Which RC psychedelics are worth trying on their own?

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So far I’ve tried the following psychedelics:








And I’ve tried MDMA as well.

I was wondering if people can tell me which, if any, other psychs provide a unique and qualitatively distinct experience from the ones I’ve already tried. See, I don’t like to trip very often – maybe once or twice a year – so I don’t have time to try everything. I’m only interested in the ones that are special.

E.g. if you can describe the substance as “a cross between LSD and MDMA,” or “like mescaline but with a sexual push,” I’m not interested.

The last substance I tried that blew my mind was 5-MeO-DMT. I had no idea anything like that was even possible. In fact, that experience is what motivated me to make this post.

Any others I should know about? Thanks for any responses.

EDIT – I’ve also done salvia, ketamine, nitrous, and DXM. Probably not interested in RC dissociatives though.

Unpopular opinion but MET is pretty nice. Don’t go into it expecting a DMT level experience, just go in in expecting things to get trippy for an hour or so. Really interesting visual effects and pretty intense body euphoria. A nice low key trip for a week night. Looking forward to combining it with 2f dck.

I know this might not be what you mean by special but I like it for exactly that reason, it doesn’t take too much out of you while still having a refreshing headspace.




and maybe a DOx

2C-E had a nice introspective depth and you can get some really groovy visuals but is also pretty lacking in terms of any “body high” euphoric effects. I found 2C-i to be about the polar opposite of that for me, being quite empty in the mentally introspective quality, but very much a “fun” phenethylamine that just sort of makes me want to dance and the visuals aren’t nearly as complex or patterned but things are very fun to look at and you get effects like things just looking “magical”, and at times even your vision may become “cell-shaded” like in a video game, I always thought it made people look really beautiful (I love to have sex on 2C-I!), and it reminded me of that movie “waking life” somewhat.

. All that said, taking them both together gave me some really memorable and amazing trips. Separately, I think I gained some valuable insight from their differences as well, seeing that in 2c-e, the experience of the conscious mind in the process of the learning was valuable, and in 2c-i, that the experiential “journey” of just being, and having this incredible experience, was in itself somehow enlightening just as well, but in a physical rather than conscious sort of way. It’s like one is a wisdom and the other is an electricity, but both very viable and important powers that have different potential and insights to offer.

There are plenty to mention, not all are just so simple, like Amanita. Amanita definitely has a lot of depth and magic to offer, but it can also be very tricky to use and experiences can vary quite incredibly from one to the next

Ald-52… Is in my opinion, the closest to lsd-25…

Eth-lad… Similar to lsd, but more electric visuals…

Al-lad… Also similar to lsd, but more pastel colours, and a lot shorter duration…

You could try 1p-lsd or 1b-lsd or even 1cp-lsd, but i dont know about them, when i did 1p, it was a waste of time…

And simply because shulgin did not bother making them, i have my doubts…

Ah, yes, DPT. Just start low, it can cause sustained trauma, user called it PTSD, but that’s very possibly self-diagnosis, do take that with a grain of salt. And for my personal experience – DPT is DMT from some dystopian world that lasts about 90 mins insufflated. I have it but I don’t want to do it again soon.

Yeah 5-MeO-DMT is something right?

I’d consider 2C-E, 5-MeO-MALT, ETH-LAD and 5-MeO-MiPT.

Other than that, not an RC/psychedelic but maybe Salvia.

And maybe a dissociative? Maybe Ephenidine.

A lot of the comments below are fairly similar to what you’ve already done. For instance, 4-HO-MET is probably not what you’re looking for, as it’s fairly similar to mushrooms/4-AcO-DMT…. The suggestions that make the most sense to me from what I’ve heard/tried myself would be 2C-E, which everyone pretty much agrees is uniquely weird, and maybe 5-MeO-MiPT, which everyone finds to be pretty unique even though I personally don’t exactly love it. I can’t comment on 5-MeO-MALT, so maybe that too. I would also suggest looking at DPT, which, while definitely similar to DMT, seems to be a consensus “unique” drug beyond just the fact that it lasts a lot longer than DMT.

You might want to try medium (sub-hole) doses of ketamine while on shrooms or any RC tryptamine. It’ll add a surreality to the trip that will change it significantly.

There are a lot of ethnobotanicals that are incredibly unique. T. Bridgessi soup (a mixture of mescaline and other similar alcaloids) was completely unique, extremely colorful, and had a very manageable headspace.

