What’s the benefit beyond a couple of basic trips?

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Sorry if this is not the type of content that typically gets posted here, but I’m genuinely curious. I also don’t mean to insult any of you in your pursuit of different research chemicals and experiences. That said, I’m curious about how we, as individuals and a society, can truly benefit from these experiences and the plethora of mind-altering substances available.

My question is mainly targeted at psychs and disassociatives, but can be extended to most drugs I think.

I’ve had a few acid trips, only LSD and MiPLA so far (some good, some bad, to the surprise of some my MiPLA experience was actually pretty anxious and triggered an existential crisis). I definitely think these drugs are interesting tools for personal exploration. Personally I was able to momentarily cure my generalized anxiety disorder/dysthymia with an acid trip (and later on re-induced with MiPLA). I don’t doubt that there is lots to learn from psychedelics about our own minds, consciousness, and our place in the world.

I’m also curious about more things: ketamine, MDMA, etc.

However, beyond LSD, MDMA, and maybe a few more… what’s really the benefit? If you’ve already had a few interesting/revelatory drug experiences, what’s the point of diving into more weird things like MiPLA or LSZ or ETH-LAD or 5-MeO-MiPT or obscure derivatives of the usual chemicals we all know and love? What could those derivatives and isomers and new chemicals possibly give you that you didn’t get from LSD?

When I read trip reports about esoteric chemicals or adventurous drug cocktails, sometimes they all seem oddly similar. You get “visuals” and a “headspace”, sometimes the headspace is slightly different, sometimes music is enhanced, sometimes tactile experience is enhanced. Sometimes you’re able to think about things more peacefully, or some existential concept like “eternity” or “consciousness” manifests physically/visually allowing you to explore it from previously forbidden angles. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t seem like there is truly all that much different between the various psychedelics.

To me, it seems that once you’ve tackled the “fundamental groups” of experiences, then you’ve done enough. Weed, for example, is a fundamentally different experience from LSD. MiPLA and LSD, in my opinion, aren’t all that different (assuming equivalent doses, so ~400μg MiPLA or 100μg LSD from anecdotal evidence). If it’s not fundamentally different, then I’d just personally stick to the thing I know. If I had known beforehand how similar MiPLA and LSD were, I wouldn’t have bothered.

So what is there truly to gain from continually exploring these chemicals? Are we hoping to stumble upon some new “holy land” of chemicals that achieves a completely different type of experience, like Albert Hoffman in 1938? Can an appropriately chosen cocktail of chemicals help you, for example, understand mathematical concepts better? Could the right derivative of LSD lead to the development of more of the “right” neural pathways needed for complex task processing? Could microdosing 6-APB help us as a society see the other side of arguments, and thus help us make better, more globally-informed decisions? Could 5-MeO-DMT teach us the value of life and death, and help us come to peace with an existence which, at some level, seems futile and unforgiving?

Or are these various experiences simply fun (which is also a perfectly valid answer)? Is it simply fun to take MDMA at a club, or DXM and enjoy trippy visuals? Nothing wrong with this, if this is the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the research and I think it’s highly valuable for future generations. Hell, maybe we’ll stumble upon a new ibogaine, a psychedelic that could cure opiate addiction. However sometimes I doubt that the pursuit of psychedelic experience is anything more than just a slew of trips all slightly different, but ultimately highly similar, to an old-fashioned LSD trip.

What are your thoughts on this? To what extent is the pursuit of chemical experiences valuable? Are a few LSD trips enough for a lifetime? What’s the value in going above and beyond?

Most enjoy novelty. Most are basically anticipating a new high. Myself included. The benefit is something to look forward to and having experiences that are odd, extraordinary, and unconformable. And as a group we love new stories and feedback on substances that give novel experiences, good or bad.

In the same vein, experiencing and appreciating the subtle differences between experiences is somewhat like appreciating different kinds of music, or art, or the plethora of flavors in good wine/beer.

Personally, I study pharmacology for a living so looking at the structure/pharmacological profile of a chem and then experiencing it is a fascinating way to try and understand the human brain and psyche. Not that it is very scientific, but seeing how a tweak to a molecule causes more serotonin release, and thus a smoother entactogen experience compared to the prototypical drug (4-FA compared to AMPH, or 6-APB compared to MDMA) is so cool to me, and really provides some inspiration for me to continue my professional pursuits.

