Where To Get LEGIT Norclostebol Acetate (Anabol 4-19) Today?

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Norclostebol acetate is like many other synthetic anabolic steroids found on the market today.

It is also frequently recognized as Anabol 4-19 and is designed as an injectable anabolic androgenic steroid.

It’s given its nickname (Anabol 4-19) because Norclostebol is derived from nandrolone, a 19-nortestosterone.

The acetate is merely the name of the ester that modifies the base drug.

It’s known by a number of other names, some chemical, some merely different trade or brand names depending on country of manufacture.

Esters are attached to a drug to influence its absorption rate and half-life or duration of activity in the bloodstream over time.

How Does Norclostebol Acetate Work?

Norclostebol acetate (Anabol 4-19) is derived from nandrolone.

For bodybuilders, nandrolone is more commonly linked to Deca durabolin.

Deca durabolin is often marketed with the decanoate ester, giving a long half-life of about 14 days.

The acetate ester is much shorter, equating to a more immediate release of potency or activity. Anabol 4-19, because it has the acetate ester attached, has a half-life of approximately three days.

What’s the difference? The acetate ester provides more immediate effects, and because of its short half-life, is typically taken more frequently.

The longer esters often attached to steroids enable longer activity of the drug in the body, and reduce the frequency of injections, but their “potency” isn’t as strong. For most, it’s a trade-off.

It is a brand name for Norclostebol (4-chloro-19-nortestosterone).

Norclostebol Acetate VS Trenbolone

Norclostebol acetate (Anabol 4-19), is not new, but was developed back in the 1950s. It’s not available today, although some underground labs may manufacture it.

It was perceived to be stronger than testosterone (up to five times as potent) in anabolic potential, with less than half of the androgenic characteristics associated with testosterone.

In some ways, Anabol 4-19 could be compared to Trenbolone, commonly used today by bodybuilders because of its potency.

Like Trenbolone, it was not designed for use on humans. Trenbolone is used to fatten cattle up prior to slaughter. Norclostebol acetate is/was used on cattle for breeding purposes.

Increasing Muscle Mass & Size Gains

Norclostebol acetate was known for its impressive capability to improve development of muscle mass and size for bodybuilders, without the negative side effects of aromatization or conversion of testosterone and estrogen.

That meant that bodybuilders didn’t typically have to worry about:

Water retention



High blood pressure

Nevertheless, anabolic androgenic steroids, even if they’re rated low in androgenic capability, do sometimes produce progestational activity.

Progestins behave much like estrogens in the body. Therefore, some of the negative side effects associated with aromatization are still possible, especially at higher dosages.

Bodybuilders today equate the potency of Anabol 4-19 to the similar types of effects one gets from compounds like Primobolan or Masteron.

The only difference is that the results occurred faster, mainly due to the acetate ester’s shorter half-life.

Norclostebol Acetate Dosage

It can be difficult with older drugs that are no longer found prevalently on the market to determine adequate dosage, results, or side effects.

It is believed that due to the short-acting ester, Anabol 4-19 was injected every other day. Dosages differed greatly depending on personal preferences.

It is believed that a bodybuilder using Anabol 4-19 injected anywhere from 200 mg and as high as 600 mg weekly.

The compound was often stacked with other forms of testosterone for accelerated and even more impressive benefits.

Not much information is found about use by women, but comparing it to use of Deca durabolin, 50 mg spread out through week would have been likely.

Because of the short half-life of the acetate ester, Norclostebol acetate was not taken for extensively long cycles, most lasting anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Anabol 4-19 Side Effects

Because Anabol 4-19 is closely associated to provide the same effects as Deca durabolin (nandrolone decanoate), similar side effects might also be anticipated.

Most anabolic androgenic steroids do have the potential to produce similar and common side effects, among which include:

Suppression of endogenous or body produce testosterone

Potential cardiovascular damage caused by changes in cholesterol levels that affect endocrine and metabolic functions [1]

Cardiovascular issues including hypertensive encephalopathy [2], acute myocardial infarction

[3] (heart attack), and other damage.

Potential liver damage

Side effects also have the potential to increase (and differ) depending on the other substances combined in a stack with Anabol 4-19.

Dosage, age, height versus weight, body composition, and even diet can influence both the results and the negative influences of any drug.

It should be noted that the dosage recommendations for Deca durabolin (in medical scenarios) averaged 50 mg to 100 mg weekly.

Bodybuilders tend take much higher dosages between 200 mg and 400 mg weekly.

If you happen to find any “copycat” of Anabol 4-19 (Norclostebol acetate), proceed with caution.

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