Where to Get HGH for Bodybuilding Results

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Human growth hormone is a common supplement to use in the world of bodybuilding, but one of the leading questions is where to get HGH?

Typically, you’ll find only two ways to obtain human growth hormone.

One is legally through a doctor’s prescription.

The other can incur legal troubles, as you must resort to underground channels, including message boards or groups geared toward bodybuilding or supplements.

Most of the HGH used by bodybuilders comes from black-market sources.

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is used by bodybuilders for a number of reasons, including:

increased strength

accelerated healing time

weight loss

A number of other benefits are related to HGH, but not in terms of bodybuilding usage.

In order to obtain noticeable results, users must consume large amounts of HGH, which also increases the overall side effects and risks.

Where to Get HGH

In most places around the world, HGH is only available through a doctor’s prescription.

In addition, it is generally illegal to use or obtain HGH for any other reasons outside of medical use.

HGH supplements on the market are usually synthetic and not the same quality as what is prescribed in a medial setting to remedy ailments or hormone deficiencies.

Even in the case of obtaining HGH legally, doctors will only provide the substance if there is a medial need for it.

Blood testing will usually indicate whether or not hormone levels are low enough to warrant a medical treatment.

That’s not to say that HGH is not available for bodybuilders or athletes. As with all steroids and supplements, it is possible to obtain the hormone through private sources – chat rooms, forums, and even personal connections.

Using supplements of any kind through these means come with a higher level of risk and should be avoided.

Depending on the country of residence, being in possession of HGH illegally comes with a number of possible violations, which may lead to arrest and even jail.

Another reason to be wary of where to get HGH outside of the doctor’s office is that you can’t be 100% sure that your supplement is of high quality or proper dosage.

Many of the complications that arise from supplement use come from injecting too high of doses or using unknown ingredients.

How Does HGH Work?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a naturally produced substance in the body.

Created by the pituitary glands, HGH has an important role in that it regulates bone and muscle growth – especially in adolescents – as well as regulates fat and sugar metabolism.

HGH can also be produced synthetically and is found in medication that is prescribed, as well as other nutritional products that can easily be found online.

This version of the hormone has been available since 1985 and approved for only certain uses in patients. A doctor might prescribe HGH for the following reasons:

Encouraging growth in children of short stature

Treating kidney disease

Regulating levels of HGH in the body when a deficiency is present

HGH is also helpful for adults suffering from intestinal disorders, as it helps with nutrient absorption.

Pituitary disorders and tumors are some of the most common reasons why HGH is prescribed to adult patients.

HGH Use and Side Effects

Though it is illegal to use HGH without a doctor prescription, most of the use is done without doctor approval.

In terms of competitive sports and bodybuilders, where to get HGH is a common question because it helps with overall performance and boosts muscle mass.

Due to the illegal nature of HGH on performance, there are limited studies concerning long-term use.

The levels of HGH naturally decline as the body ages, which is another motivation for some to maintain that “fountain of youth” through stamina or keeping the body running at an optimal level.

Outside of a medical setting, where to get HGH also includes:

Anti-aging clinics – this also provides the illusion of cover for some athletes

Internet pharmacies and international sales

Nutritional websites or supplement manufacturers (these are supplements designed to support HGH production by the pituitary – not replace it)

Other forms of HGH may also be found in commercial products, including sprays, liquid drops and pills.

These products are usually manufactured by a private company and are not under legal obligation or government regulations to create and sell a product.

HGH products are advertised to:

Regulate blood sugar

Increase energy

Improve the immune system

Reduce fat

Build muscle

Encourage hair growth

These products have not been tested or verified – so any claims or benefits are purely speculation.

Side effects are a concern when taking HGH without doctor supervision and include:

Increased cholesterol

Skin numbness or tingling

Joint and nerve pain

Muscle aches

Edema – swelling of tissue

When consuming HGH for recreational purposes, always proceed with caution and stop taking immediately if you notice any side effects.

If you are still interested in where to get HGH, look for reputable sources and take the smallest dose possible for results.

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