That’s what ket is to me. I’ve heard it helps other with depression, but for me the value of experience is purely recreational, and thats perfectly okay

Nothing wrong to do something for ourselves out of enjoyment only

I became a much more social and confident person after using various stimulants and benzos, I was able to learn how to act in social situations much easier and can now apply the same things when not under the influence. They’ve greatly improved my day to day life and I haven’t even used these drugs in months now.

I like to see how all the drugs compare. Some are very similar but some feel suprisingly unique. AL-LAD was substantially different from 1p-lsd and lsd-25. 4-ho-mipt feels different from 4-aco-dmt(or shrooms). I find the idea that you can swap a few atoms out and have a totally different experience. -mipt is basically -dmt with an isopropyl group and methyl group on the nitrogen instead of 2 methyls like youd have on the -dmt. It gives me an idea of the spectrum of effects these drugs can produce.

You haven’t even had mushrooms yet, you can try something different and see if it does something different for you.

There are drugs with wildly different durations out there, sometimes having a <3 hour duration is preferable and sometimes 12 hours is not enough.

Some have a social vibe and some are inward. Some are visual, some are tactile, some are auditory.

Some lend themselves well to different RoAs. Some like snorting, smoking or injecting things.

Ultimately the drugs I take on different occasions have different goals. What’s appropriate for a festival may not be for a museum, a house party, or a hike.

I like listening to piano. And guitar. Violin.

But just because I heard a guitar or a drum a couple of times I’m not about to stop exploring music. I haven’t heard even a fraction of the music made by the world and much of it is unique and beautiful.

That’s why I collect psychedelics, and why I love novelty.

While I understand and limitedly agree with your point, I would say that the difference between music and psychedelics is that the risk is lower for the former. If listening to music left the risk of potentially frying your brain, I would probably say “yeah I’ve listened to a few songs from different genres, Jazz, Punk, I think I’m good.”

I know plenty of people have taken copious amounts of psychedelics and been fine, and I applaud those people. I just personally believe with our limited understanding of the inner mechanisms of the brain, we should definitely be more careful pursuing psychedelics in the same manner as music.

Every single trip with a psychedelic is different. Every single substance is different. Occasionally, you will have an experience that blows your mind out of the water. Since taking drugs is enjoyable, it’s fun to continue taking them and hoping for a ++++. The question you’re asking is like asking, “What’s the point of watching a sports game/movie/TV show if I’ve already seen one.” Drugs serve many purposes, not simply (or primarily) enlightenment.

I’m also of the mind that there are always more powerful experiences. I thought I had seen the full power of drugs during DMT or LSD trips, but then I discovered combos like MDMA+K. If you can reliably induce “religious/spiritual”/near-death/out-of-body” experiences, why would you stop?

Also, I love music and it never sounds better than when I’m listening to it on drugs. I make playlists and save albums for the sole purpose of some day listening to them on drugs.

I take things on average every 2 or 3 weeks. I have a large collection of chems, and a lot that I have not tried. Even some I don’t really have an interest in trying for the foreseeable future. The novelty of collecting them and having them is one of the main interests for me. When I do take them, it’s usually recreationally, and the learning experiences come naturally from that. That’s the beauty of a lot of drugs, you can take them as a tool to solve or approach issues you may be having or sometimes not realize you are having; or you can take them to have a fun time and the same kind of revelations can come as an added bonus. For example, last night I didn’t have anything planned or anywhere to be the next morning so I spontaneously decided to try something. I finally tried the 2C-E I have had in my collection for a couple months. I had the best time ever watching Our Planet on Netflix and at the same time learned a lot about myself, my perception of the world we live in, and some personal stuff. I probably won’t take it again soon, or for at least a couple months, I have other things I still want to try and a couple chems that I go back to a lot, yet I’m glad I have a nice stock of it to last me and that I can share with friends.

This sums it up perfectly Why i love the world of psychedelia.

Years ago in college I stumbled upon some LSD through a weed dealer, and figured I might as well pick up a couple of hits because it was a good deal, and he was very trustworthy. Tested it in front of me and everything.

Six months later, class had ended for spring semester, and I had about three days with nothing to do. Turned out a good friend of mine had bought some from the same batch, so the next morning we woke up at seven a.m. and took our hits. Had a different friend drive us to the park, a drive through, and all around town in exchange for being smoked up all day, which he was happy with. It was pretty much the best day of my life, all on a whim.

