Why Are Menabol Tablets The Most POPULAR Stanozolol Pills?

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Menabol is a synthetic anabolic steroid also referred to as Stanozolol.

It is used by both humans and on animals for the treatment of anemia and other disorders to promote bone growth and red blood cell production.

It is popular among the bodybuilding community for its ability to significantly reduce body fat and turn recently added bulk into hardened muscles.

It is most popularly used in a cutting cycle as it can help to burn the fat while retaining lean muscle mass.

Menabol Tablet Reviews

The Menabol cutting cycle is growing as a favorite among male and female bodybuilders.

It will provide significant body cutting effects with a smaller androgenic effect.

It also helps to improve bone density, which many women try to obtain through additional supplements.

Menabol is most often found in a tablet form because in an oral suspension it can survive the first metabolism process in your liver causing it to metabolize more slowly.

While a tablet is a more common form, it can be found in intramuscular injections and oral suspensions.

Menabol typically comes in 2mg tablets, and the active ingredient is 2 mg of Stanozolol. This is despite bodybuilders looking to buy Menabol 10mg tablets.

The manufacturer of Menabol is Adcock Ingram.

Although many other manufacturers supply Stanozolol, including Cosme Farma Laboratories Ltd, Zydus Alidac, Cadila Healthcare, and Scortis Labs.

Some of the brand names you will find it for sale under include Menabol, Neurabal Cap, Nerobol Caps, and Tanzol.

Menabol Dosage & Results

Many body builders use a range from 15mg to 50 mg of Menabol during a four to six-week cycle.

The most common dosage is 25 mg to ensure that the bulk is turned to lean mass.

Menabol is typically used as weight loss and cutting agent that is brought in after a bulking cycle.

When used this way to supplement a previous cycle, it reduces the excess fat in between muscles and helps to harden the muscle mass that has been gained.

Most builders use Menabol for short cycles, enough to see benefits without the risk of getting dry joint.

Stanozolol Tablets Side Effects

Side effects that you may expect from the use of Menabol tablets or oral suspensions:

Enlarged Prostate – Some users have experienced complications with enlarged prostates, leading to difficulty with urinating.

Priapism – Priapism is an abnormally long or painful erection that often requires medical treatment to rectify and if not treated can cause significant damage.

Decreased Sex Drive – Users may suffer from a low libido during use, but this will often rectify once use is discontinued.

Menstrual Irregularities – In female bodybuilders, there may be a cessation or other irregularities in their menstrual cycle.

Joint Pain – Many users may experience joint pain and prolonged use can lead to dry joint which causes extended and severe pain and weakness in the joint area,

To prevent this, shorter cycles are recommended. If severe joint pain occurs, you should discontinue use.

Breast Development in Men – A more extreme side effect, called Gynecomastia, is the development enlarged breast tissue in men that is non-cancerous. This condition sometimes will require surgery to correct.

Dizziness – During use, some users experience dizziness and fatigue, so it is advised to avoid driving if you experience this.

Headaches – Some users report headaches as a normal side effect, but there also have been reports of some severe and persistent headaches which should be discussed with your doctor.

Acne – Many users report oily skin, which can result in cases of acne.

Blood Pressure Issues – While most users experience high blood pressure during use, there is also the risk of a drop in blood pressure, especially when accompanied by alcohol. Alcohol consumption is not advised while using Menabol or any steroids.

Liver Complications – As anabolic steroids metabolize through your liver, there is always a risk of damage with dosages that are too high or taking it for too long.

If you have a pre-existing heart or liver condition, use of Menabol is not advised as it can increase complications and cause possibly fatal outcomes.

Where Can You Buy Menabol & What Does it Cost?

Menabol is only available in the U.S. as a prescription and is often prescribed for bone conditions such as osteoporosis and red blood cell disorders such as severe anemia.

For bodybuilders to use as a cutting agent, it is available in a variety of overseas pharmacies and most often comes in the 2 mg tablet form.

Buyers can expect to pay $30 to $40 plus shipping for a bottle of 100 tablets.

The Stanozolol tablets benefits after a bulking cycle make it an excellent way to harden the muscle mass you have gained while trimming out the fat.

In the end, you may end up with an increase in lean muscle and a more trimmed out physique if you take Menabol, but be careful of side effects.

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