Why aren’t Fluorinated Amphetamines Prescribed?

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So this is a question I can’t find anywhere else. Why are there no prescription drugs on the market with fluorinated amphetamines. Is it just because amphetamine is better in every way? Users here seem to prefer 2-FMA over other stims for studying so it seems like 2-FMA would make a good ADD drug, I guess the criteria could be off but I don’t know. Just curious what y’all have to say. I’ve done some reading and it seems fairly safe. Curious what I’m missing.


I currently have an ADD prescription for methylphenidate but I don’t really like it and I’m thinking of trying out 2-FMA (I think I have ADD but I could just convincing myself I do lol). Just curious if 2-FMA would be a better option than asking my Doctor for a different drug. (I have tried Vyvanse 30mg and I really liked it but it’s too expensive)

I believe it’s because they are still RCs with not enough research or FDA approval

Regular amphetamines are making the pharmaceutical companies enough money. Getting a drug through clinical trials and approved for use costs many millions of dollars, and pharma apparently doesn’t think it’s worth the expenditure

Too bad the study you linked is not accessible. It really seemed interesting, especially because they used a fluorinated analogue of amphetamine with the fluorine atom not attached to the phenyl ring, but to the alpha carbon instead (although I may be wrong). I wonder how this differs with our 2-FMA.

They aren’t prescribed likely for a number of reasons. There are some concerns over neurotoxicity. Although, many FAs (fluorinated amphetamines), such as 4-FA, have been shown not to be neurotoxic. There are also concerns over fluorine toxicity, where fluorine anions (F-) become a product of metabolism. Many users of FAs report symptoms of nephrotoxicity, such as urinary retention, painful urination, peripheral edema, and kidney pain.

The high efficacy and great side effects profile of amphetamine, in particular, and methylphenidate make it so there isn’t a high demand for replacements. There also simply hasn’t been enough research done with these drugs and the majority of the research which has been done suggest that most FAs are either too recreational or too undesirable for any applications as medication in humans.

Regarding your other question, I would definitely ask your prescriber to let you try a different medication to treat your ADHD instead of ordering 2-FMA and attempting to treat yourself using a drug which has long term effects that haven’t been adequately studied.

Just a note on the fluorine… The body can’t cleave C-F bonds, so assuming what’s being consumed is pure, the fluorine should not be an issue. Many well tolerated prescribed drugs have fluorine and even other halogens seemingly without issue

I’m actually aware of the unlikelihood of that happening. My post attempted to briefly summarize all of the theories I’ve read about the dangerous nature, or lack thereof, of fluorinated amphetamines. Nevertheless, thank you for clarifying.

Yes I will most likely talk to my doctor. I was worried about the neurotoxicity of FAs but this thread seemed to lean towards there being no neurotoxicity. The only problem with prescription medication is that even with insurance many medicines are too expensive for me i.e. vyvanse which was upwards of 300 a month w/ insurance.

As far as 2-FMA is concerned, I really doubt neurotoxicity would be a real concern so much as some other potential concerns. Overall, it seems to be a relatively safe substance and well tolerated by most in both the short and long term. That be said, it would definitely be ideal if you could get a prescription for an effective ADHD medication instead.

I had a similar problem where my doctor wanted to put me on Vyvanse, but it wasn’t covered by my insurance. She then wanted to put me on Adderall XR, but again, my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Eventually, after finding out what my insurance would cover, she put me on the regular, instant release Adderall tablets. In comparison to the others, the generic Adderall IR isn’t very expensive.

It’s really expensive to do the human trials required to bring a drug to market. No company is going to bother with these trials unless they can find a way to patent and corner the market for a few years.

Fenfluramine, also known as, 3-trifluoromethyl-N-ethylamphetamine used to be commonly prescribed with Phentermine to aid in weight loss. It was a selective serotonin releasing agent, but it also attached to a few serotonin receptors as well in a minor capacity. However it caused significant cardiovascular complications for an unfortunate lot of people, so it was taken off the market. Though fluorinated amphetamines that don’t release or interact with serotonin in theory shouldn’t pose this same risk.

Interestingly, fenfluramine is actually coming back as a treatment for a certain type of epilepsy. Last I heard it was in phase 3 trials.

For FDA approval, it needs evidence that it is not inferior to the current standard drug used to treat the same indication (amphetamine, in all likelihood). That needs to be determined in clinical trials in humans. Animal studies are pretty useless at that point, but they are still necessary for approval. End result is a loss of a few hundred million dollars for the company applying for approval. If there were any suggestion that there may be any harmful side effects, any benefit would in all likelihood would not justify an approval, and the FDA would squash it.

For an example of this exact issue, see the failed attempt by Trevena to send their new opioid trv-130 through the clinic. No better than morphine, and side effects that did not justify its use, according to the FDA.

Pragmatically, there is no real need for any company to investigate bringing new amphetamines to market.

IMO They’re mostly newer drugs that haven’t been used as long or as much as amphetamines. There’s way more studies about amp than there is most of the stim RCs available.

If you truly have ADD talk to your doctor and give adderall or Dexedrine a try (if the addy makes you too jittery) and preferably IR the XR is bullshit. It’s similar to vyvanse but most people I know do better with adderall or Dexedrine .

If you pop a therapeutic dose of amp and get chilled out rather than sped up that’s a good sign you got ADD.

try adderall before you get into research stims. if you don’t like ritalin but vyvanse is good you’ll probably like addys, the generic dextroamph-amphetamine instant release tablets are pretty cheap

Buying amphetamine on the street, aint that expensive. 10-20Euro a gram for some Dexamphetamine / Levoamphetamine . Purity is then maybe 40-65% You are probably better off buying stuff like that, than to use a RC for the ADD. This is however like Europé / Nordic countrys prices. Dunno how common Dexamphetamine is on the street in stuff like US. Its the shit put in adderal atleast.

2-3 Gram or less than that should last you a month if you acculy take Medical doses. Thats cheaper than any flourinated RC amphetamine . If you dont wanna break the law, i guess its a bad idea

Why not try out stuff like 4f-MPH . IPPH? or 4F-EPH

Becouse some people are to unchad to just buy it and try on themselves, and insist on ”safety” and ”following the geneva convention”

Pussies in my mind

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