It’s like hiking. Every hike is different yet they’re all kind of the same thing. Each individual experience is worth it for its own sake, but there’s also a total continuous benefit greater than the sum of its parts which gets a little better with every positive experience. It’s not like you hike once and then go “Hiking accomplished, hiking benefit received, moving on to stair climbing.” Existence isn’t a checklist. The benefit is a lifetime endeavor in carving out a better you.

I like this analogy a lot. Drugs are like different trails. Some are safe, some are dangerous. At the end of the day it’s all for the experience. What you make of that experience is up to you.

As for benefits, others have explained it well enough

I’ll answer the LSD and frequency of tripping part. The insight and introspection psychs gives is not permanent, neither is it easily preservable. With psychedelics (or meditation or other altered states of consciousness for that matter) you gain temporary access to knowledge that’s nothing like conventional knowledge. Yes, putting it into words may help organise your thoughts and understand your experiences better, but fundamentally it is beyond language. I may sound sort of spiritual here, but there’s no objective answer and that’s just my perspective. For me there’s a big difference between knowing and deeply, subconsciously understanding and that’s where such experiences help. But the effect fades over time, we’re simply humans and we get attached to everyday issues, which, for the most part have no long-term impact on our lives, such attachment harm us; we also get trapped in thought patterns and psychological ‘traps’, illusions which prevent us from seeing reality clearly. Imo there are better ways to achieve stable mental health and happiness however you define it, be it therapy or meditation, but when I’m stuck in the rut, psychedelics offer invaluable help.

On a side note, I’ve learnt that set and settings are far more important than the dose and when you trip with a certain purpose in mind, it can often result in an experience far more profound, wonderful and disruptive than casually dropping a heroic dose.

I completely understand your point about the knowledge being “beyond language”. One of the things I think about often in philosophy is how words are simply approximations for ideas. Communication between people is lossy transmission of ideas. Furthermore, our ideas about our own life, and existence, are communicated to ourselves in words, which can sometimes be a logical trap. I think this is something like what Wittgenstein talked about (not sure though, I’ve only heard of his works from others)?

I definitely felt that what I was feeling on my first positive acid trip was “beyond representation”, if that makes any sense. I felt like I was observing the universe, and my place within it, without being restricted by the language I typically used to describe it.

I think psychedelics could definitely “overcome the gap” between knowledge and understanding, as you say. I think once we embody an idea, it gets elevated above language, and it becomes a sort of self-contained representation in our own minds. It’s clearly possible to do this without psychedelics (that’s what school and therapy is for), but sometimes we get in a rut, I completely agree.

I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to bridge that gap for “complex tasks” like I say in the original post. I’ve had friends say they felt they understood geometry better, and that they could visualize geometric problems more clearly, after taking mushrooms. I wonder how far that can be taken?

Thanks for the interesting insight 🙂

EDIT: I also wanted to add that perhaps this is how psychedelics “show us the way” so often. I find I learn by example, and sometimes it’s hard to come-by an example of how to live life differently. The pathological gap doesn’t make it any easier. Someone can explain it to me, but I don’t embody it. I don’t understand it. Psychedelics may just open up the gateway for that kind of personal, “beyond words”-understanding of how to live life differently.

However I find this brings us back to the original question: how many different ways can this “bridging the pathological gap” be accomplished by different psychedelics? Is LSD/DMT enough, or can mescaline uncover things that those two can’t?

you brought up microdosing, there is more and more evidence that many psychs and dissos are useful in a medical setting. Psychs are being used for depression anxiety and therapy, and are suspected to be able to help drug resistant depression. So that is a bonus.

Outside that, I think its mostly for fun, self exploration, and curiosity. Even tho many of the drugs are related (for instance 4 subbed tryps being psilocybin derivatives) they still do have a unique experience. 4-ho-met feels much different than 4-ho-dmt for instance, and 1P-LSD totally different again. 2F-DCK nothing like the previous mentions, in fact its a different class altogether, I could go on all day naming substances that are not that much alike.

Thanks for the response. I really hope one day society “wakes up” and realizes that we need to legalize these chemicals so that we can study them more scientifically. I’d love to understand the effects of microdosing different substances on a wide scale. I think that’s where a lot of the potential for different psychedelics to have different effects lie.

You sound like a somewhat seasoned psychedelic veteran, and I like how you’ve focused on how contrasting your different experiences felt. Have you written about them publicly and contrasted them? Or can you point to a resource you like?

