U-47700 is known as very caustic and very hard on the nose. My experience back in the day was quite different. I used it for quite a long time, but with breaks like 3 days on 4 days off. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have any issues with it being caustic… Or maybe it all came from some good, different batch. I’ll never know.

Another thing that comes to mind is that Adderall doesn’t seem to have any major positive effect on me, and increasing the dose only exacerbates the side effects. 3-FPM on the other hand works great.

Methylphenidate, when taken orally or insufflated gives me terrible anxiety, I can’t talk to people, just waiting for it to wear off. However, when dissolved in water and IV’d, none of those bad effects appear and instead I get very clear and pleasant productive stimulation. That happened consistently, tried alternating ROAs many times and results are the same every time. Just puzzles me why. (Note: I should mention for the sake of harm reduction that crushing and injecting pills is very bad for you, stuff from the fillers ends up in your shot and can cause serious health issues. I haven’t injected anything in over 2 years now, and don’t condone it).


A few more to add: Unfortunately I was never able to enjoy dissos (tried K, MXE and DXM), just get confusion, loss of coordination, become very quiet and get lots of self-conscious thoughts. Feels very very similar to this ugly state of mind I get naturally from time to time. The kind of thing I take drugs to avoid, not induce.

I don’t enjoy weed, especially around people I become socially useless. Although, very rarely, when I’m alone and don’t have much to worry about, it’s not so bad.

“Benzos can be fun.”

I can’t for the life of me get high of benzos. They make me tired, thats all

Yeah, all I get from benzos is a compulsive desire to take more because “I’m not feeling much” despite being unable to walk in a straight line, and end up doing stupid shit. Especially when combined with alcohol. Very little pleasure to be had. Works wonders for sleep, anxiety and comedowns though.

Benzos give me a very strong craving for mountain dew for some reason

I’m the opposite. Valium for me give me a huge craving for speed cause I’m bored off my tits. For 3 days! That is the worst thing really, the duration heh. Xanax definitely puts you asleep, but the recreational effect with benzos doesn’t really appear before you got a little tolerance to the amnesia shit with it.

I can usually take a dose of 4-5mg xanax within one week of use and it feels so god damn good, almost like a painkiller effect. And tingling good sensations in the body. But yea that’s it.. It isn’t fun just pleasurable.. Chasing the dragon with benzos like this is a stupid idea. I’ve been rocking super high tolerances before finding what works. Bout two week binges on xanax is what I do, then taper down with the ramainder I got. Two-3 weeks off I can go on another binge, or lay off for 3 months to reset the tolerance completely but often I just find zero tolerance benzoing a dangerous sport. For those looking for Fun!!! Go snort a line of speed benzos ain’t for u

Gotta use them to work with something else. Like weed + benzos, or some low dose opioids and benzos, etc.,

Personally I think benzos are best used as a parachute when coming down from stims. 1mg of xanax makes a 12 hour meth binge comedown nonexistent.

But they can certainly be fun if you combine them with something.

Same… First one I ever tried was Ativan (lorazepam). I think I was about 16 and didn’t have any experience with substances. After discovering it in the medicine drawer at home, took one pill out of the bottle and saved to try on the weekend. It had no effect whatsoever, so I just got disappointed and lost interest. A few days or weeks later I was again in the mood to take something, and this time took 3 of them. Still no effect. No sedation, no memory loss. Nothing. Around the same time I also found a bunch Percocets in that medicine cabinet, but that’s a very different story.

Years later I was just starting to look into RC’s and decided to give Etiz a try. And again, I didn’t feel anything at all. Or maybe so I thought… who knows. What’s weird is that even without any positive effects I still kept taking it for some reason, and in irresponsible doses. I was also taking stims pretty much daily back then. My rationalization for continuing to take etiz was that if I don’t supplement stims with etiz, their stimmy side effects will be worse and I’m not gonna enjoy them as much.

Then I ran out of etiz and the next order was stuck in the mail. I was expecting to have some withdrawal symptoms, but didn’t get any. Except that on the 3rd day or so I had a seizure.

Haven’t had any benzos for a couple of years now.

Another strange thing is that I never blacked out, despite my irresponsible dosing (I’ve never had any memory loss from alcohol either, no matter how much I drank).

I used to have the no blackout effect with booze when I was younger , as well. Well, except one time I tried drinking a 750 ml bottle of vodka straight, in an hour. Don’t remember puking in my friend’s sink all over the dishes.

