Winstrol & Masteron Stack | Cycles & Dosage Details

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In the world of performance enhancing drug use, steroids such as Winstrol and Masteron are often considered cutting drugs.

These synthetic hormones have become popular because they are considered low in water retention by users.

Both have been touted as lean, clean muscle tissue builders even though Winstrol has relatively high strength implications.

Widely used in athletic circles, Winstrol and Masteron are understood as middle of the road drugs.

They have a lower risk-reward scenario than steroids such as Anadrol and Dianabol.

Although the risk-reward may be lower than hardcore drugs, anytime humans mix potent drugs, the side effects can also be augmented.

That’s why it’s important for those considering a Winstrol and Masteron stack cycle to understand how they work and interact in order to make an informed decision between steroid use and side-effect free alternatives.

What Factors Go Into a Winstrol & Masteron Stack?

This combination of synthetic hormones lends itself to lean physique development.

Both drugs are considered low in water retention and carry high tissue building capabilities.

As a two-drug stack, an intermediate bodybuilder might employ Winstrol and Masteron for a 12-Week competition cycle.

Moderate usage by bodybuilders runs about 300mg weekly in conjunction with other drugs, such as Winstrol.

Intermediate users sometimes include dosages as low as 100mg weekly with Winstrol and add drugs such as Trenbolone in the latter parts of a 12-Week cycle.

In this regard, Masteron appears to be employed as a foundational drug that others are stacked against.

Intermediate and advanced bodybuilders engaged in cutting cycles often start Winstrol at about 10mg daily and increase that dosage to as high as 50mg daily over 12 weeks.

Competition cycles generally see peak use at the end and off-season usage tends to taper down the last two weeks as post-cycle therapy (PCT) regimens are rolled out.

The goals of these Winstrol and Masteron stacks are strategically designed to help develop ripped physiques.

Of course, taking multiple steroids combines the potential side effects as well.

How Does Winstrol Work?

Despite Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson being stripped of his gold medal after testing positive for Winstrol, the anabolic steroid remains a popular PED.

Winstrol (stanozolol) was developed during the 1950s and enjoys widespread use among bodybuilders as a lean muscle tissue builder.

It carries an anabolic rating more than three times that of Testosterone and a low androgenic number of 20.

In practical bodybuilding terms, its structure lends itself to low water retention and high muscular recuperation.

The drug lowers Sex Hormone Binding Globulin that inhibit free floating Testosterone cells, increases nitrogen retention in the muscles and reportedly improves protein synthesis.

By comparison, Winstrol products are considered mild in terms of growth. The synthetic hormone is an unlikely fit for achieving significant size and strength goals.

Winstrol has widely been regarded as a short-term drug in bodybuilding circles. It takes effect in 3-7 days, but has a half life of only nine hours.

That makes it a fast-in, fast out anabolic that has been routinely stacked with others steroids.

How Does Masteron Work?

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) was initially marketed by Syntex during the early 1970s.

The drug enjoyed medicinal applications such as treating breast cancer before emerging as a highly regarded cutting drug among bodybuilders.

Syntex discontinued production of Masteron due to U.S. Food and Drug Administration pressure about bodybuilding use.

Like other steroids that were shutdown in the U.S., Masteron laboratories cropped up worldwide to meet the interests of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Physique builders have lauded its inherent abilities to increase lean muscle tissue and stave off muscle wasting during competition diets. Bodybuilders report a hard, pumped appearance when under 10-percent body fat.

In many respects, Masteron acts differently than other steroids in terms of androgenic and anabolic ratings.

It has been touted as a powerful strength-builder, but tends to have little to no water retention side effects.

Considering Masteron has androgenic rating five times higher than Testosterone, it has been used by powerlifters.

It enjoys a half-life of 8-10 days and takes 2-3 weeks to become effective. It is common for powerlifters to have to shed water to make their weight class and Masteron has reportedly been a go-to drug in this regard.

This flexible performance enhancing use has made Masteron enormously popular in athletic circles.

What are the Dangers Of a Winstrol & Masteron Stack?

Both of these drugs are going to suppress the body’s natural hormone producing abilities.

That means users will require a PCT program to restart hormone creation. There has been some discussion that repeated use may stymie the body’s long-term abilities.

Winstrol tablets are toxic to the liver. Considered mild by steroid standards, users may experience hair loss, acne and other negative impacts.

Being a more powerful steroid, Masteron carries more severe implications. These side effects overlap Winstrol’s male pattern baldness and acne impact.

The androgenic side effects may include body hair growth, deepening of the voice and increased levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Although female bodybuilders reportedly use steroids, Masteron is considered a high-risk drug in terms of long-term virilization side effects.

Women are advised not to use Masteron.

One of the chief difficulties in assessing the dangers associated with steroid usage is determining their negative impacts.

Some of the overlapping symptoms could compound their risk through interaction. Even as standalone products, the users are very likely to experience health risks.

This reality has led competitive bodybuilders to work with risk-free steroid alternatives.

These natural supplements can aid the body’s system to function at peak levels and maximize lean muscle tissue growth.

Healthy alternatives also tend to produce longer lasting results when coupled with hard training and sound nutrition.

The decision between experimenting with a Winstrol and Masteron stack and steroid alternatives may come down to a lifestyle choice.

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