Thanks, I really didnt do much writing in the past, but I have put a few posts up in the past little while here as I explored a few new one to me (4-aco-met, 5-meo-mipt). Feel free to browse through my post history if you want. I personally read a lot of trip reports on erowid, and that kind of inspired me to post some of my own experiences here on reddit.

I want to add as well, that all of the questions you have, we ask these ourselves of the community and of the drugs as well. All your curiosities about why we scan through the folders of consciousness are shared. We want to know why we seek as well. This is a much deeper question. And i simply will not accept hedonistic values as the only initial principle. This does not reconcile with us. Why??? Do we get high?? We dont fucking know my man! Welcome!

I definitely agree.

I think to start, a life of pursuing purely hedonistic values would be unfulfilling in the long run. In a weird way, I enjoy the dark, bad things I’ve experienced in life. Not that I enjoy them at the time, but I appreciate having lived through a fuller set of experiences. I feel stronger from the bad times, and I feel “closer” to life itself. Life is good and bad, and I want to experience it all.

I personally think of seeking and expanding knowledge as one of the few forms of “exalted life” we know of. It seems to me that there’s something beyond just waking up, working, having fun occasionally, and going to bed, and then doing it all over again. I don’t think there’s necessarily a meaning to life, but perhaps an interpretation of existence or a way of living one’s life that is… “more”. Not just more hedonism, or more epicureanism, just somehow “above” ordinary existence. Learning, discovering, and expanding the mind, all seem somehow to be “exalted”. I haven’t figured out why though…

So why do we get high? Well, maybe that’s just the first step in the journey of the human race in discovering that exalted life. Maybe psychedelics give us a peek into the realm of the exalted.

And also because it’s fucking awesome

While there are applications for utilizing drugs as a tool for positive change internally or in the world I feel like many of us RC enthusiasts enjoy it for explorations sake.

If we were to apply your argument metaphorically to traveling for example one could say why visit a bunch of cities in India if you’ve already seen one. They will be a very similar experience with smaller variation. Or even further why visit different parts of a single city when you’ve already been there.

For many that small variation is insignificant which is a valid opinion. For others those small variations can be just as important if not more than larger ones.

For example I have taken shrooms, 4-aco-dmt, 4-ho-met, 4-ho-mipt, and DMT. They are all psychedlics and trytamines but each one has its own character. Its own positive and negatives that are unique to it.

I’m finding surprising that no one’s mentioned this but man what a great post, its a nice change from the usual.

This sub is hands down the best when it comes to drugs. People are more educated about them then anywhere else on reddit, there’s often debates but where both parties are usually eager to learn and (usually respectful), it’s a very interactive sub and I can usually count on the info I’m getting to be pretty accurate. I love the passion. I

I can’t say much about most RCs as ive mostly only tried psychs with the exception of etizolam and 3fm due to stricter laws in Canada (probably for the best) but psychs have definitely brought lots of positive things in my life. I find myself taking things from a trip and integrating it into my everyday life, such as enjoying the beauty in the world around me (nature for the most part) from animals, bugs, plants, clouds, sky, etc. I’ve also learnt to appreciate the little things that to most of us, are normal everyday things but that others would kill to have. I spent my whole life seeing most simple things like it was normal and not paying much attention to it, nor really caring about these simple but beautiful things. I Just overall have a better sense of appreciation for the people, family, nature and other simple things around me. It’s also helped me accept that anxiety was more than likely to be a part of my life and that I need to accept it and move forward with that. The euphoria, pure bliss and full contentness that I get after a trip (only happens when trips are 100% on point) is unbelievable, nothing can make me that happy. I love mdma but the euphoria from a great psychedelic experience is x100 better than the best rolls I’ve had. They were amazing and euphoria is amazing but psychs just make me feel fuckin amazing but in a more natural way.

Thank you! <3 I’ve been lurking here for a little bit and I’ve always liked it the most out of the other drug subreddits too. Great community, thanks for being a part of it!

Would you mind sharing your appreciation for the little things in more detail? I’m struggling with that right now. My therapist calls it “anhedonia”. I felt I lost it after my MiPLA trip. How have psychedelics effected your ability to appreciate the little things?

