Where To Find The Best Testosterone Prices

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Testosterone prices are probably near the top of your list of questions if you’re thinking about adding it to your routine.

You won’t find a bottle of test pills or androgel sold over the counter at your local pharmacy.

This is because these drugs are prescription only. Bodybuilders often resort to online resources to buy it.

We’ve done some research to give you some basic information on this popular enhancement treatment, where to find it, and what kind of costs you might be facing.

What is the Price of Testosterone?

If you went to the doctor and were prescribed Androgel for hormone replacement therapy, insurance may cover some of it.

However, as a bodybuilder, you most likely won’t find a medical professional willing to prescribe it for the purpose of performance enhancement.

So you’ll want to find the best testosterone price available online.

Many online pharmacies that are based out of China, Mexico, and India will ship internationally. You will pay between $24 and $60 for a 250 mg vial of testosterone cypionate or enanthate.

Do You Need a Prescription for Testosterone?

In most countries, testosterone is only legal with a prescription.

If you want to fill your order for testosterone through your health insurance company, you would also need a prescription.

Since the use of hormones for performance enhancement is banned by professional sports organizations and is not considered therapeutic by the medical profession, most doctors will not support your use of testosterone for the purpose of bulking up.

Your friends who use it most likely have a connection at the gym or place orders for their supplies online.

Even low-cost generic testosterone gel to treat low-T requires that you have a prescription in order to buy it legally in the United States.

As a bodybuilder, the best thing to do is look for natural alternative sources.

Do Those Coupons for Androgel Work?

If you find testosterone cypionate coupons for low-cost prescriptions on the internet, it will still require a doctor’s order before the pharmacy can fill it.

So those are not likely to help you in finding a great price for your testosterone.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

If you are diagnosed by a doctor as having low testosterone, you may be prescribed a therapeutic replacement therapy of androgel or testosterone pills.

When you have a diagnosis on file, your testosterone would likely be covered by your insurance. However, replacement therapy dosages are generally much lower than the amounts you might take during a bulking cycle.

Should your insurance company determine that you are using your prescriptions in a different dose and use than prescribed by your doctor, they can deny the claim or cancel your coverage.

It’s probably less of a hassle to leave insurance out of the equation.

How Much Does it Cost for Bodybuilders without a Testosterone Prescription on the Black Market?

You will be looking at a testosterone price of between $100 to $200 for a months supply when you order your supplies online.

If you are using a connection through your gym or a friendly medical professional, you might pay a higher price.

The lowest prices can be found in countries where testosterone is not regulated with the same stringent laws as in America, like India, Mexico and China.

You should be very careful however.

Not only is it illegal to import these drugs into many countries, with an online purchase, you may not always receive the exact product that you think you are ordering, as the compounds are not regulated by the FDA or other similar agency.

This is where your connections pay off as when you find a good online pharmacy or personal supplier, you are more likely to get the results you are looking for in the first place.

What Kind of Prices for Testosterone Can I Find in India and Mexico?

It is possible to walk into a pharmacy in India or Mexico and ask for a bottle of testosterone cypionate, pay cash, and walk out the door.

It might sound like a great idea to take a vacation in Mexico and buy up a year’s supply of testosterone while you are there. It’s a great idea until you are faced with returning through customs.

Once you enter the United States, you would be expected to have a prescription for all that low-cost T. Also, if you carry more than enough for personal use, it sends up a big red flag.

You may end up losing all your purchases by the federal agents, or worse going to jail for it.

These are the risks of buying  testosterone across the border. If you only have a couple months supply in your bags, nobody will likely question it.

You can try shipping it all home, but international shipping comes with its own risks of being inspected.

If you find a great price on testosterone and are able to purchase it in quantity, it’s good to know that it generally comes with an expiration date of two years past its manufacture date. Using it past expiration may not get the same results.

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