Used to be a point of honour. I’d be super drunk, almost asleep, and hear my friends talking about how fucked up I was, and mumble a slurred “can still hear you tho” or whatever, and they’d crack up laughing. And I’d remember it the next day

Now? Fucking blackout city almost every time. Everyone’s brain/body has a limit to how much it can be abuse, methinks

I think they’re only fun for depressed and anxious people. I remember the first time when I tried a 0.25mg Xanax pill (Now I’m on 1-2mg/Day). Felt like all my anxiety and bad thoughts were lifted and I felt literally lighter. I remember walking down the hall feeling “normal” and it was so perfect. Now my dose is increased and I’m also on Klonopin and Paxil so im generally a tired person. No more glow, but they help me sleep and I’m going to be weening off soon hopefully.

50mg Valium + a few beers you’ll be feeling good. Benzos are only fun when u drink and smoke with them imo

Benzos aren’t “fun” and they don’t get you high. People who get “high” on benzos like myself just naturally have a lot of anxiety, and it’s almost a high when it’s gone. If you’re taking benzos purely for “fun” I would stop before u get hooked

I take em for fun, I have yet to get hooked. if you’ve got self control it’s literally not anything to sweat over. but I would agree there really isn’t a high feeling from benzos until you combine it with another drug, you just get to feeling like you need to take more bc you don’t feel anything and end up walking to McDonald’s at 3:30am naked because you want a FUCKING Cheese burger

Well actually, there are people who get high on benzos, not just “high” as in taking them to get rid of anxiety. Thanks for being concerned about addiction but also realize that, on a post literally discussing people’s different experiences with substances, that many other people experience benzos differently than how you do and can be fun and get you high.

nah several benzos are fun regardless of anxiety for me. and some like diclazepam still get rid of anxiety but are not fun at all. your personal experiences are just your personal experiences, not everyone’s

I’ve had fun on benzos but it much more to do with what I was doing rather than the benzos themselves. Some people swear it’s a guaranteed way to have fun. If anything it’s just a guaranteed way to make an ass out of yourself.

Haha! Well sounds like you’ve diversified to rule them out as just not for you. Tbh, I wish I had your problem. I can’t do benzos anymore, any kind or quantity, bc it basically is a binge until I’m out, and then a hellish day (or more depending on the binge) while I have to actively stop myself from getting more pretty much all day.

I have quite a few of these idiosyncrasies.

Etizolam has about a 50% chance of causing me some very paradoxical anxiety, sometimes even giving me panic attack symptoms. Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium work completely as expected for me and I do not have a benzo tolerance.

AL-LAD produced feverish symptoms in me the one time I tried it. I considered going to the emergency room because of how overheated my body became on this substance. I noted a bit of kidney pain the following morning. On the other hand, ETH-LAD was pleasantly tolerated by my body.

4-AcO-MET has produced more anxiety than 4-AcO-DMT for me on every occasion. I consider doses above 20mg to become too stimulating to use safely. I develop severe tremors and chest tightening on 4-sub-MET. This is the only drug I’ve ever tried that actually made me think I’d developed a serious disorder (Parkinson’s). Thankfully, symptoms subsided after use of a trip killer.

I can sleep during the peak of Amphetamine (adderall/vyvanse) but not the comedown.

I generally find lysergamides to be more emotionally ‘difficult’ than tryptamines.

Anybody find that something from this list applies to them as well?

We have some similarities, after seeing your thoughts on etizolam it made me think and there was a couple occasions I remember taking it and it wouldn’t get rid of my nervous shaking or I took it to avoid them and it seemed to happen anyway, I have much better results from diclazepam and flualprazolam those are the only three I’ve tried though

And for 4-ho-met I cannot take doses above 20mg without things becoming way too overwhelming, I have three different batches and all have the same effect, 4-aco-dmt is way more manageable as far as headspace goes but the visuals are waaay stronger with the -met

Had a group of three friends have the same issue with AL-LAD… It was bad enough I somehow thought I had really really fucked up and given them DOC accidentally which is pretty hard to do when both the AL-LAD and DOC where the tabs with the chem structure on one side and the chemical printed on the o other. He swore they took AL-LAD… and the other 2 swore the tabs sad AL-LAD.

They were experienced trippers who took 1.5 tabs of AL-LAD. they managed to stay out of the ER but the experience scared them enough they still haven’t tripped again 6 years later.

