Which ones of all gives less body load?

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From all common Lysergemides and Tryptamides, which one gives the less body load?

I have tried 5-meo-mipt, 1P-LSD and ALD-52 and all of them gave me a very uncomfortable body load.

I’ve tripped… A lot.

It’s less the drug and more your physical state. Have a “low” stomach,but not empty. Have that “low” be healthy food, like fruit and shit. Be on 8 hours of sleep if that’s what you normally get, not 3 hours and mid stim binge…stay hydrated, etc.

Being “healthy” going into a trip does so much for the body load/body high of a trip… I used to hate come ups. Until I started listening to my body

Yeah bad nutrition is bad news. You need higher macronutrient and micronutrient levels than normal because psychedelic drugs speed up your metabolism. An empty stomach is just fucking yourself over; you might puke because your stomach is expecting food, not pieces of paper or powder that make it MORE hungry. Eat a full meal including meat. Stay hydrated. Pop a multivitamin. Exercise to counter vasoconstriction.

I find DMT to have the least body load of the lysergamides and tryptamines I’ve tried, but I mostly have tried phenethylamines because I like their clear headspace.

Doesn’t mean your metabolism is actually very active. You even been hungry mid heavy workout? Ain’t no belly gonna ask for food mid sprint – it’s only when you switch to your parasynthetic nervous system you will get hungry and digest your food. It’s why you can feel very tired after a big meal. Your heart rate actually slows down and blood goes to your belly and the likes.

Seconded! I’ve done various forms of ecstasy over the years, probably rolled around 100 times by now. Last week I tried a batch of methylone that was not ideal quality but it’s all I had on hand. Decided to go on an empty stomach because last time it was just kind of a weird trip. I ended up shaking because I was so hungry, and SUPER paranoid that everyone in the club wanted to fight me (never knew ecstasy-drugs could do that to you).

Yes, an empty stomach will probably give you stronger effect and reduce the chance of vomiting (though I don’t think this is the case for psychs), but I’d rather be properly fueled to last the night. I once did LSD without properly eating before and ended up with a killer headache the whole night, with no ibuprofen and no downers to help out.

Basically your whole day should lead up to the trip — don’t overexert yourself beforehand (e.g. an intense workout), don’t do anything too anxiety-inducing, take a nap beforehand if you can, and then enjoy.

Methylone is extremely rare these days, are you sure it was what you thought it was? Test kits can’t differentiate between caths and typically just say ‘Methylone’ for any cath.

I used to snort shit like tryptamines. Hit harder and faster, what’s not to like from that standpoint? Throw in the general health for the day… Some trips were good/okay, some were physically terrible.

Same this is how Ald52 always makes me feel, never a heavy body load and so orgasmic all over. I’ve done it more times than I could count and I’ve never had a heavy body load or bad feeling on it. Also takes a good 2 hours to fully come up for me. It’s like almost forgetting you dropped, then after an hour you just barely start noticing the slight visuals, then over that next hour it just slowly builds and builds into a beautiful experience. I much prefer Ald-52 over 1P-LSD. 1P doesnt have the same euphoric feeling or the beautiful scenery i get when I close my eyes on ALD-52. Ald always takes me to different places when I close my eyes. If I’m looking at a painting I’ll forget im looking at anything and end up closing my eyes and start feeling like I’m there in the painting or whatever image I’m looking at. I forget I’m not even looking at anything anymore just laying on the couch near my favorite painting, eyes closed and rubbing my legs on the cushions feeling amazing but probably looking like a fool Haha.

Tryptamine: 4HOMET, 4ACOMET/DET, low dose 4-HO-MiPT

Lysergamide: AL-LAD, ETH-LAD

Idk about ALD-52 or alot of the many tryptamines

You seem pretty unaffected by bodily effects of psychedelics.

I mean ETH-LAD has one of the worst bodyloads there is for many people. So much so, that about 50% of the people do not want to try it ever again because of it.

Quite some tryptamines have quite a bodyload IMHO (e.g. especially 5-MeO’s).

This is interesting to hear. ETH-LAD is the only lysergamide my GF will use because she feels like it is the easiest to handle. It’s interesting how different people are.

I think both in terms of mindfuck and body load. She is fairly sensitive to psychs so she really only likes ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, and Moxy which have all been pretty easy-going. I guess all 3 have somewhat of a body load so idk what is going on.

IME at doses <=150ug ETH-LAD has very little bodyload and is actually quite physically euphoric. Above 150ug I start getting strong temperature swings, vasoconstriction, and muscle tension. At 250-300ug it turns into severe physical dysphoria, honestly some of the worst physical sensations I’ve ever felt.

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