So when I trip I I have a tendency to notice the beauty in everything but I wasn’t really caring (kinda numb to it) but since then it’s made me realize how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful area, in a good country, with a good family, etc. Now when I walk around I look at everything in regards to nature, absolutely everything from trees, bugs, animals, scenery etc and it’s not forced. I now truly have an overall appreciation for the things and meanwhile a lot of people in my area just walk by all these things not giving a shit. I understand, appreciate and am grateful for the life and family that I have around me. I try to take from my trips and implement these things into my everyday life.

Anything else I’m missing? Feel free to throw me some more questions!

I’ve tripped several hundred times going back almost 30 years now. I love to trip just for the fun of it sometimes. And I also love trying a new psychedelic whenever possible. Its usually just a good time at this point in my life. They’ve taught me a lot of important lessons over the years. Why is it that it is seen as acceptable for someone to take a lot of dissos or stims, or any other class of drugs, just for fun, but psychonauts have to be doing serious work or they’re somehow being frivolous?

I trip rarely these days. But for instance DMT vs. MXE are profoundly different experiences. The only commonality is alteration of consciousness but the *way” in which consciousness is altered is not at all the same. This is also true of mushrooms versus ketamine or 2C-B vs MET. People who are serious about this stuff like the Shulgins research group types are trying to catalog all of these compounds and their effects. It is certainly true that there’s no reason to try everything. But all psychs are not the same.

Well you just listed pretty distinct classes though. I think OP meant more like, metocin vs psilocin vs psilacetin, DMT vs MiPT vs DPT, LSD vs ETH-LAD vs LAD-52, basically why try minorly substituted analogs that have no reason to produce a drastically different effect?

That’s how I was taking it.

4-aco-dmt and 4-ho-met have been a huge help in my efforts to change some of my self-defeating habits, worldview, etc.

I haven’t used porn in nine weeks. Before I found this stuff, I struggled to go a day or two without PMO.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour, something else I never did before.

Lots more relaxed around other people and new social settings than I ever was before, so that my social horizons have gradually opened up.

I don’t do this stuff for recreational purposes, as fun as it sometimes is.

It seems as if you pretty much answered the majority of your own questions, and if you feel like you haven’t then most of your questions can be answered with a yes. My advice to you is to take a five hit lsd trip if you can come across clean L. 500-600 ug. Then tell me how you feel. Also don’t read other people’s trip reports on drugs and experiences until you’ve had your own experience with it first. So don’t look up what a 500 ug lsd trip is like bro just go find out

I think part of my question stems personally from a fear of fucking up my own mind. I have anxiety and seemingly reoccurring depression (though not debilitating, more like dysthymia), and a 500ug acid trip sounds like a nightmare. I imagine anything more than 200ug, I would overthink myself into psychosis, and worry about (or perhaps even accomplish) fucking up my mind permanently.

My father, for example, who has tripped as well, says he had a friend who took 6 tabs of acid at once and wasn’t nearly the same person afterwards, including slurring his words and slowing his thought process. I trust that he’s not lying and telling me a scare-story, and I also know plenty of people have done far higher doses and been fine, but I fear that our knowledge of the human brain is so limited that I could seriously fuck myself up if I do anything “egregious” with psychedelics.

So, while I didn’t write about it explicitly in my original post, the question has another interpretation: is there any value in doing higher and higher doses of psychedelics? Is a 600ug LSD trip any more valuable in the long run than a 100ug trip? Personally, I would imagine no, as I believe everything should be done in moderation. You can die by drinking too much water for fucks sake. Beyond a certain point, my instinct is to think that higher doses of psychedelics just gives diminishing returns. I guess that’s why I didn’t ask that aspect initially.

I genuinely appreciate and feel your response. I have a friend who experiments more with 25e nboh and 25b nboh because he wants visuals but not the headspace which is exactly what these chemicals do at least from my own experience. And I also understand how that can sound sound scary but honestly feel like you’re statement is completely opinionated. “Higher doses of psychedelics have the same value or not a higher value.” (Paraphrasing) If you haven’t experienced it your self you can’t say that for sure. Even though im not saying that for sure either, I do believe everything should be done in moderation I also do believe higher doses or analogs and other designer or research chemicals can and do have value if not the same, a lower and higher depending upon too many variables to account for. Everyone’s different brother, live and let live.

Ps I respect the fear of fucking up the mind. That’s what I said ‘know what you’re taking first’. I still feel like you can benefit from higher doses of actual clean lsd. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I myself am much more afraid of shrooms and higher doses of shrooms so we can we relate there as well.