AL-LAD felt simultaneously sinister and boring to me. ETH-LAD was wonderful. 4-sub-MET also gave me far more anxiety than 4-sub-DMT, and was nearly intolerable at 20mg

At low doses, yes. I very much enjoy smoking a small amount of salvia and I wish more people used this method.

At high doses, not at all. I however do enjoy how bizarre and strange the experience is after the fact because I’m a weirdo.

Highly recommend the low dose experience to anyone interested in psychedelics. Rarely do I recommend the breakthrough experience because its very off putting to a vast majority of people.

I’m reading my post back and I just want to clarify that I’m not trying to brag about enjoying salvia or saying that I’m above people that don’t enjoy the breakthrough experience. We are all just wired differently in our brains.

you already answered what I was gonna ask. “I’ll bet you don’t take crazy high doses tho, do you?!”

It’s funny cuz looking back, salvia used to be all about the extracts. Can’t even remember what strength I dabbled with, but it was definitely powerful. Which was a plus to me and my friends cause we smoked cannabis heavily so figured “stronger the better!”

One big toke and my whole psyche was churning into a void of nothing-ness at the level of my throat before joining the jagged metal buzzing spheres that composed the rest of my body. Or other times my who being would turn into right angles with a malicious mother entity forcefully raping my entire psyche.

Which is funny, because I’ve never been one to drop a ten strip or whatever but that’s essentially what I was doing with dosage, in retrospect

Have you smoked extract? What strength?

I’ve never actually posted my full trip report of my salvia breakthrough so I’m going to do it here because it was so crazy.

I broke through on 10x several months ago. It was insane and I will never forget it. Easily the most real and intense drug experience I’ve ever had and I’ve gone past the 1000ug and also used plenty of DMT even on LSD and MDMA at the same time…. DMT+a lot of acid+a lot of MDMA still doesn’t compare to salvia for me.

I smoked all I could and forgot everything about my life up until I was suddenly out of my “reality”. I was being pulled at insane speeds upwards out of my perceived reality. The salvia entities had created my existence. They made a sentient entity (me) and fabricated an entire reality to watch how I interacted with it. The main salvia entity, a sort of king of existence I guess, implanted the truth of my existence into me. I saw memories of my life fly past me as I ascended out of my fake existence, I heard my mom and brother yell out my name as I disappeared from their fake world.

After a while of this I started to snap in and out of my trip, each time I got out for a second I was extremely confused and then I would snap back into the trip. Eventually it all stopped and my only words I could get out was “fuck” as I fast walked away from the wooded area that I had partaken in a total mind fuck.

Not a “fuck” as in “that was terrifyingly intense” but “fuck” as in “What the fuck did I just witness?” I was in total shock of how real that experience was even when I was out of it for 30 minutes.

I’m fine now though.

Sounds nasty.

You remember a lot more than I remember from my breakthrough experience, but maybe that’s because not a lot happened (only two things).

The first thing that happened (and happens literally every time I use it, even in low doses) was that I experienced the feeling of falling backwards. This feeling is always from the upper part of my mouth and everything above. As you can imagine this is not a nice feeling…

Secondly I saw only black with a very basic geometric pattern. As simple as the star of the devil for example, for the lack of better words. So just a few lines.

Everytime I ‘fell’ backwards the geometric star turned until I saw the next point (of the star).

I found out that everything I ever experienced was a lie, the geometric pattern was the only thing in the … (there is no universe). I felt terribly lonely. Off course there is also no I, only the geometric pattern.

It didn’t affect anything in my life though. It was just not a nice experience.

Nah you’re not bragging.

First time I tried it I got a brakethrough, not a pleasant experience but nothing more than that.

After that I tried low doses a few times, but I just don’t ‘enjoy’ the effect. It’s not terifying, but it’s also not enjoyable for me personally… just weird.

