Where To Buy Real Decaland Deca Durabolin [BEST Prices Online]

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Decaland (Decaland Depot) is an injectable anabolic steroid.

Also known under the brand name Deca Durabolin, as well as by the generic names nandrolone and nandrolone decanoate.

It is more anabolic but not as androgenic as testosterone with an anabolic androgenic rating of 125/37.

It has a number of medical uses for conditions such as in certain breast cancer cases, in the treatment of osteoporosis, for the treatment of anemia, and as a way to boost nitrogen retention.

Decaland is also used in wasting diseases, or after severe trauma or major surgery.

Created in 1960, nandrolone currently has limited use in the United States but is used widely in other countries. That being said, you won’t be able to simply pick some up at your local drug store.

Decaland has a nandrolone base with a decanoate ester that helps release nandrolone more slowly over time, for up to three weeks.

Decaland Price

Decaland is manufactured by Landerlan in Paraguay, South America and is sold there only by prescription.

Nandrolone is not currently made in the United States, but can be purchased online and in other countries.

Although Decaland is easily abundant online, with competitive prices, you should still be careful when purchasing.

It is illegal to purchase anabolic steroids in the US and many other countries, as they are Schedule III drugs.

Authenticity issues have arisen, so it is possible to buy counterfeit or fake Decaland. But there is also black market Decaland available.

Decaland as a brand is harder to find, but under other brand names (as nandrolone decanoate), the prices range from $40 to $100.

Decaland Cycles, Dosages, & Results

For bodybuilding purposes, Decaland is most often used during the off-season for lean muscle mass growth, but due to its slow action, this will not be a dramatic, sudden growth spurt.

The muscle mass gained during this period will be of higher quality compared to using other anabolic steroids. Strength will increase moderately, but not dramatically.

Water retention can occur, but is easier to maintain on Decaland. Additionally, during the off-season growth cycle, one can find some rest, relief, and recovery on Decaland.

Deca Durabolin Cutting Cycle

Decaland in the cutting phase can enhance muscular endurance and supplement a restrictive diet, all the while maintaining the lean muscle gained during a period of lower caloric intake.

Although it may not give the conditioning or hardening that other anabolic steroids give during the cutting phase, it can still provide some unique benefits on a very low dose.

While in a bulking cycle, 100mg to 200mg of Decaland should be administered every week.

If you are looking for larger anabolic gains, then 300mg should work, although dosages can go as high as 600mg. With an increase in dosages brings an increase in side effects, so typically 400mg is the cutoff dosage.

To truly improve performance, due to its slow action, you will need to use Decaland for at least 8 weeks to see any meaningful results.

Ten to twelve weeks for a male cycle should work. The most popular stacking involves Dianabol (dbol) and testosterone.

Deca For Women

For women, 50mg at 4 to 6 weeks is the limit before the side effects of virilization start to show.

Some women can handle 100mg without virilization, but this is rare.

Decaland has two distinctive traits that set it apart from other anabolic steroids.

It can greatly increase bone mineral content and can boost the collagen synthesis process.

These two unique benefits help to provide joint relief and an increase in red blood cell counts.

When red blood cells increase, muscular endurance can also increase. When there are more red blood cells present, there is more oxygen being delivered to muscles which allows them to work longer.

Decaland will also provide enhanced recovery.

Decaland Side Effects

Due to its lower androgenic activity, Decaland is one of the more tolerated anabolic steroids. At therapeutic dosages, there are fewer side effects. Still, for bodybuilders, there are side effects to consider:

Estrogenic side effects: Unlike other anabolic steroids, aromatization happens less frequently, but still does occur. For men, gynecomastia (breast pain and enlargement) can also occur, along with water retention.

Gynecomastia may not happen due to testosterone’s conversion to estrogen, but nandrolone’s affinity for progesterone can cause estrogenic side effects.

Androgenic side effects: Side effects such as accelerated male-pattern baldness, acne, and hirsutism (increased body and facial hair growth) can occur while on Decaland.

In women, virilization symptoms can include voice hoarseness or deepening, clitoral enlargement, acne, increased body and facial hair. Virilization can be avoided if taken at very low doses.

Cardiovascular side effects: As with many anabolic steroids, the cardiovascular concerns involve high blood pressure and cholesterol— but to a lower degree. With high blood pressure, this can occur if water retention becomes a severe issue.

Concerning cholesterol, there is a more serious risk that should be monitored: an increase in LDL levels (unhealthy cholesterol) and a decrease in HDL levels (healthy cholesterol).

Testosterone side effects: Natural testosterone suppression is common with anabolic steroids, but with Decaland, this suppression can be even more dramatic, with at least two-thirds of total natural testosterone production being shut down.

By using exogenous testosterone and a post-cycle therapy, you can keep your testosterone levels within a normal range and avoid having low testosterone (Low T).

Decaland is an extremely popular anabolic steroid for one main reason: it’s well tolerated with less severe side effects.

Nandrolone can provide longer lasting lean muscle gains while providing enhanced endurance and a boosted recovery experience.

By creating and adhering to a post-cycle therapy plan, along with using exogenous testosterone, Decaland can give your bulking and cutting cycles the look that you’re desiring.

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