Which 2 (KICK ASS) Steroids Did Phil Heath Likely Take?

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A lot of people think five-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath uses steroids.

Has he said so? Never, but we know, IFFB bodybuilders will always deny steroid use.

The Phil Heath net worth is five million, and his Fat Free Mass Index is 35 – the highest possible without steroid use is cited to be 26.

So what if the Phil Heath bodybuilding regiment includes steroids- is it wrong?

Okay, so Phil Heath probably uses steroids. There’s such a high probability, scientific accuracy would ask that we say he does.

After all, Ronnie Coleman took them. So has Jay Cutler. They have admitted this publicly, because for those who want to increase mass safely, they are often the way to go.

The Phil Heath workout routine is not the hardest in the business. Many fans believe ‘The Gift’ is slacking in the gym, compared to his competitors.

His workout routine is balanced with his diet, supplements, and, well, let’s say performance enhancing drugs.

Phil Heath Steroids Use

Some steroids (mostly testosterone) are naturally found in the body, just as protein and creatine are.

According to Bodybuilder.com, they help by increasing the creation of protein, aiding in muscle development, and speeding the recovery process.

Just as increasing your weight will increase the difficulty of an exercise, intensifying your diet and supplements will change your recovery process.

While you’re using the anabolic steroids, increasing workload while increasing the training intensity can further provide tension to the trained muscles, that will then adapt, getting the muscles to increase in size.

If the Phil Heath diet includes supplementary steroids, he is definitely going to be using them to aid his protein synthesis and engaging the correct growth.

The reason Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and the Phil Heath steroids thoughts grate on your mind is because of popular misuse of the drugs.

Even WebMD lists the negatives side effects as “consequences”, not a sure sentence.

When Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, the two most wealthy bodybuilders in history, advocate their use in the sport, it becomes a testament to their potential within the sport.

Look up the Phil Heath basketball player of the past. The incredible mass growth that led him to winning his first title only four years after that basketball stature is unreal.

Some may call him ‘The Gift, others curse his genes, but drug use is not something to be taken lightly.

If a person is interested in including performance enhancing drugs into their diet, they should give Phil Heath his credit.

In the foot-steps of Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, he has taken their ideas and perfected them.

To take on his workout regimen and diet, you can simply look into the vast archives of magazine articles and blog posts about his lifestyle and workout preference.

But to be ‘The Gift’, to become the man who hopes to win a ninth Mr. Olympia, unfortunately you probably have to be willing to utilize the Phil Heath steroids.

Jay Cutler Steroids

An anonymous IFFB body-builder told Bodybuilding.com that ever since he had started his first cycle of anabolic steroids, he had gained 40 lbs of pure muscle – all in the space of nine years.

In his first bodybuilding contest, he weighed in at around 180 lbs, and at his last professional show he weighed over 220 lbs..

Along with significant strength improvements, he said he kept most of his muscular gains when on an off cycle.

While he didn’t feel any awful side-effects, only acne problems, he testified that the main advantage of taking them is that they enhance “performance” significantly.

The anonymous builder felt that the athlete will get significantly more muscle weight and stronger.

He also wanted to say that the benefits of steroid use far surpass the risk- especially if one takes it cautiously, if understand how steroids work, or seek guidance from a professional.

Why we consider Phil Heath steroids use bad is a no-brainer: we, as a culture, feel that they are cheating.

This trope has existed since the days of Arnold Schwarzenager, through the Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman eras, and is just now being considered a new way for athletes to push themselves.

The immensely popular documentary, Generation Iron, had a full scene discussing the reality of drug use in the IFFB, how many lifters consider them a necessity to pushing the body to its limits, and the stigma around them.

It comes down to a simple fact – they are not technically cheating.

When Phil Heath, the Jay Cutler, and Ronnie Coleman steroids use all become mainstream stories, you have to understand that the professionals know what they are doing. That in mind, professionals are the ones doing the professional work that comes it.

Just because you are ready for his Heath workout routine and his diet, it doesn’t mean you are ready for Phil Heath steroids, too.

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