I’ve never had any luck with PEA psychedelics. I tried 2C-B/C/D/E and DOC. On all of them, I got very strong bodyload (nausea that persisted throughout the entire trip) and very little to no visuals. My last attempt was 5mg (2 crushed pellets) of insufflated DOC, I got very little visuals and managed to fall sleep after 8-9 hours. 100mg of 2C-C made me vomit and then I had some slight morphing and no CEVs

yeah very weird indeed. I don’t even know if it makes sense (like, chemically/scientifically/whatever the word is) for me to be almost immune to an entire class of drugs. I wanna try more to make sure lol. I always wondered if I managed to get completely shit batches everytime or if my brain is just weird. Never had problems with tryptamines or lysergamides though, maybe I need doses slightly higher than normal but at least I get the full effects

For me, 2C drugs are very very potent and incredibly visual, so far. Very over stimulating, and intense visuals like people contorting and holes appearing in the floor/walls. Very hard drugs for me to take because it’s fun for half and too strong for the other half. Last time I took 2C-E, I felt like tearing my flesh from the bone would be the only thing that would make me feel better but instead I just lied down and rode the waves. I handled it fine, but I’m not sure I would want to commit another 10 hours of my life to doing it again. I would like to try 2C-D and 2C-B though.

The new ones are hit or miss but the biggest problem is the USER. The problem is dosage is so low people go to high and just keep on chugging. One toke gets me just as high as 20 tokes will… without all of the bad side effects. People are just so greedy and the noid crowd is more tardo than the bartards… They literally just guess at a dosage mixture and have no idea what they are doing it is scary.

I am using 5f-MDMB-2201 at a mix of 1.2mg/ml. I take maybe 3-4 hits every other day. Sometimes I’ll do a day back to back followed by a day off. The 3 grams I have of it will last me the rest of my life (well at least until I can smoke weed with out legal implications).

It makes me wonder about all of the other noids… Esp the “psychedelic” ones.

I tried 6-APB a few times and enjoyed it enough to go thru a couple bags over the course of a year, then the 3rd bag I got was unreal, literally the best “roll” experience I’ve ever had in my life almost like more pure than the most pure mdma that I’ve ever had. Idk if someone mislabeled my bag or something but I haven’t gotten a bag like that since, still have like 4 doses of that original bag left because I’m too scared to let go lol

getting addicted to opiates. I just don’t get how they’re that great. I mean don’t get me wrong I love opiates but it’s not something I would seek out which is weird because i love alcohol and benzos a bit too much i mostly smoke green nowadays though.

Data shows most opiate addicts have substantial history of childhood abuse of various forms. My take is that the PTSD and accompanying depression/existential pain, etc, make opioids extremely addictive to this demographic. It’s less recreational than therapeutic/functional (although can feel euphoric at times too, presumably)

Opiates are the world’s best pain reliever. For physical and psychological pain.

Aside from smoking opium once, the main class of drugs I haven’t tried. Which is good. Knowing me, I’d be heavily addicted or dead. Hard enough dialing back my drinking cuz of the childhood trauma of being terrified of my dad, and literally believing I was going to be tortured in hell for all eternity all thru my formative years

Makes ya feel bad

I get cocaine grade euphoria from Benzedrex, especially when combined with about 40 mg DXM. Only really works the first time and then you have to wait a couple weeks if you want the euphoria and not just pure stimulation. The main reason I don’t take it more is I’m pretty much guaranteed zero sleep that night even if taken at 6 am and the comedown is pretty rough. It’s funny to me all the reports of the stuff making people want to go to the ER though. I think it’s quite pleasant for the first 8 hours or so. Wish I’d known about it for study binges in college. Stimulants are real crap shoot for me though. I hated methylphenidate. Just made me restless. I get zero euphoria from Adderall though it’s not unpleasant. Yohimbine gives me insane anxiety, zero euphoria and makes my heart race. I honestly don’t get how people take that shit.

I feel this! coke makes me just wanna smoke cigs and stare at trees or the TV where benzedrex made me feel so happy and I wanna talk to everyone. I love the head tingles and euphoria so much. never mixed it with a lil dxm though. man it’s been a year or two since downing my last cotton stick hahaha.

Traditional painkillers. Any opiate/ opioid or rc derivative thereof, and also kratom, inevitably result in hours of miserable sweating, nausea, and vomiting. No euphoria, no floaty sensations, no painkilling properties. Can’t comprehend how ppl think they’re fun, but my body obviously has a very idiosyncratic reaction to opiates/ opioids.

A lot of people say 3MMC burns like hell in your nose, well I don’t find that to be true

I also hear people say that snorting it is a waste, that it’s much better orally. I haven’t tried it orally though unfortunately, only had a small sample and snorted it all. Still felt it though. Yeah, it didn’t burn too bad. Like, of course it burned, just not bad enough to stand out.

people always say how AL-LAD has “no headspace”.