If you’ve never tried LSA, Rivea Colombria (take around 50+ seeds) is a great way of being introduced to the substances. It’s a lysergamide but not one like the others. Overall it’s a very serious mentally intense trip.

Voacanga Africana seeds aren’t the most amazing trip but…. its pretty different. The rootbark is a very different experience from the seeds. The seeds make your perception of 3D objects incredibly acute at the expense of being able to count fast around 40, and turns the sensitivity of your hearing WAY up. Set an alarm for two hours into the trip or you’ll probably fall asleep.

If you want something recreational I really enjoyed MiPLA. It’s not as much a trip as it is a highly recreational state thats vaguely like acid. Don’t expect anything earth shattering, but it was SO MUCH FUN to take in the desert.

DiPT (hard but possible to find) is a very unique experience. Contrary to what a lot of people think, it does have a headspace and it’s just totally it’s own thing. High doses of foxy (5-meo-dipt) are even weirder, peoples faces start going completely Van Gogh but you feel pretty lucid and normal.

2C-B + Shrooms is a very visual and unusual trip that’s quite managable. The shrooms give the 2cb serious visuals, but they’re not like shroom visuals at all. If you try this I’d strongly recommend finding some woods to wander around as the sun comes up – 2cb (like mescaline) feels on visual chaos and it was a pretty serene and amazing experience.

2C-E is not like the other 2Cs (I’ve never tried 2C-P). It’s not really a recreational trip, but it’s really a unique experience.

Mainly going off what I’ve read rather than personal experience:

DiPT (unique for having mainly auditory hallucinations. Definitely check out some reports on this one)

DPT (supposedly a “breakthrough” psychedelic with a darker more alien feel than DMT)

4-HO-DiPT (read the TiHKAL entry on it. Very steep dose response curve, very short for a 4-sub tryptamine at 2-3hrs, high doses can give a very strong experience)

aMT (if you can find it. Unique for being a monoamine releaser, possibly a weak MAOi inhibitor, and 5HT2a partial agonist)

2C-E (pretty unique 2C-x)

DOx (psychedelic amphetamines. Long duration supposedly with a unique flavor rather than something very close to the classics)

3C-x (might be straying a bit from psychedelics here as they’re supposedly part stimulant part psychedelic. Unique either way)

IMO this is the best comment. I would add 5-MeO-MET to the list and 5-MeO-MALT if you want a 5-MeO-DMT-like experience

4 ho met is a great tryptamine for having fun and enjoying its very intense visuals

If you like hardcore ego dissolving trips, I think you may try DPT

I love 2CE for its visual and mental effect (clear headed introspection)

Also I would say AMT is a rather unique substance, a long acting and speedy tryptamine

i don’t want to talk too much about my own experiences, but several commenters have mentioned 2c-e, probably for good reason.

it seems like lots of folks feel fondly towards 2c-e. shulgin himself admitted it into his magical half dozen. erowid’s full of writeups on it. and it’s rarely compared to anything else, which seems to be what you’re asking for. you mentioned that you’ve done 2c-b and while they share a common naming convention, i think many people would agree that they are experientially very unlike. what limited pharmacological data exists on the two of them paints a picture of dissimilarity at the neurological level as well.

I’ve been looking for similarly unique psychs, I’m in the same boat for not really wanting the same old thing over again. IMO 4-ho/aco-MET is a samey experience, certainly a nice one but not massively distinct. I think 4-ho-MiPT fills the same role and is more destinct, but also pretty mushroomy. For some psychs based purely on difference from the ones you’ve tried, I’d suggest;

DOx – Very long lasting, stimulating, not personally my thing but very different and prone to some cool 3d visuals IME

5-meo-MiPT – Relaxing and stoning, a relatively recreational chemical with a pleasant headspace that I find to be rather different than most other psychedelics. Vaped it’s a whole different beast.

2C-E – Visually unique and intense, different enough from 2C-B to warrant being on this list.

DiPT – For pure novelty theres nothing that beats this, its primary effects are auditory distortion. Nothing like anything else.

4-ho-DiPT – pretty typical psychedelic effects, but the speed of onset and its brevity of duration are certainly unique.

Since you have experience with 5-meo-dmt maybe you might like 5-meo-mipt I found it to be similar in my experience (vaping!) Tried oral once but that was more like a speedy mushroom like TBH

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