Fair enough, I haven’t experienced a “heroic dose” trip so I can’t really say for certain if it’s not that different from an ordinary dose. I’m mostly going off of my interpretation of trip reports at high doses. I would be curious to see what else we can learn from a large dose vs a small dose, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll have access to actual studies on that anytime soon.

Once we have more confidence in our medical understanding of psychosis, anxiety, depression, serotonin syndrome, etc., maybe I’ll bite the bullet and take a high dose.

Thanks for the response

I’d guess it’s about novelty and nuance. Some people might like the fine variations of chemicals.

Some might be fine drinking a beer or a glass of wine. Others like to taste different drinks to see how they differ from each other in small ways. Sure all beer tastes like beer, but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to try something more than Bud Light.

I think the point is for fun and out if curiosity towards all the different ways to alter the human mind. Our brains are super complex so there’s tons of possible variance to mind-altering experience

Perhaps I should’ve clarified in the question that it wasn’t the MiPLA alone that sparked an existential crisis. For one, I have reoccurring anxiety and depression, so I’m already prone to bad trips.

I only had 200ug, but I did it alone, and it was the first time I tried a research chemical alone, and not only was I alone in the moment but I was alone in my home town. All of my friends had just left because the school term ended, and I was on the verge of breaking up with my girlfriend of four years. I felt utterly and hopelessly alone, and I felt this crushing futility of empty existence. I thought “why live if not to share it with other people? But people are transient, fleeting, and relationships are hard to come by. If the good relationships are gone, and it’s unlikely they’ll come again, why live?” I know I’m jumping to illogical existential conclusions, I just wanted to share some insight into the experience.

So, it wasn’t the MiPLA alone that gave me the negative experience. It was the timing, setting, and my own physiology/psychology.

Honestly, part of it is just fun. I gain something from every trip but sometimes trying new things is just fun. Figuring out what subtle differences between substances I like and don’t like to have the best trip for what I’m looking for in a specific mood.

MDMA and LSD were both research chemicals once. The more substances researched, the better chances we have at discovering the next chemical that, if popularized at the right place and time, could influence an entire generation of people, like the aforementioned did.

It helps, maybe, if you think about psychedelics like any other class of drugs. Drugs in the medical world, I mean. There are dozens of beta blockers out there- propanolol, carvedilol, carteolol, to name a few. All of these work fundamentally in the same way- they block the beta adrenergic receptors. However, they have slightly different binding affinities and therefore slightly different effects. One might work better for one person, another might work better for another person.

In the same way, you can view psychedelics. Yes, most people compare 4 substituted tryptamines to mushrooms (or 4-HO-DMT if you want), because that’s the most common tryptamine. I guess the hope is to someday have a library of different compounds that could be used for medical or recreational purposes depending on the precise situation. 4-HO-MiPT, for example, has the potential for either one in my experience. 4-HO-MET is much more recreational, and 4-HO-DMT is almost always a very headspace-heavy, spiritual drug. Depending on what kind of trip I want to have, I could choose any of these, or any of the many other tryptamines I could acquire if I wanted.

That being said, I don’t trip super often. Used to do it around once a month, now I’m doing it probably once every three months if I have the desire. That makes it much cooler to be able to tailor these very special experiences to what I’m feeling at the time.

If you haven’t done so already, definitely check out PiHKAL and TiHKAL. It’s wonderful to be able to see these chemicals through the lens of the man who created most of them.

after using dissociatives a good bit i feel like ive permanently reduced my inhibitions and fear. While also being more open minded and free sprited i end up acting like a weirdo more but id rather be weird but keeping it 100 than be normal and fake

I’m less adventurous than some here, but I enjoy trying some analogues of the classic psychs. If you’re comfortable going more into detail, how was the MiPLA experience anxious? I’m curious because I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and trip reports are lacking.

I mean, I think it’s fun. It’s a lot more than that, but that’s definitely a big draw to me. The new perspective on everything is just enjoyable and oftentimes beneficial as well. If you don’t experience that and/or don’t feel any drive to try any of those substances again, don’t do them. Plenty of people I respect feel similarly to you, and it’s certainly a valid perspective.

Personally, psychedelics just are mentally healthy for me if I approach them right. They leave me with a much greater capacity for mindfulness and for being present in the moment. Weed is just fun, never been quite the same as psychs in that unique way. Haven’t had the chance to try dissocs or an MDMA source I’d trust (though I plan on both at some point in the future).

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