Well, at 1.5 tabs it gets pretty mindfucky for me, and the time I took two tabs (300 ug) I had a crazy trip, fractals overtaking vision, extreme confusion, OBE with closed eyes… one of my strongest trips, tbh.

MXP (methoxphenidine) gets a shit reputation from a lot of people saying it’s a rubbish disso, but for about a year it was my go-to RC, I couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve done k, DXM, diphenidine and other dissos but for me MXP was the most fun.

I’ve got a few.

Meth allowed me to eat and sleep like a normal person when I was addicted. I’d wake up, do a point or two hot rail, eat then take a nap because it would make me tired. I was also supposed to be in a psych ward during this period due to an illness I had, which I’m certain complicated things even more. Four years prior to my diagnosis, meth effected me normally, but I’ve always had the option to sleep on amphetamines. This might be because I was force fed adderall at a young age.

Benzos, even a half bar of xanax or one etizolam, made me blackout. There was no in between. I still don’t understand the appeal to this class of drugs.

Heroin would make me puke off of a tiny puff, not enough to get high. I spent four hours puking/dry heaving during the only time I ever smoked enough heroin to get high. I was told this is due to histamine.

2C-E. I think I’m allergic to it. 1mg, even intranasally, will make me puke.

MXE gave me a clear headedness, unparalleled focus and an insane appetite.

I have more as well, but I’m heading more into weird personal reactions than I am brushing up against well known effects.

The first 3-4 times I took kratom the euphoria felt remarkably like MDMA. I also couldn’t sleep all night and had these weird CEVish waking dream things when I tried. I don’t get that anymore even after a months long break, but I do still get an opioidish buzz that I find stronger than hydrocodone or codeine (I’ve never taken any stronger opioids so I can’t compare those). When I broke my leg I got an unnecessarily large Rx for 135 5 mg Vicodins (thanks Purdue Pharma!!!). I cold water extracted most of them. My biggest dose was 75 mg. I def got a good buzz but it was short lived and still lacking compared to 25 g of good red kratom toss n washed. Also I need larger doses than most people even after a long break. I constantly see people on the kratom sub talk about 1.5 and 3 g doses which just seem absurdly low and would give me not even threshold effects.

When combined with my prescription, weed can last more than 24 hours, which is both a gift and a curse (try doing a ski race during the second peak of your high, a day after smoking lol). Nausea is a well-known side effect of opiates, but I just can’t get over it. People I know with little experience can drop like 15-20 mg of hydros and have a blast, but I’ll drop 10 mg and all I’ll get is lightheadedness, extreme nausea and vomiting, and the typical opioid warm feeling on my neck and spine. Only time I’ve taken more than 5 mg and not been sick was after surgery, taking anti nausea pills with it. Lastly, I’m very functional on both alcohol and marijuana (and assumedly others), most likely due to my meds. In clinical trials my medication seems to allow even extremely high people to function fairly well, nothing about alcohol tho because they’re not supposed to mix. But again, the secondary weed peek that comes the next day can be annoying and problematic, especially if I happen to be driving when it comes back and I spend the rest of the drive using my left hand to itch my legs while driving with my right

At doses of 30mg, I can visit museums and go to concerts on DPT. It also increases my appetite and has never caused me to lose control of a trip. This is especially great because I can trip everyday on DPT even on varying doses with less tolerance than daily marijuana use.

Phenethylamine (PEA HCL) has never given me euphoria, even with zero tolerance stacked with an MAOI-B like hordine. I’ve done 1.2 g PEA 30 min after 500mg of hordine and had an agonizing stomach ache for two days along with high irritability.

DXM is euphoric. Not in my case. Lots of disorientation, confusion, and all around uncomfortable feelings with no euphoria. It felt incredibly dirty. Like I was aware that I consumed a man made chemical, like how 25I-NBOMe feels dirty. I’d like to try other dissos like K, but I’m done with DXM. I don’t like it.

That a shroom trip is good for “exploring nature”, or really doing anything active. For me I just want to sink into a comfy chair, couch, etc, and just let the psychedelia consume my mind. Music and all the normal stuff is good, but physically doing much is not.

Just weird seeing all the people recommend going for walks and shit haha, sounds awful, more something to do on acid. I think that a sub 8th dose, maybe a gram or two, would be okay, but yeah, not much of a “trip” imo, just a mild shroomy high.

MDMA has a harsh come-down and you may feel off for a few days, or abnormally tired.

