Why Was Brock Lesnar Arrested For Steroids?

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Mention Brock Lesnar steroids to a group of bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes and you will get a mixture of reactions.

Some from admiring fans who wish to have a physique as big as Brock’s, to those dissing him as a hot-tempered PED user.

Dubbed by ESPN as “the most accomplished professional wrestling athlete,” Lesnar wore many hats.

He was an NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion, the youngest WWE heavyweight champion (at least before Randy Orton), a rookie NFL player with the Minnesota Vikings, an IWGP heavyweight champion and a UFC heavyweight champion.

With these accomplishments and his monster-like built and strength, no wonder people have been speculating about his use of anabolic steroids.

Brock Lesnar Steroid Rumors

The Internet abounds with discussions and forums regarding the enormity of Lesnar’s physique.

On the one hand, his fans and staunch supporters hold their ground that their hero is just naturally big and is probably just a freak of nature.

They hold him true to his word that he has never used any steroid, having been tested many times, and passing each test every single time.

On the other hand, there are more of those people who do not believe that genetics, training and diet alone has brought Lesnar to the state that he is in.

For them, Lesnar, though not a steroid junkie (he would have been caught and given the corresponding sanction), does use steroids – only, he has got the best doctor who helps him go on and off his cycles without getting caught.

And then there is the group that says both – he has indeed very good genes that are further enhanced by his use of anabolic steroids and growth hormones.

There are photos of him circulating the net, showing the difference between how he weighed while he was still in school compared to when he started wrestling.

Of course his bulking up would be attributed to training; however, naysayers – even if they believe that Brock was a giant compared to his peers in school – insist that his massive bulk has had some help from the roid department.

Arrested For Buying Human Growth Hormone

In January 2001, Lesnar was arrested for opening a package that contained a huge amount of steroids.

However, the trafficking in controlled substances charge against the monster athlete was dropped after four months.

This was due to the fact that upon testing, it was determined that the pills Lesnar was caught with were not the illegal drugs.

According to a detective from Louisville, what was found in Lesnar’s possession were growth hormones.

Scott Cox, Lesnar’s defense lawyer later cleared this misconception, saying that the pills were a “vitamin type of thing,” and that the officers who charged the massively built Lesnar for steroids use were “very apologetic” after the results of the lab tests done on the pills came out.

Brock Lesnar Then and Now

No matter how much he denies taking the drug, the controversy never leaves him.

In an interview, he was quoted saying that he has taken over 60 tests for performance enhancing drugs use.

He further states, “In college I had 15 random drug tests in two years. I’ve taken drug tests for the NFL, the WWE, the UFC.”

I must be pretty good at masking them. God gave me this body: Are you jealous of it or what? Give me a break.

I got the genetics of—not to get into racism or anything—but I’m built like a black man. Would you say so?”

But what is it, exactly, that makes people think and assume that “The Next Big Thing” of the WWE in 2002 has, at one point in his life, taken steroids, even if he has never been reported to fail any of the standard tests for the controlled drug? Three things:

Brock Lesnar’s Physique

Anyone who has ever seen the MMA star is sure to say one thing: he is enormous. His height and his massive upper body has earned for him nicknames such as beast and monster.

His build as seen on print and on TV does not do any justice to how he looks like in real life.

Although he is said to have taken an interest in bodybuilding at a young age of six and has received training early in his life, some still cannot fathom how his body could be the result of all-natural means.

Even Alistair Overeem of the MMA fame has doubts about how natural his body is, saying “I don’t see or hear any of these types of accusations towards Brock Lesnar, yet he is even bigger than I am.”

His illness

At the height of his UFC career, Lesnar had to lie low due to diverticulitis, a colon condition that causes great pain and bowel dysfunction.

When he went back to UFC after his bout with the illness, his fans were glad to have him back, only to be disappointed because he had to pull out of UFC again because he needed surgery for diverticulitis.

Although Dr. Johnny Benjamin – the medical columnist for MMAjunkie.com – has debunked the belief that his condition was brought about by steroid use, people still would not stop harping about his illness as a result of PED use.

In 2014, some rumors regarding his heart-related health issues also surfaced.

In the WWE Night of Champions 2014, he looked pretty out of shape, sweating profusely and turning an odd color from red to purple – something spectators have never witnessed in his UFC days.

While this has been dismissed as the reaction of his body to a change of training regimen, some still believe that the athlete is suffering from side effects of steroid use.

His temper.

He has been seen to blow his top in several occasions – in an interview with Tom Farrey who had asked him about steroid use; in meetings with the WWE crew where he threatened to kill anyone who would leak insider news to the Internet.

After his WWE matches against John Cena in 2012 and Seth Rollins in 2015; he even gained the ire of UFC President Dana White for his outburst after a fight with Frank Mir.

While Lesnar’s flying off the handle can be attributed to his being a WWE star (everybody knows how enraged WWE celebrities can get), some people cannot help but connect these outbursts to Brock Lesnar steroid use.

Can Steroids Give You a Body Like Brock’s?

Whether or not now and then Brock Lesnar uses steroids, his prowess in the different fields he has entered is noteworthy. If you want a body like his, then the following will most likely work for you:

Dianabol. This one is best for bulking, enabling you to gain mass quickly and increase your strength through increased nitrogen retention.

Deca Durabolin. Aside from helping in nitrogen retention, it also promotes protein synthesis and the production of red blood cells, thereby resulting in quality mass gains and heightened endurance and strength.

Trenbolone. The more nitrogen you retain in the muscle and the more protein your body synthesizes, the bigger your gains will be. This is what this steroid promises, aside from faster recovery and amazing physical conditioning.

Gaining bulk entails discipline and hard work.

Like Brock Lesnar steroid users, you can have the physique you want through proper training and diet. You can further speed up your improvement with the Crazy Bulk bulking stack, the safe alternative to steroids.

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