Winstrol for BULKING!? [Best Cycle For EPIC Muscle Growth]

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Using Winstrol for bulking is not usually recommended—the popular steroid is typically integrated into cutting cycles.

Does it ever work for bulking?

In a very select few cases some of its beneficial properties can work for off-season mass building.

But here’s the thing:

Most people won’t get much out of Winny for packing on mass, so in general it’s not recommended.

On the other hand, its natural alternative, Winsol, can be used for bulking, especially if its combined with other products such as D-Bal.

Below, we’re going to cover the basics of both the synthetic and natural Winstrol cycles, as well as the results that come from them.

Winstrol for Bulking

As we said above, Winstrol for bulking is not a common practice.

Here’s a cycle that could be used for bulking:

Weeks 1 to 10: Testosterone Propionate, 100 mg weekly

Trenbolone Acetate, 50 mg every other day

Winny (liquid) 100 mg every other day, OR Winny (oral) 60 mg daily

By using testosterone at a therapeutic dose, you minimize its estrogenic effects.

Then we have Trenbolone, which is a great match for Winny because it does not possess any estrogenic effects.

Ultimately, how much weight you gain on Winstrol depends on the foundational steroid(s) that it’s paired with.

And it has more benefits:

It can provide strong sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) reduction. By reducing this protein, you free up the testosterone in your blood.

Because of this effect, Winny can act as a secondary steroid that is integrated in order to bolster the effects of other steroids.

So why isn’t this done more often?

Compared to other anabolic steroids, it is fairly toxic to the liver. For this reason, its SHBG reducing property is only really valuable for female bulking phases, as they are more sensitive to the steroid.

This higher sensitivity means that they can run short burst cycles that take advantage of Winstrol for a very small window.

But even in this case, other options are much more ideal for bulking up fast, such as Dianabol.

Winstrol Gains

Many people ask themselves:

Do you keep Winstrol gains?

With the right diet and stack, it’s definitely possible. Just look at the cycle we covered above.

But for most bodybuilders, this steroid is best used when you’re already lean.

In this case, it can help you get a harder, more chiseled look. It also helps with preserving lean tissue, which can be beneficial for maintaining gains.

However, these effects are best paired with another anabolic steroid like testosterone.

Here’s an example of a beginners cutting cycle:

Weeks 1 to 10: Testosterone Enanthate, 400 to 500 mg weekly

Weeks 1 to 8: Winny (liquid) 50 mg every other day, OR Winny (oral) 30 mg daily

If you choose the liquid form, this is a great example of a stanozolol injection cycle.

Ultimately, the amount of Winstrol weight gain, as well as your ability to keep it, will depend on what it’s paired with.

Buy Winstrol

You can find this anabolic steroid on numerous online stores.

But remember:

A large chunk of anabolics sold online are counterfeit. And with such a wide price range between brands and underground products, you never know how much you’re going to pay for potentially fake products.

Although Winstrol gains pictures can be tempting, think about how much you’re putting on the line by ordering illegal products to your door.

And that’s not all:

There’s also the potential for damaging your body.

Winstrol Side Effects

Despite the allure of permanent Winstrol gains, you should still consider the side effects that it can cause.

Its major ones are:


Liver damage

Mood swings


Stunted growth

Even as a relatively mild steroid that can be used by women, it still has the potential to cause some pretty severe side effects.

And that’s the problem with Winstrol in off season or on season-you just never know the damage it’s causing your body.

But like other anabolic steroids, there are natural alternatives.


Does Winstrol build muscle?

With the right stack, it can definitely help.

But with its natural alternative Winsol, you can be sure that you’ll see increases in strength, physique, and performance.

Here’s what it’s made of:

Beta sitosterol

Samento inner bark

Nettle leaf extract


All of these ingredients are natural, which might sound strange.

But you don’t need synthetic drugs to bolster your workout routine—by helping your body cut down on the fat while preserving its lean muscle mass, you can get those defined muscles that you’re working towards.

And unlike Winstrol, this product comes with guarantees.

These include:

Results within 30 days

Absolutely no side effects

Free shipping anywhere in the world

With these kinds of commitments, you can be sure that CrazyBulk is completely confident about the products they’re selling.

At the end of the day, using Winstrol for bulking is definitely possible—it’s just not commonly recommended.

And since Winny is best used with other steroids, you’re going to risk more side effects.

Even if you want something to help you bolster the effects of your performance boosters, natural products like Winsol can do the trick.


Using its anabolic form is hit-or-miss for bulking, so why not use its safer natural alternative?

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