I don’t use it often, and when I do with the recommended supplements, but I have never once encountered any side effects after taking it. I feel exhausted as it wears off from a few hours of dancing, but then as soon as the next morning I feel fine.

Also I’ve never felt or seen weed anxiety, even when smoking during trips. The anxiety of LSD’s come-up is far more pronounced for me then any that weed gives, so I’m happy to combine a dab pen with most psychedelics.

Unpopular / Not Recommend Personal Thoughts:

Dissos don’t do much for me, as OP said, I like to get out of my mind with substances and dissos seem to get me more into my head

“Weed + Acid = Bad, scary, anxious trip”. Wrong wrong wrong (imo). Acid and weed is by far my favorite drug combo. They work beautifully together and are definitely complimentary. The highest I’ve ever been in my life was off 2 tabs and then taking a fat dab as soon as I was peaking – shit is fantastic, but you have to be very comfortable with both substances.

Lastly. I agree with OP on the benzos. I’m prescribed xans for my bad anxiety and they don’t get me high at all, just make me numb and unfeeling (not high). The only sort of thing I kind of enjoy is ALONE, not in public, having like 1mg xan and a beer. They potentiate each other and make you feel pretty wasted. For harm reduction purposes: DO NOT ATTEMPT this, it’s very bad for your liver, will 100% make you blackout, and can lead to death (notice I said 1mg and 1 beer, not a bar and a 5th). Also, I only do this at home after putting away my keys and stash because you will almost always black out.

DMT is a mainly recreational experience for me. Other psychs have taught me stuff while being fun or challenging but DMT is so foreign that idk what the entities are trying to teach if anything. It’s always a good time and makes me feel less anxiety about trivial things but is more fun than anything. It’s a blast 😀 literally

Plain leaf salvia hits me like a truck, broken through and never even tried extract.

Amanitas can be a GREAT time with weed and a little alcohol.

A few benzos increase anxiety and prevent sleep for me from a freaky intense dream like state before sleep. It’s like part of my brain turns off so I start having trippy ass very visual dreams but I’m still awake and it scares tf out of me lol. Mainly on xanax and diCLAzepam not diazepam. Xanax did shit for anxiety. Diclazepam was great other than dream thing. Flualprazolam just makes me stupid.

Klonopin is the best benzo for me.

Shrooms kill anxiety while I’m on them.

Weed makes any trip scary and dark. Even when sober if I’m not in a great mood it makes things dark. More so the more often I smoke. It kind of makes me feel dissociated and the memory loss while hi freaks me out a little. I generally only like weed with alcohol, opioids or maybe benzos. Psychs don’t give me this though. Also weed is verrry habit forming, if I take it more than 2 days in a row I crave it even though I don’t love it.

Kratom is really strong for me, like a full on opioid high when not being used daily. It’s like taking 20-30 mg hydros, especially if a little extract is thrown in the mix. Even if I use it daily I take doses way smaller than most. 2 grams is a good dose for me and I can feel 1 gram for sure. More is dysfunctional because I just get tired.

Fuck stims and opiates, they affect me normally and I love them way too much to have them more than rarely in small amounts. Even Ritalin, it’s so addictive and I chase the dragon. RC stims I just don’t order anymore except 2fma.

4-ACO-DMT and mushrooms are not the same. The visuals are completely different and 4aco has more of that DMT alien feel to it.

For its Kratom. Everybody always says like I yeah taken that before for withdrawal symptoms and stuff like that but for me, when I bought it I got the Borneo white and ma jog green which are the 2 strongest veins that they grow and When I purchased it I didn’t know if the company was real or not and they were located in Thailand but they had a phone number so somehow I got my cell to dial that crazy Number they got over there and speak to somebody and I told him what I was looking to get out of It effect wise and he recommended these two, and I love them I haven’t used them in a little while because I took a break but thinking about starting again but I do have a question is anybody out there have any good reputable RC suggestions for me because I got Something From the Netherlands and It’s extremely euphoric And the supplier I got it from is the 1st one that I found the where is legitimate and reliable so if anybody messages me Id appreciate it thank you.

Not a research chemical, but literally everyone says that Ativan (Lorazepam) is recreational. However it literally just knocks out my anxiety. Nothing more. Most other people act like it’s the best thing since Quaaludes.

Acid not a spiritual experiance and not being able to handle a light trip is the most rediculous shit ive ever heard but I early voice this with my tripping pals

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